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7 Reasons Women Should Avoid Steroids And Here Is A Better Alternative

Unlike men, women cannot develop many muscles in a short time; it needs more patience and hard work to obtain satisfying results! Many women seek steroids as a short-term fix.

The main issue is women’s body doesn’t produce as much testosterone hormone as men. Thus, less muscle growth and lower performance.

But, wait a minute…

Steroids on women give different results than on men. Plus the side-effects are way severe on Female users.

Steroid’s side effects are varied and wide-ranging and can even be deadly.

So why women are using it?

It enhances their performance during competitions, reduces exhaustion and have bigger muscles.

But what if I told you, you could achieve all of this without steroids!

Read and see for yourself how can you reach a powerful, sexy physique without touching a single needle.

Get to know more about steroids

Steroids are synthetic derivatives of male sex hormone “Testosterone”, They are called “Anabolic androgenic steroids”, “Anabolic” attributes to muscle building and “Androgenic” attributes to developed male sex characteristics.


Physicians use it to treat certain hormonal disorders like delayed puberty, so they prescribe them.

As well as, treating diseases like muscle wasting disorders.


Some athletes and bodybuilders abuse steroids without a medical prescription to improve their performance and gain more muscles.

“Many people think that steroids are magic potions that could transform their body shape in a glimpse of light.”

However, here is the deal,

Steroids are harmful to both men and women but their side effects on women are more severe and dangerous than men and here are six reasons why women should avoid steroids,

You probably don’t want to be a man!

Women on steroids

Since anabolic steroids are derivatives of male sex hormones, they would develop male sex characteristics in women like

  • Deeper voice.
  • Excessive body and facial hair.
  • Changes in the genital system.
  • Male pattern baldness.
  • Upper torso widening.
  • Breasts atrophy.

How could you sacrifice your feminine, soft and beautiful body by playing with your hormones and your body nature just to gain some muscles and win a competition, people won’t be able to figure whether you are a woman or a man!

Okay, you may say to me “it is fine to look like a man as I would gain all the muscles, energy and strength I want” but you would probably change your opinion after reading the upcoming reasons because it is not related to appearance only.

 Steroids cause serious health problems.

Liver steroids

Steroids are really dangerous and could cause a lot of health problems as,

  • Heart attacks.
  • Liver disease and risk of liver cancer.
  • Increased good cholesterol levels and decreased bad cholesterol levels.
  • Tendon rupture.
  • Jaundice.
  • High blood pressure.
  • Inhibited growth in teenagers.
  • Scar leaving acne.
  • Strokes

Using unsterile needles or sharing them while taking steroids to increase the risk of infectious diseases like Hepatitis viruses and HIV.

Nothing is more important than your health so read the previous health risks carefully and imagine your life while having one of them that`s may make you think a hundred times before taking steroids.

Steroids steal your dream of becoming a mother!

Women fertility steroids

As steroids increase testosterone level “male sex hormone”, this causes hormonal imbalance so you may experience menstrual abnormalities and changes in premenstrual symptoms.

You may develop amenorrhea “when your period stops”.

As a result, you will have the risk of infertility or miscarriage.

You don’t want to lose your mind!

mental health steroids women

Steroids not only affect your body, but it also affects your mental health as well and causes serious side effects that are even more serious than physical side effects like,

  • Paranoid “ To be suspicious and mistrustful”.
  • Delusions.
  • Irritability.
  • Aggressiveness and violence.
  • Extreme mood swings.
  • Depression “which leads to suicidal thoughts”.
  • Psychosis “To break with the reality”.

Besides this, chronic use of steroids with high doses leads to addiction and people may experience withdrawal symptoms when they try to stop taking them.

Signs of addiction:

  • Keep on receiving steroids in spite of harmful side effects.
  • Spending much money and time on them.
  • Suffering from depression while trying to stop taking them.
  • Social issues with family and friends.

Steroids are illegal!


Every day we hear about athletes that get suspended from practicing sports cause they are caught abusing steroids.

Taking steroids without a medical prescription and for any reason other than treating medical disorders is illegal and you will expose yourself to serious punishment.

Black market steroids might not be even steroids!

black market steroids

Obtaining anabolic steroids by illegal ways put you at the risk of being deceived and spending a lot of money on harmful unknown chemical substances.

70% of bodybuilders reported that most steroids they bought were not containing steroids at all and caused severe health problems.

According to the American Academy for forensic science, there was a study done on anabolic steroids products in the black market, 42 products were analyzed, fifteen product didn`t contain the declared ingredients on the label.

So why to put yourself at these kinds of risks, it’s better to avoid steroids at all!

Safe alternatives to steroids are available now

Many safe supplements contain useful ingredients like amino acids and vitamins which can help you build your muscles safely.

I know that people prefer steroids over other supplements because of their fast results but “ patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success” said Napoleon Hill.

So It’s better to build healthy muscles over the years than building muscles associated with many health problems in just a few months.

The Crazy Bulk company offers legal steroids alternatives!

That mimic the benefits of steroids with 100% natural ingredients without doing any harm to the body.

It might be a bit slow to see results. However, it can be used long term without fear of permanent damages like steroids.

Let’s get to know some of them,


What is D-Bal?

D-Bal is a natural alternative to Dianabol *known as methandrostenolone* which is a potent anabolic steroid that helps in increasing lean muscle mass for bodybuilders.

Crazy bulk D-Bal is a safe alternative to Dianabol for women

  • It helps you to gain lean muscles and strength without getting huge and will turn you from skinny to fit.
  • It is very safe and has no side effects

D-Bal benefits

D-Bal contains whey protein with branched-chain amino acids that help you in muscle building as follows,

  • Increases nitrogen retention which helps in reducing exhaustion and increasing energy during the workout.
  • Offers Dianabol benefits without its side effects.
  • Increase protein synthesis
  • Increase strength and energy

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  • HGH is a human growth hormone which is secreted by the pituitary gland and has great anabolic properties which help in increasing lean muscle mass and stimulating protein synthesis.
  • As we grow older the amount of HGH released by the pituitary gland becomes smaller so here comes the role of HGH-X2.

What is HGH-X2?

It is a supplement that contains certain amino acids which stimulate the releasing of HGH from the pituitary gland that will increase the anabolic activity of your body.

HGH-X2 benefits

  • Increases lean muscle mass.
  • Increases fat burning.
  • Decreases muscle recovery time between workouts.

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What is clenbutrol?

  • It is safe and legal clenbuterol alternative that mimics the powerful performance enhancing properties of it
  • Clenbuterol is a steroid like a drug that was first designed to treat asthma but it has become popular as a fat loss and muscle gain supplement. Moreover, it stays in the body with an active effect for about six days.

Clenbutrol benefits

  • Increases basal metabolic rate “BMR” by increasing the body’s internal temperature and burn stored body`s fats to get enough energy.
  • Increases oxygen flow. As a result, enhances cardiovascular performance and delays muscles exhaustion which gives more time for muscle building.

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Crazybulk`s products are popular worldwide and available online at suitable prices; They combine between high quality, Safety and fast results, you can check their website for further information and more products!

Bottom line,

Steroids are the worst idea ever. If you are looking for serious muscle gain and fat loss, then time to get yourself to train harder, eat a clean diet and use Crazybulks steroid alternative for women.


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