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Best of Garcinia Cambogia Pills in Australia

Recently, Australia weight loss industry specifically in Melbourne is putting the scope on Garcinia Cambogia being the trending fat burner to be safest and effective.

However, this statement might have lots of debate on (effective and safest) but it seems that the consumers are mostly anti-stimulant fat burners fans.

This is how Garcinia got its reputation anyway. It helps to facilitate the fat burning process but this time no need for Caffeine and other stimulants to boost metabolism. But this can be alarming if it doesn’t boost metabolism how does it burn fats and produce energy?

Before Garcinia got aired on Dr Oz show, we thought it’s like the other anti-stimulant fat burners where it provides an instant boost in weight loss by stimulating loss of body water.

Giving the pseudo impression of weight loss on the scale. But this was a legit mechanism of action, according to Dr. OZ; this can be taken as a supplement and help in weight loss, but since there are vast amount of choices Dr. OZ was very strict when he mentioned the following criteria to assure effective results with a Garcinia supplement:

Dr. Oz GuidelinesQuestion

– Must have at least 50% HCA

– Daily dose has to be no less than 1500mg

– No fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients

Garcinia Cambogia Behind The Scenes – Action

MELBOURNE scientists have discovered that people have two types of fat tissue. White fat, which circulates in the blood to fuel muscle, is the type we associate with chubby stomachs.

Alternatively, brown fat is used by the body to generate heat. As we become colder, levels of this fat drop so it is easier to get rid of. Your body uses Acetyl CoA to make that White fat.

Garcinia role is very specific it shuts off temporarily Acetyl CoA in an indirect way by switching of the main tap which is Citrate lyase, that is responsible for catalysing a reaction in your body that turns citrate into called Acetyl CoA.

The second way that it works is by sending signals to the brain that release more serotonin, our happy hormone, and this happiness stops us craving stress foods like sugar, carbs and salty foods and could have a positive impact on appetite suppression.

Garcinia cambogia extract (GCE) comes from a tropical fruit grown in India and Southeast Asia. The active ingredient has been identified: hydroxycitric acid (HCA).

BUT, there is a limitation to Garcinia Cambogia

  • Due to its mechanism of action, it’ll only have an effect on people with high carb diets.
  • It probably won’t have much of an effect for people with moderate levels of fitness, and more effective weight loss interventions will negate its usefulness.

 Why There is so Much BUZZ about it?

Simply, because few celebrities tried this supplement and posted a simple tweet like these.

KIM_Kardashian_Australia_Garcinia_Cambogia_Review Kate_Middleton_Review_on_Garcinia_Melborne

Garcinia Pure stimulated the attention of all media due to its compliance with UK standards in herbal fat burners.

However, the spark literally came from its users who simply decided to carry along and experience it’s weight loss advantage. These are the recent user testimonials (from different sources):






Garcinia Cambogia™


pro90 caps – lasts for one month

Garcinia Cambogia Extract

pro1,000mg per capsule equivalent of pure Garcinia Cambogia

HCA level

pro60% as Dr.Oz recommended



Vegetarian friendly




Suppress appetite


emotional eating

proStimulates serotonin levels deducting the emotional eating habit.

Direction of Use

pro 3 times a day – ideally 10-30 minutes before each meal.

Expected Weight loss

pro1 – 2 kilograms per week

Country of Origin

united_kingdom_garcinia_cambogiaUnited Kingdom

Facility of manufacturing

proFDA and MHRA approved facilities

Designed For

profor lazy overweight high carb dieters

Not for conFitness enthusiasts and bodybuilders
Price pro87 Australian Dollar (special discounts to 33%+ for 3 month supply)
Where To Buy

Official Website

Delivery Prices

1st Class delivery by Royal Mail is 5.5 AUD or choose our FREE 2nd Class service. We also offer a DHL Express Next Day, which you can add to your
order for 17 AUD, which is next day guaranteed (weekdays only, when placed before 1pm GMT)

Delivery Times

1st Class Royal Mail deliveries arrive within 1-2 business days, 2nd Class within 2-4 business days.

Why High Reorder Rate with Garcinia Cambogia from Evolution Slimming

  • proIt is the most concentrated and purest Garcinia Cambogia product on the market. This would give me the most accurate results.
  • proIt included transparent shipping with tracking on your order and it doesn’t try to fool you into agreeing to additional hidden offers. Unlike rest of companies
  • proStraightforward on the money back guarantee part.
  • proThe customer service understands you are serious about weight loss and provides a free diet plan along with recommended ideas to enhance the weight loss process.
  • proMany success stories on site in terms of actual results and achieved weight loss goals.
  • proCompletely stimulant-free

**Very VITAL** It’s critical that you take the supplements on an empty stomach, around 10- 30 minutes before a meal. Food will interact with the supplement and reduce its efficacy if didn’t comply with the rule.

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  1. Mcrest

    There is no any doubt that garcinia cambogia helps to weight loss, but its also a facts that choosing garcinia is very difficult task, so always consider few things before purchasing, it contains HCA atleast 50% and using under proper guidance.

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