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What To Expect From Flexx Labs: Side-effects, Results & Price

Flexx Labs is a new brand that trying to compete in the legal steroid market. And claiming it’s the best anabolic steroid alternative. But is it?

This is a review to break down all related data & user experiences to Flexx Labs.

If you are planning to buy Flexx Labs and looking for the right review, this is for you.

I’ll also give you detailed insights into what results you should expect from this supplement.

Who Are Flexx Labs

It’s a new supplement company based in Dublin OH, USA.

They decided to help struggling beginners to break their limits with their supplements. By offering herbal based capsules that mimic steroids. Their ingredients are 100% natural and thus they are allowed to be bought online and used without a hassle.

Flexx Labs branded themselves as the best legal steroids on the market.

Products Produced By  Flexx Labs

Flexx Labs REviews

Flexx Labs offer 6 products that are designed based on user needs. Some are for cutting, bulking or muscle repair.

All their products are based on viral steroid names that have proven to be effective on the market. You’ll find big names like Dianabol, Trenorol & Anadrol.

Truth be told, they are just OTC supplements and it’s really hard to believe a herbal ingredient will give similar results as Dianabol.

How Does Flexx Labs Work?

Their mechanism of action claims the following:

  • Burn fats through thermogenesis by enhancing your metabolic rate.
  • Creates an anabolic environment (however no real proof of that).
  • Enhances your blood flow to your muscles.
  • Indirectly increases your testosterone levels.
  • Aid in protein synthesis.

Now according to their instruction you are obliged to use their capsules around 6 times a day. This will ensure you get the required ingredients to boost your workout performance levels.

Performance Of Flexx Labs Compared To Best Performers in Legal Steroids

There has been a wild buzz around Crazy Bulk being the #1 Legal steroid on the market. And the good reason behind this is because of users kept posting their progress with it in 8 weeks. And people saw a significant difference. You can see more details here.

Here is a fast comparison between Flexx Labs and Crazybulk

Product Crazy Bulk Flexx Labs
Mechanism CrazyBulk’s products are NOT anabolic steroids, but they have an excellent effect.


Ensure excellent muscle stimulation and muscle mass creation …using no harmful substances and presenting no side effects!

It aids in protein synthesis & enhance metabolic rate.
Side-Effects prosVery Rare prosVery Rare
Legal to Buy Online prosYes prosYes
Ingredients prosPrepared from natural ingredients only and found in each product label prosPrepared from natural ingredients only and found in each product label
Administration prosOrally prosOrally
Sales History pros4+ Years – Tons of user reviews 1+ Years (very new) – Not enough user reviews
Pricing pros$32.00 + 2 for one special offer $54.00 + No Special offers
Shipping prosIt provides Free shipping Flat rate of $13
Expected Results prosCrazybulk offers different products depending on your goal; Cutting or Bulking. And you can see results here. prosOffers similar products to CrazyBulk also depends on your goals.
Official Website – Currently offering 20% discount sitewide.


Ingredients Used In The Flexx Lab Formula

Here are the commonly used ingredients in the capsules.

  1. Zinc
  2. Magnesium
  3. Plectranthus barbatus
  4. Aspartic Acid
  5. Vitamin B3, B6

Note: the concentration of their ingredients are not enough to make a powerful impact as claimed

Main Products And Stacks

These 6 products are what you’ll find on their official website;

  • Stanagen xx – For cutting and fat burning.
  • Decagen xx – Best for muscle recovery.
  • Anagen xx – Designed for bulking and mass gain.
  • Post cycle xx – To enhance testosterone levels and detox.
  • Equigen xx – Good for increasing endurance.
  • Dianagen xx – Increase strength and performance.

Side Effects Revealed In Reviews

You’ll experience mild stomach ache or diarrhea. However, it’s very unlikely that you’ll deal with severe side-effects.

Also if you are dealing with a chronic medical condition. It is highly advisable to consult with your medical expert before using Flexx Labs.

Conclusion On Flexx Labs

Flexx Labs is a new steroid alternative company that is trying to penetrate the steroid user market. And I think they do have a shot with their products. However, they still have a long way to go.

On the other hand, Crazy bulk is a trusted, well-known brand in terms of evidence-based ingredients with tons of researches, user reviews and ease of use.

I understand that the more demand for steroid alternatives the more you’ll see more brands coming up on the market. And it will be hard to differentiate between the BS and the real deal. Thus, always make sure to check out the ingredients and what users are saying about each brand.

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