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3 Things To Know About Rimonabant & It’s Alternative

Rimonabant was one of the fastest growing appetite suppressant drug on the market in USA, India, and Europe.

It was highly indicated for people whose BMI is above 30 kg/m². It’s was the top favorite and most used appetite suppressant in Denmark, Ireland, Germany, Finland, and Norway.

Somehow along the way FDA decided to reject the approval of Rimonabant due to it’s critical side-effects that comes in the long-term usage.

After the European ban on Rimonabant in 2008, as the Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (CHMP) had determined that the risks of Rimonabant outweighed its benefits due to the risk of serious psychiatric problems, and even suicide.

Many users and people with obesity conditions where looking for a Rimonbant alternative that actually works.

But sadly, many OTC (over the counter) pills manufacturers took advantage of the situation and started to promote poorly ineffective appetite suppressant under the name of “natural, “herbal”, or any other adjectives that makes a pill look safe.

rimonabant-fda-vs-phenqBrief Details on Rimonabant:

  • FDA approved: No
  • Brand name: Zimulti
  • Generic name: rimonabant
  • Previous name: Acomplia
  • Company: Sanofi-aventis
  • Treatment for: Obesity

Those Were The 3 Things That Made Rimonabant Effective in Short Period!

1- The CB1 receptor

CB1’s job seems to be to modulate the activity of other systems in the brain. Since Rimonabant is a selective CB1 antagonist, acts to decrease the overactivity of the endocannabinoid system (EC system).

The EC system is a recently characterized physiological system that includes receptors such as the CB1 receptor and it has been shown to play an important role in which has a major role in reducing hunger, caloric intake, and body weight and in increasing satiety.

However symptoms such as depression and anxiety in up to 1 out of four users of Rimonabant.


2- Initially was approved by EMEA

European regulatory authorities have granted marketing authorization to rimonabant (Acomplia, Sanofi-Aventis), making it the first cannaboid-1 (CB1) receptor blocker to be approved among European member countries for the treatment of obesity.

In June 2007, the FDA’s Endocrine and Metabolic Drugs Advisory Committee recommended against the approval of rimonabant (known in the United States as Zimulti) due to concerns over dangerous psychological side effects, including suicidality and depression.

Then in the late 2009 all Rimonabant was officially withdrawn by the European Medicines Agency (EMEA).

3- Supportive Case Studies

Data for the approval come from the Rimonabant in Obesity (RIO) clinical trial program of more than 6000 patients.

After 1 year of randomized treatment, changes from baseline with 20 mg rimonabant in the nondiabetic population were as follows: body weight -6.5 kg, waist circumference -6.4 cm.

Their levels of triglycerides and fasting insulin declined rapidly from baseline.

However, the case studies overlooked the major side-effects (DEPRESSION & ANXIETY).

So What’s Next, Any Rimonabant Alternative?

The concept of choosing prescription weight loss pills, can be a bit tricky as it highly relays on your physicians opinion whether this pill right for you or not.

However, if you are looking for diet supplements that can act as a STRONG alternative to Rimonabant we would definitely recommend PhenQ for 7 major reasons:

proOne of the active non-prescribed successors of Phentermine, that actively works with similar results!

proPrevent sugar cravings and it is being investigated as a treatment for diabetes.

proMost PhenQ users report having more energy in the gym and less cravings AND never feel lethargic or mentally sluggish.

proStimulate the nervous system, which sends direct signals to the fat cells to tell them to break down fat.

proImproves the metabolic rate which increase energy levels. All thanks to capsaicin, the compound in chilli peppers responsible for the fiery effect can be an effective thermogenic. Some evidence suggests that capsicum can increase body temperature and metabolism for 30 minutes after eating. PhenQ combining this with anyhdrous caffeine benefits in one capsule.

pro60 Days Money back guarantee plus free world wide shipping (to any country).

proEndless positive reviews from users all over forums, blogs, youtube. Here is one of the customers that used PhenQ and gave her first-week experience.

PhenQ side-effects:

It highly varies from person to another like Charlene in video mentioned she experienced jitters first day and second day more on insomnia. But after that her body got adapted to the pill. In most cases, users don’t experience side-effects. However the common ones would be;

  • Jitteriness
  • Anxiety
  • Itchiness
  • Constipation

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What About PhenQ Pricing & Shipping?


The price of product is easily justified based on the amazing weight loss benefits, and you’ll find a dedicated customer service that are ready to make sure you lose weight with PhenQ.

Conclusion on Rimonabant vs PhenQ

At the end of the day, we are all looking forward to enjoying a healthy slim body on the short and long run.

Rimonabant used to serve this purpose for sometime till its side affects over-weighted the benefits. Today we find PhenQ is suitable for this time to take the challenge and help you achieve your desired outcome.

However, we also advise to not relay 100% on pills to lose weight. PhenQ or others are good Kickstarter to motivate you and see actual results.

But this comes along with changing gradually your eating behavior (choosing healthy food) and moving your body from sedentary lifestyle to a more active one.


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