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Creatine For Beginners

Creatine For Beginners: Full Guide To Maximize The Benefits

All of us aspire to have strong muscles, but sometimes they struggle to build it even though they try to exercise alone, so many of us began using Creatine, which is the most common supplement among bodybuilding champions.

Creatine; It is one of the most widely studied supplements and has become stable as it is safe and beneficial.

In this context,

We will provide you with more information about creatine supplements; regarding how it works, its sources, its benefits, best sources, best dosage, and the best available creatine powder that provide perfect results.

So here is a set of information on Creatine and its benefits, let us start right away…

 What makes Creatine the most popular supplement in the world?

Creatine is a natural organic acid that already present in the body, which is produced by the liver, kidneys, and pancreas.

It’s made up of 3 amino acids that supply energy to all body cells especially the muscle cells when an effort is done.


It also provides the muscle cells with the sufficient amount of energy needed. Therefore, increasing muscular strength and boosting athletic performance.


How does Creatine work?

Creatine is a high-intensity energy source for the body; the energy which is used in the body in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).

Naturally, our bodies contain an amount of ATP only sufficient for 5 seconds of muscle contraction; so as the person works out, ATP level decreases.

When fully consumed, ATP is turned into ADP (adenosine diphosphate) where is not effective for the body as an energy source.


If I just starting a workout… Can I use Creatine?

Yes, a beginner can use the Creatine powder as it gives the body energy and increases the muscle mass in order to do more exercise.

Creatine powder is suitable for all athletics of all skill levels

Are there natural sources for Creatine intake?

Sources could be as beef which contains a huge amount of Creatine (almost 2 grams per meat pound), as well as it may be found in milk, cranberries, herring, tuna, and cod.

We highly recommend using;

Battle Ready FuelTM Creatine powder


Battle Ready Fuel (BRF) Creatine powder is the most popular form of Creatine that is produced by Battle Ready Fuel Company.

We ensure to everyone that through many studies,

Creatine Powder was found to be a 100% safe and natural product that means; it has no serious side effects, so there should be no fear of hormonal effects on the body as it is not a drug.

By taking Creatine powder you will allow your body muscles to endure much more effort and increase its strength and size.

Good news!

BRF Creatine powder is inexpensive product

Yes! In addition to all these benefits of Creatine Powder, it is considered an inexpensive product, as you can buy a package of Creatine poweder for 39.95 dollars only.

  • It’s a 100% Pharmaceutical Grade Creatine Monohydrate.
  • They also offer for consumers a 60-day money back guarantee.

What are you still waiting for?

Purchase BRF TM Creatine Powder for the best Creatine quality!


Who can use the Creatine?

Anyone can use Creatine for as long as they need, however, you should be cautious and make sure you consume a pure Creatine and of a good quality.

 Creatine has benefits for the body shape goal!

Increasing strength

Creatine is an energy source acting as a fuel supply for the body, allowing your body to perform more exercises by burning more fuel, thus increasing the muscle strength.


Gaining muscles, increasing lean body mass

For high-intensity exercise,

Creatine level in muscles is limited. So by taking the Creatine powder, you allow the muscle to benefit more of the Creatine level as it may cause water retention (an accumulation of excess fluids in body tissues.)


This side effect is somehow favorable since it makes the water inside the muscles increase, therefore making the muscle appear bigger; thus allowing the body to lift more weights and gaining big muscles, thus carrying the more lean mass of muscles.


Harvard researchers show that the ingested Creatine may boost and increase the Creatine level in the muscles, later they discovered that affects the metabolism of the muscle.

Improve recovery times

BRFl TM Creatine Powder allows the body to have high levels of Creatine; therefore, lactate acid level and ammonia will be reduced.

As when lactic acid stops,

This helps to delay the feeling of fatigue while exercising and improve the muscle recovery time, which in its turn allows the body to exercise more and get much stronger

Protein structure

Creatine supplements stimulate muscles protein synthesis.

Helps you to lose weight

However, Creatine does not have a direct influence on weight, but it helps in weight loss in an indirect way!

How could this happen?

Creatine does not have any properties allowing burning fats; but by allowing your body to tolerate more effort than the usual effort made, it helps in the process of weight loss through helping the person exercising have a delayed exhaust feeling.

Other health benefits

In addition to the benefits of Creatine for athletes and gaining muscles, it has much health as follows;

  • Creatine is considered as a good source of vitamin B2, B6, and B12, therefore stimulating cell growth.
  • Creatine was found that it is a source of antioxidants, thus keeping the Creatine consumer in good health.

What is the suitable dosage for Creatine?

For the Creatine dosage, there are 2 stages as follows:

Loading stage

In this stage, we aim to rush the increase in the level of Creatine in muscle.

In order to avoid gastrointestinal distress and digestion problems, we advise not to take one large dose at a time, so we divide the 20-gram dose into 4 times a day. Therefore, it will be 5 grams taken during the day with meals for example. (4-5gm)

Hint: 5 gram equals 1 teaspoon.

Maintenance stage

Here, we decrease the dose a bit. We aim to refill the Creatine level for usage during exercising.

How? It will be 5 grams taken 3 times during the day (3-5gm).

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What is the best time to get use it?

The best time for Creatine Powder maximum effect on your body is when used after the workout, the body at this time would absorb the most amount of the Creatine.

8-Week Battle Ready FuelTM Creatine Powder Cycle

The 8-week Creatine cycle has been the most popular Creatine dosage cycle amongst many users for its effectiveness. Most athletes choose to use Creatine through this way.

Here is a detailed description of the 8-Week cycle:

  • Week 1: 20 grams of Creatine. They will be divided into 5 grams served 4 times during the day.
  • Week s 2 to 8: 5 grams of Creatine daily.


How about the quantities I should buy?

For such a plan, the amount of BRFTM Creatine Powder to buy can be 175 grams for the 1st week and 70 grams for the weeks after that.

Furthermore, there were no studies done to indicate the perfect dosage of Creatine or when to stop it. It is also known that there is no need to stop using Creatine after a certain time, so it is always beneficial for the human body.

Can I mix Creatine powder with other ingredients?

In a matter of fact,

It does not really differ if Creatine Powder is mixed with other substance, by other means, in either way the body will benefit from it and still absorb it.

One other popular method is for Creatine to be taken with grape juice!

However, some studies suggest that “You mix Creatine with a portion of fast carbohydrates; because it is believed that this makes it easy for Creatine to be absorbed by the body cells (about 36% more effective)

Thus gaining the most benefit. It is usually mixed with a baked potato…

Creatine and Waxy Maize

You can mix Creatine and waxy Maize because waxy Maize contains simple sugar, which allows proper absorption of Creatine, thus gaining the maximum benefit from your workout.

Water and Creatine intake

It is strongly recommended to drink an adequate amount of water while taking the Creatine supplements; they are known to cause the muscle tissues to retain water somehow, therefore, you should make sure to have sufficient amount of water to prevent severe dehydration.

Final words,

The decision of taking Creatine is up to you, but the benefits that you will get boosts your energy, increase your muscle mass and burn your fats.

Be strong…Besides taking this Battle Ready Fuel Creatine you should follow a suitable diet to reach maximum results and get the benefits.

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