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MeVolv > About Us is one of the most expanding bodybuilding hubs to educate and help individuals to get in shape and accelerate their muscle growth. It also provides exclusive unbiased reviews on dietary supplements and products in the bodybuilding industry.

My name in Salejandro and I’m the CEO and editor of this website. I’m also CEO of BrandFitnessHub.

I’ve been in the bodybuilding and nutrition industry since 2005 and formed Mevolv Ltd to spread the message in the best form of content possible. You can also check our youtube channel to see my recent insights on workout hacks, nutrition techniques and supplement reviews. is not a one-man show platform. I eagerly look for all the fitness experts out-there to contribute on and share their expertise and how their body evolve.

We currently have authors, with a unique understanding to bodybuilding. For example, Salah is our angry author that always blasts all the BS out there, especially on the supplementation. His main focus is to bash anything that is considered a myth, or incorrect approaches to bodybuilding journey.

If you want to get into shape or keep in shape you have come to the right place.

We at discuss all sports supplements in a detailed manner, we even go deeper by checking and investigating on each ingredient and review if there is an evidence-based study for its claim or not.

There are almost 1 million sport supplements on the market, from different origins with various brand names. And all million have one thing in common. “They claim they are the best”, but are they?

An intensive amount of marketing and millions of sponsored ads every day for these supps. An expert opinion is often undermined in this field.

One of our goals is to give our readers a chance to see an unbiased expert opinion and filter that much noise on the internet. Our reader will grasp all needed info to make the right decision on the purchase of the supplement he or she requires.

So please you are welcome to subscribe to our newsletter and get the best tips along with evidence-based advice without the BS.

Also, if you have any enquires or a question you would like to ask, feel free to drop us a message in our contact us page.

Meet The Team

Salejandro – CPD Certified in sports nutrition, CEO

I believe everything must be done properly from day one. Being knowledgable in how your body works is the best hack you’ll ever get to muscle growth.

I’m driven to consistently work on case studies, publish my findings and give my readers what really works for them.

Muscle, strength, and fitness form the core of my passion. It doesn’t really matter which stage are you at in terms of your body shape. What really matters is are you improving or not?

The core triangle of those 3 elements will make a difference in your improvement process:

  • Right training.
  • Nutrition.
  • Supplements.

Look, all I’m saying it’s my full-time job to bring to you the cutting edge methodologies that will bring you REAL RESULTS.

My life has been ups and downs, and I know what it means to be busy and don’t have time to get your body to the right shape.

Most of my writings are in the context of getting beginners to the next level of shredded bodies even with busy lifestyles.

Salah Mamdouh – Fitness and Supplement Expert – Cofounder

Salah Mamdouh

I have been involved in major bodybuilding competitions myself and trained hundreds of individuals in my neighborhood gym.

12 years taught me one thing, push yourself to the limits no matter what. Comfort zone kills slowly.

I get pissed really fast when someone asks for shortcuts.

Most people think that after 25 years of building up their belly, they want to be shredded in 4 weeks and see the abs… like really?

No supplement in the world does that, hard work, strength training, compound lifting, and dedication, does!

I believe how strong supplements are, at the end of the day they are just supplements and will not make any miracle without hard work and dedication.

For that reason, you’ll find most of my writings on around reviewing supplements and their ingredients, what’s working and what’s a fad and so on.

Yahya – Researcher and Nutrition Specialist – Co-founder


I’m this kind of guy who makes sure my 24 hours are well spent. This doesn’t mean I’m a boring, schedule oriented guy, I just believe in 3 things;

1- Healthy body.

2- Healthy Self.

3- Healthy relationships.

However, I’m no expert on 2 or 3, but when I treat my body well and get it in shape, everything follows great.

I focus on the weight loss sector and how can make it happen despite the barriers and life struggles. I have a strong background on Home workouts, nutrition and know how to boost your metabolism the right way.

On I provide content on nutrition, diet and weight loss, and you’ll also notice that I’m an advocate of a plant-based diet. I’m not a vegetarian but I believe what makes your body healthy is 80% nutrition 20% workouts.

Be assured that most of what I recommend on is something that I tried and made sure it works. I have documented my life journey in bodybuilding and I think anybody can do it.

When I am not working, I read about diet and nutrition – not because I have no life it’s because I love what I do.

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