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What To Expect From Anavar: Cycles, Side-effects, Results & Price

Anavar results vary from one person to another. And between you and me there is a good reason for that.

Bulking up can be easy, but when it comes to cutting, it’s tricky.

What’s tricky about it?


Anavar supercharges your fat burning potential and builds strong muscles.

You see the major issue with cutting is that there is a high chance you might lose muscle mass in the process.

That’s terrible!

All the good effort goes to waste that easy.

In this article, I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about Anavar and cutting.

What is Anavar?

It’s interesting to know that Anavar was a reputable brand name back in the 60s, made by a company called G.D Searle & Co.

It was specifically designed for patients who are hospitalized for one year or more in bed.

The reason behind this is staying in bed for one year with minor movement, causes massive muscle loss.

A few years later, bodybuilders discovered it’s powerful potential for mass gain.

It became viral in the 70s and 80s due to its potent anabolic effect and made men of steel.

This led FDA to crack down on Anavar and got G.D Searle & co to take it off the market.

Legally speaking, Anavar should not exist.

The reason why the name Anavar still common is because it’s much easier to memorize than saying the chemical name “Oxandrolone.”

In the late 90s, this chemical name got rebranded to “Oxandrin” & “Actavis”

However, those brand names are priced freakishly high.

Thus, many still buy from underground labs that claim they produce “Anavar”.

Is Anavar Safe? Let’s see…

Majority of Bodybuilding forums are listing Anavar a safe steroid.

On what basis did they assume that?

It’s Anabolic Rating is 320-630 & Androgenic Rating is 24.

If a steroid has this rating, it means there is a meager chance to deal with baldness, acne, and gynecomastia.

Many beginners love it simply because of two things:

  • You don’t need to inject yourself.
  • Safest steroid available.

But not everything is dandy, is it?

Well, there are negative side-effects on the liver.

I’ll explain more on the side-effects in a few, keep on reading.

Can You Build Muscles With Anavar?

It depends.

Here is the thing;

You’d be surprised if I said that Anavar is 3x powerful than Testosterone.

Thus, the ones know this, assume it will give similar anabolic impact.

However, not really.

It’s considered a prolonged release in that regards. And is well known for burning fat and keeping the muscle mass (that you have gained in your bulking cycle).

Recommended Video To Watch About Anavar:

What Are The Benefits Of Anavar? Real Expectations…

Gain Massive Strength:

It has a fantastic way of forcing your muscles to contract during workouts.

This is great for small muscle fibers that can be difficult to work on.

My absolute favorite about Anavar is that it doesn’t look like you are on steroids.

You’ll give a man of steel image without looking big or bulky.

Recover Faster:

The only way your muscle can repair faster is through protein synthesis. The quicker the better.

The impact of anabolism from anavar boosts your protein synthesis, thus swift recovery.

Improve Performance:

Every one of us dream is to work out in the gym for more prolonged and more intensity.

And that’s precisely what Anavar does.

It facilitates oxygen transport to muscle tissues & enhances red blood cell count.

Burn Fat Fast:

Expect to shred fats 2x with any usual workout.

It enhances your metabolism and turns you into a fat burning machine.

Can Women Use Anavar?

Anavar is #1 women’s top choice to burn fat.

The reason is…

It is not aromatizing and has a meager androgenic rating.

The reason why many female bodybuilders avoid any steroid that has a high androgenic rating is that of getting a deeper voice, stronger jaw bone, and chest hair.

It’s advised that females use 5-10mg of Anavar per day for four weeks.

I recommend against increasing the dose more than 10mg with women.

It might lead to unwanted side-effects.

What To Expect From Anavar On Women?

It will act the same as for male bodybuilders.

Starting by enhancing metabolic rate and shredding fat.

It will preserve your muscle mass and give you strength.

Do Athletes Use Anavar?

Anavar used to be viral among athletes.

The reason behind that was because it’s only identified in drug tests for up to 3 weeks.

Unlike other steroids that can be detectable up to 18 months!

Best Way To Use Anavar For Top Notch Results

Anavar Best Cycle

Needless to say that Anavar is harmful to the liver. Thus, not exceeding the average cycle is essential!

The average cycle is 6 weeks.

It’s not advised to go more than 6 weeks.


  • Cutting (20mg-80mg per day).
  • Bulking (40mg-100mg per day).

Never exceed the maximum Anavar dosage per day (100mg). Unless you are not looking to use your liver anymore.


As I mentioned earlier, the prices are high.

You can buy 30 tablets of 10 mg for $80.

If you are dosing 60mg per day, probably it will last 5 days.

So if going for 6 weeks cycle, we are talking 45 days.

Probably you’ll spend around $600 – $700 for 6 weeks cycle.


9 hours is the half-life of Anavar, which requires you to consume it 2 times a day.

Fake Anavar:

It’s evident that you’ll find tons of underground labs claiming to sell affordable Anavar.


There is no such thing as affordable Anavar.

Don’t trust anybody claims this; it might even be harmful.

Solo Anavar Cycle

I don’t recommend the idea of stacking Anavar with other steroids.

Back in the days, I used to stack it with Clenbuterol.

I only did that when I wanted to shred fats incredibly fast.

Will Discuss Clenbuterol in a separate article. But at the moment, I don’t recommend if you are starting to Stack Anavar.

Once you start with Anavar, you’ll notice your fat burning goal is in order.

Anavar PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)

The downside of Anavar, as with all anabolic steroids, is your body production of testosterone will go down the hill.

Majority of studies show it goes down by 40 – 50%!

That’s a lot!

This considerable drop is terrible because after ceasing the use of Anavar you’ll deal with:

  • Fatigue
  • Loss of muscle mass
  • Gynecomastia
  • Gain back the fat

Thus, I always advise don’t miss out on PCT.

Otherwise, you’ll waste your money and efforts.

PCT gets your low testosterone production back on track as soon as possible.

Many experts recommend using PCT stack of Nolvadex and Clomid.

Here is PCT recommendation Schedule:

Day 1: 150mg Clomid & 60 mg of Nolvadex.

Day 2-10: 100mg Clomid & 40mg of Nolvadex.

Day 11-21: 50mg Clomid & 20mg of Nolvadex.

Day 22-28: No more Clomid & 20mg of Nolvadex.

Anavar Side-Effects (What To Expect)

How mild a drug is, it never comes without side-effects.

Here is a list of things you might deal with when first starting out with Anavar.

And I have to warn you, if you witnessed one of the following side-effects. I highly advise stopping Anavar immediately!

Liver Toxicity (Hepatoxicity):

If you are already dealing with liver conditions or weak liver, Anavar is not for you.

The liver has a hard time breaking down C-17aa in Anavar, which leads to the liver to keep on releasing enzymes to break it down.

Thus, dosing is incredibly vital in Anavar; overdosing can kill your liver slowly.

Testosterone Production Shutdown:

It’s expected that Anavar will stop at least 40% of your natural testosterone production.

Normally, you won’t notice any effect during the usage of Anavar.

It becomes incredibly obvious once you stop, you’ll deal with fatigue, muscle loss and all kind of low testosterone issues.

Thus, the best way to overcome this is through PCT.

Hair loss & Acne:

There is a meager chance you might deal with hair loss & acne.

But you never know, everyone has their body reaction towards drugs.

If your body starts to produce acne or witness any kind of hair loss.

Then stop Anavar usage immediately.

More details on Anavar Side-effects here.

Is Anavar Recommended?

Honestly, the pros in Anavar makes me drool.


If I’m going to spend 900 Bucks including the PCT, I find to save that money on a great alternative to Anavar and it’s all natural & way cheaper.

No bullshit!

Here is an awesome way to get ripped & maintain muscles mass without the $900 spent and terrible side-effects.

Bottom line: I don’t recommend the use of Anavar.

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