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Morning vs. Evening: What is The Best Time to Workout?

Being fit, it is a dream for most of us these days, No one like to look chubby nor skinny.

Most of us would likely hit the gym and start to work out.

However, at the same time due to our current busy life, the regular exercise becomes much more difficult. Some may exercise before their work and others after their work.

Most research suggests that sports and workout can improve sleep quality when exercising in the morning or afternoon.

On the other hand, some research also suggests that morning exercises contribute to improved sleep quality, while evening exercises may cause insomnia.

In this context, I will provide you with the best time for working out at various times throughout the day. I will discuss briefly on Crazy Bulk products that many are using nowadays to boost their workouts, my observations and what to expect.

Should I exercise in the morning only! Afternoon or evening!

In fact, at any time you want to exercise and workout and be in the mood will be the best time for you to produce dramatic results.

However, every time of the time has its pros and cons. And your morning workout will deliver something your evening workout can’t and vice versa.

So here is the thing…

Opinions differed as to the best timing of workouts (morning, afternoon or evening)

Generally, if you are a morning person, so you can exercise early morning as there is good news for you.

Studies suggest that if you early workout on an empty stomach helps in quick weight loss. (1)

Why should you exercise in the morning?

Research shows that people who exercise in the morning are more likely to commit to exercise than those who workout in the afternoon. (2)

Morning exercise is the solution optimized for people who do not have time for sports.

Some of the cons for a morning workout, which are:

  • If you exercise before eating, a muscle can be used as a fuel source.
  • Force us to exercise early morning, and this will be difficult if you are not a morning person.
  • Boost the injuries by forcing you to work out when you have a cold, etc.

Here are some potential benefits of morning workouts

First, you will find yourself have finished exercising and have plenty of time to do your tasks as your work; you will find time for cooking, socialising with friends.

  1. Burning calories!

Some research suggests that doing exercise before eating basic meals helps to weaken the desire to eat, which means losing excess weight quickly and comfortably as it increases physical activity throughout the day.

It acts as a cup of coffee; as it increases the metabolic rate, which means that the person will continue to burn calories and fats throughout the day compared to exercising in the evening.

Fat burning increases by 20% when exercising on an empty stomach before breakfast. (3)

  1. 30 minutes of workout will make a difference

According to a study published in the journal of the American College of Sports Medicine, (4)

It has been found that spending 30 minutes on the treadmill or even running is enough to boost the mood as it gives the body the energy necessary to do the daily activities without feeling tired.

Moreover, you will start your day with endorphin and feel good as it stimulates the brain function, which helps to be productive for the rest of the day.

  1. It can improve your sleeping quality

Studies have shown that exercising in the morning helps improve sleep ability compared to afternoon or evening exercise, which may have a negative effect on sleep.

  1. Help your body to function well

Exercising protects us from injuries; it increases heart rate, body temperature, and our mental sharpness for hours….

So keeping up with a regular exercise routine, no matter the type of exercise.

What if, I am not a morning person!

Research published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning, (5)

It has been found that the body muscles and lung activity is best in the evening at a higher rate than in the morning.

So evening sports help to burn fat efficiently, also giving a better sleep without disturbing insomnia.

It helps to relax the body at a higher rate during the sleep period.

Muscles are 30% stronger in the evening

According to Dr Gladys Pearson, a physiologist who studies muscles at Manchester Metropolitan University believes that: evening workout has a noticeable impact on the muscles and makes it stronger than any other time.

Is there a relation between oxygen and evening exercising?

The body’s ability to absorb oxygen increases in the evening, so the body needs less time to warm up, which increases the effectiveness of the exercises and the person’s ability to focus on them. (6)

Exercising between 2 and 6 pm is the best?

The body temperature will be at the highest level between 2 and 6 pm, the period when the body is more prepared for sport, which strengthens the strength of muscles, the activity of enzymes, and endurance.

If you are seeking to look like Sylvester Stallone and other bodybuilders,

Then probably you should consider opting for evening workouts.

There is good news; you can always opt-in for something that will kill your fatigue and boost your energy to maximise your efforts in evening workouts.

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Exercising at ANYTIME that suite your schedule will be the best time for a workout!

As if you exercise at mornings it will be great to give an excellent start to the day and boosting energy level.

Bottom line,

I hope knowledge provided here gets you to decide which time is perfect for your workouts. We are all unique as each person’s inner clock is different from one another.

What works for one doesn’t work for another and what the best for us now will not be the best after a couple of months. We always need constant adaptation with our bodies and see what works for us.

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