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Best Guide on T3: Improve Fat loss by 15% With The Right Dosage

T3 or known for Cytomel is naturally manufactured in the body. Our average production is around 30mcg per day.

A healthy thyroid synthesis of five types of hormones; Calcitonin, T1, T2, T3 & T4.

T4 is supposed to convert to an active T3, depending on the body need. At the same time, T3 is directly needed at certain amounts without the conversion process. The natural benefits of T3 are immunity, energy, and overall well-being.

Cytomel (t3) also plays a large role in maintaining the body metabolism. The more Cytomel in the body, the more metabolism you get. Thus, more fats are burned and weight loss takes place.

The dosage of T3 secreted naturally is 30mcg per day. The question is how much T3 dosage you need to see weight loss results?

T3 Dosage and Common Mistakes

I noticed few bodybuilders advice newbies in the T3 game, to play it safe and take it gradually. It does sound convincing at first, but the advice they get is often ridiculous!

It’s commonly advised to start at 25mcg per day, which is less than the naturally produced Cytomel in the body, 30mcg per day. This means that instead of progressing your body, you are regressing it and going backward. (1)

The hype behind how much T3 is dangerous is making serious sportsmen to get misleading information on this drug.

This doesn’t mean to use T3 as much as you can. It’s about understanding what T3 is all about. And that it’s not as dangerous as any hormone-related drugs or anabolic steroids. It’s actually the mildest of all. (2)

What is The Recommended (T3) Dosage For Fat Loss

If you are serious about cutting fats and losing weight, your dosage should start at 50mcg per day. However, you will need to asses your tolerance level to T3. Every person reacts differently to Cytomel (T3).

Some individuals might see a significant fat loss on 50mcg, while others might see or feel anything with the same amount.

Thus for the first week, observe yourself and see if your body is rising in temperature, losing weight and feeling over-energetic. Once this is established, 2nd week increase it by 25mcg. Thus, the total is 75mcg per day.

The whole cycle should not exceed 12 weeks and each cycle runs between 3-6 weeks. Depending on the weight loss goal.

How To Do A Proper T3 Cycle For Best Weight Loss Results

The time of the T3 cycle highly relies on your weight loss goals. If it’s smaller than 10lbs/5 kg, I would recommend going maximum for 3 weeks cycle. If more than 10lbs/5kg, you can reach for 6 weeks cycle.

The idea why maximum 6 weeks is because your natural T3 production will stop if you decided to exceed 6 weeks cycle. Of course, it won’t permanently stop, it will get back again, however, it would take longer to recover and disrupt your overall cutting/fat loss cycle.

In the 6 weeks cycle, it is recommended to take for 4 weeks on and 2 weeks off. In the off period, it advisable to use Clenbuterol. I have discussed Clen T3 cycle previously, it works best for maximum weight loss results. (3)

So the 1st 6 days in this cycle would be 50mcg/day, then the 2nd 3-day period is 75mcg/day, etc. The typical T3 21-day cycle will look like this:

Days 1-6……………….50mcg/day
Days 7-9……………….75mcg/day
Days 10-12…………….100mcg/day
Days 13-15…………….75mcg/day
Days 16-21…………….50mcg/day

As for T3 28-day cycle will look like this

Days 1-6……………….50mcg/day
Days 7-12……………….75mcg/day
Days 13-16…………….100mcg/day
Days 17-20…………….75mcg/day
Days 21-28…………….50mcg/day

Note: Do not exceed the maximum dosage of 100mcg, otherwise you might end up sweating too much and uncomfortably warm. It will be very depressing.

This is the most effective cycle you can ever use with T3. Add to that, plenty of proteins and at least 2 gallons of water per day. And you’ll be ripped before you know it.

I do stress on using Clenbuterol along with T3. It’s a powerful stack and again if used correctly you’ll not have to deal with adverse effects.

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Will You Ever Have Thyroid Suppression With T3?

I have addressed this in the beginning, there is a fear circling around T3 usage, that it will suppress Thyroid. But my question would be, what can you actually do to make your thyroid gland stop working?

Few amateur bodybuilders in 1998 went crazy with T3 usage and blasted it up to 250mcg per day for 6 weeks. They had their thyroid function permanently damaged. Overdosing 2.5x is not something to be taken minorly. Honestly, that is just stupid & incredibly dangerous.

A vast amount of studies published that, stopping the usage of T3 will not lead to a shutdown of your thyroid functions. (4)

M. Greer study was focused on patients dealing with hypothyroidism and had a continuous intake of external T3. The medicine was withdrawn and their thyroid functions returned back to normal within 2 weeks without an issue. (5)

The summary of this study; If an individual was on external T3 for 30 years in moderate doses, the thyroid will return back to function within two weeks.

What if You Are Dealing With A Sluggy Thyroid, After T3 Cycle?

Some individuals might experience a delay in their thyroid recovery, although that’s normal, as individuals vary from one another. However, you can boost recovery with a fat burner post T3 cycle.

For example, in the 4 weeks on/ 2 weeks off cycle. It’s recommended to use a fat burner in the 2 weeks off cycle to kick-start your thyroid gland. Many Use ECA stack or Clenbuterol as both are a great combination with T3.

T3 / Clenbuterol Cutting Cycle

Both drugs are mentioned nearly in every bodybuilding blog. About the significant importance of mixing both substances together.

I definitely agree, and I’m stressing it very much.

Their effect is 1+1 = 3, this is what you should expect from their fat burning synergy.

Best Dosages To Take In T3/Clen Cycle

The same dose scheme I outlined earlier. When using Clen you will experience a boost in your body temp, thus I would suggest starting low with Clen during this cycle.

When it comes to Clen dosing, you’ll find tons of comments, and approaches. After all, Clen is just a fat burner and a stimulant. Doesn’t really play around with hormones, unlike T3.

Most Clen brands are banned from USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia & NZ. However, the good news is that Crazy Bulk brand managed to reformulate Clen. Thus, it’s so far the only accessible brand for Clenbuterol to be bought online and having it shipped without getting held back by the customs.

As for Clenbuterol from Crazybulk, I would recommend going for 3 capsules per day. If you find intolerable body temperature stick to 1 capsule for the first 3 days. And then proceed to 2 capsules/day for 2 weeks and then 3 capsules/day for the 3rd week and onwards.

The Clen Cycle is 8 weeks on, 1.5 weeks off.

Can I Use T3 in Bulking Cycles?

That’s a tricky question, and the short answer is YES. Many would seem confused on how can a drug that burns fat be used in bulking?

T3, if used in higher doses, will burn fat & boost metabolism. That’s for sure. But what about lower doses, like really low?

If you used 12.5mcg/day of T3, it will help to have higher absorption of nutrients and thus increase bulking results.

It simply works like this, in order to gain muscle mass we need to feed our body high protein/ high-calorie diet. This means plenty of nutrients running in the body needs to be converted. T3 boosts the conversion of these nutrients to the body. This yield to faster results in the bulking scene.

Is T3 Cycle For Women Same As For Men?

Women are more sensitive to T3 than Men. Thus, it’s advisable to use the same cycle but in half amounts.

The typical T3 21-day cycle for women will look like this:

Days 1-6……………….25mcg/day
Days 7-9……………….37.5mcg/day
Days 10-12…………….50mcg/day
Days 13-15…………….37.5mcg/day
Days 16-21…………….25mcg/day

As for T3 28-day cycle for women will look like this

Days 1-6……………….25mcg/day
Days 7-12……………….37.5mcg/day
Days 13-16…………….50mcg/day
Days 17-20…………….37.5mcg/day
Days 21-28…………….25mcg/day

From my point of view, I think stacking Clen with T3 might be optional for Men. But it’s compulsory for women.

The reasoning behind this, women’s body tend to have a fast rebound after cessation of T3. And females might be prone to gain back the fats lost straight away.

Thus, Clen will keep the fats off until your body recovers from T3 which is 2 to 3 weeks.

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Expectations and Results from Cytomel (T3) Dosage

Many ask how much fats would I lose with the prescribed T3 dosage. 

This is few results from users who managed to go for 6 weeks cycle. (4 weeks on / 2 weeks off)

Well, I know most of you are curious about how well T3 burns fat (atleast for those of you who have not tried it yet, but want to), so here are my results for the past 13 days I have been on it. I have been tapering up from 37.5mcg to 100mcg. Today is my first time doing 100mcg and I am doing a 6 week cycle.

Day 1: 241.8lbs, 20% bodyfat, 180lbs of muscle
Day 13: 231.6lbs, 16% bodyfat, 184lbs of muscle

I love this stuff, I have absolutely no side effects on it either. This stuff is harmless, and it sheds fat like crazy.

Some users Who Posted Their Before And After With T3

T3 dosage Before and AFter t3 before and after 2

In Summary:

T3 is a powerful substance for serious fat loss, that can be utilized for cutting and bulking. T3 dosage is the secret to a real success story. Using T3 without Clenbuterol is not a good idea. Overdosing T3 can be fatal and plain stupid.

Side-effects from T3 are minimal and can only happen with uncomfortable heating of the body. It varies from individual to another.

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