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Anavar Not Worth It! And Here is An Effective Alternative

I used to be a big fan of Anavar. It has all the right qualities to shed fats.

I admit I lost some significant fat mass, got shredded and stronger at workouts.


There are a few reasons I had to stop using Anavar:

1- My first reasons is that I couldn’t tolerate the ridiculous side-effects

I only have one liver, so rest of humans on this planet. And I felt that I was killing it slowly.

It was harsh on my liver.

Every time, I felt incredible pain in my liver region that I couldn’t tolerate.

I tried many things, hot bath, massages, and analgesics.

It wasn’t fun or even worth it.

After reading this study on Anavar side-effects, I knew why my liver region was in pain.

I also had another issue with the low testosterone levels.

It was very stressful to regain back my natural testosterone levels before I end up losing my hard gained muscle mass.

Not to mention, few of Anavar users in my gym had to deal with Gynecomastia.

And that alone with a nightmare, it took them few months to get rid of man boobs!

2. My second reason for stopping Anavar is, I found a better way to get similar shredded results!

It’s basically a perfectly simple system that I found sufficient to get the body shredded.

This system relies on Anavarol (a product that mimics some of the fat burning effects of Anavar)

Many even claim that Anavarol is the best alternative for Anavar.

I find it just an excellent product that shreds fat naturally because it has a much different mechanism of action.

I would like to summarize this system into 2 major points, if done right, forget about Anavar.

Step1: Put This Shredding Diet in Order!

Women do enjoy a robust shredded body, and many of us goal is to please get women drooling 😉

Here is a diet that gets you to that point:

Calorie deficit Time: It’s not a minor matter to consume without counting calories, in the cutting phase it’s a critical matter.

Lower your calorie intake by 500 per day in the two weeks, and go 1000 per day in the rest of the 8-week cycle.

Most of our diet is a 2000-calorie diet. So if that’s your average calories, then you need to start with 1500 calories.

I recommend to make a carb window every day, it can be in the evening or early afternoon. However, don’t go for carbs 2 hours before sleeping.

Consume Higher levels of protein, usually in the range of 1.2 – 1.5 grams per pound of body weight (2.6 – 3.3 g/kg BW) per day.

I always use Myfitnesspal App to track my calories (sometimes I forget)

 Best way to shred fats is never go above 100 grams of carbs per day.


Step2: Using Anvarol

Couldn’t have done my fat loss journey without a good pump from Anvarol.

I wouldn’t say it done all the cutting alone. But it massively helped to fasten the process, incredibly!

The good thing about all of this, no shitty side-effects!

I would use Anvarol for a 8-week cycle to see shredded results.

And believe me when I tell you, I was missing out on a lot of safe solutions like Anvarol.

It’s a matter of mindset.

My 8-week cutting cycle never got better than this, I bought some Anvarol from here and got my ass to follow step 1.

So what to expect from this cutting plan?

Here is few awesome dudes used Anvarol and shared their pic

Anvarol Results Anavar Alternative

Anavar Best Alternative


The 7 Mind-Blowing Benefits of Using Anavarol

Instant Strength Boost

Surprisingly, I noticed a awesome kick after my first day of using Anavarol.

However, this can be noticed along with progressive overload workout.

Methods Of Increasing The Overload
  1. Increase the Resistance. Probably the most obvious way to increase the demands you place on your muscles is to increase the load, or weight.
  2. Increase the Reps.
  3. Increase the Volume.
  4. Increase Training Frequency.
  5. Decrease Rest Time Between Sets.

Juiced With Tons of Energy

I workout, go to work, meet up for coffee, hang out at the bar with my mates.

And still, have some energy for more later pleasurable stuff.

The reason why I recommend Anavarol is because, when you are calorie deficit you’ll feel fatigue all the time.

Doing Anavarol will powerup the hulk inside of you!

Preserved Muscle Mass

Actually, in my case, I have gained 2 lbs of muscles during my last cutting cycle.

That was not my expectations, I just wanted to preserve my mass gains.

Turn You To a Fat Burning Machine

And that’s the point of all of this!

The front end you’ll look shredded. But what’s really happening behind the scenes is your fat cells are Shrinking!

Skyrockets Your Endurance

I always had trouble with training my small muscle fibers.

This issue became easy with Anavarol. Not only this, my endurance levels went up all the way!

This is really important if you want to perform better without getting bulky!

Massive Confidence

Not to brag, but I never had much confidence in my life.

Until the day I decided to use this system.

Once you look at your shredded beach oriented body, you would be like damn!

Talking to random women while topless on the beach bar was intentional 😉

No Worry About Side-effects

From somebody who tried almost all steroids, I definitely don’t wanna go back to this shitty feel!

I was always in pain, can’t sleep properly, or even anxious about when my natural testosterone levels will get back.

And you pray they will!


I’m getting shredded while keeping my body in order and having FUN!

Bodybuilding should not be a sad process.

Trust me all you need is to follow those two steps, and you will achieve the perfect shredded body.

Start by reading what people are saying about Anavarol and see other’s experiences.

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