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For Those 4 Reasons, Doctors Stopped Prescribing Chitosan

This article aims to determine whether Chitosan is worth the buy or not. Being obese and overweight is a serious issue that needs discipline and determination in order to clear it away.

Many consume weight loss pills to aid and boost the weight loss process. Chitosan was one of the popular prescribed weight loss pills (although, it can be bought legally over the counter), that got demanded overtime.

Though, we still highly believe there is no substitute for a calorie reduced diet and exercise, in terms of weight loss.

But the benefits of fat burners or weight loss pills can be of great help, as an aid to facilitate in the weight loss journey.

Putting Chitosan on the evaluation stage, where does it stand from doctors perspective?

Overview on What Chitosan is;

Chitosan is a fiber-like supplement made from the shells of crustaceans, such as shrimp and crab.

While some studies show that chitosan (in addition to a low-calorie diet) reduces weight, it is unclear whether the supplement itself, the low-calorie diet, or a combination of both led to the weight loss. Other studies show mixed results.

Dr Oz Views on Chitosan:

According to Dr. Oz, Chitosan acts as a barrier in your intestines that prevents absorption of fat through the walls of the intestines after digested food leaves your stomach and mixes with bile for absorption.

“With Chitosan, the fat never gets absorbed though the walls of the intestine. It can’t go to your liver, it can’t get into your fat cells, it can’t go to your body,” says Dr. Oz

But Dr.OZ was strict on the dosage saying  1000 milligrams (1 grams) minimum per day to see any benefit.


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What Does Science Say About Chitosan?

In terms of weight loss, several studies have been published on the impact of Chitosan.

First Study Conclusion: Done on 1219 individuals, Published in Cochrane Database Systematic Reviews (Jull et al, 2008). And they took average 2.7 gram per day (which is 2.7x what doctor oz said which was 1000 milligram= 1gram)

Results: .6 kg average weight loss in 4 weeks time.

Second Study Conclusion: Done on 1071 participants, Published in Obesity Reviews Journal (2005 Feb; 6(1):35-42). A

Results: .6 to 2.3 kg weight loss range in minimum 4 weeks time.

Science conclusion: Chitosan can provide weight loss,  the effect of chitosan on body weight is minimal and unlikely to be of clinical significance.

What The Chitosan’s Manufacturer Claim to the Users?

  • Chitosan binds average 8-12 folds of lipids of its weight.
  • Vitamin C reduces the Viscosity of chitosan and improves its ability to mix with fat in the GIT.
  • In addition, vitamin C (AsA) also improves the ability of chitosan to successfully carry fat through the intestine
  • Gymnema Sylvester competitively inhibits glucose aseptic its receptors in the G.L.T.

The Claims are BIG to the actual reality…

Based on reality and the clinical significance of Chitosan, all benefits provided by the manufacturer are considered irrelevant! in terms of weight loss.

At the end of the day, what we ask for is the actual weight loss benefit. And for that reason, we find claiming big benefits like this is ethically unacceptable to the user.

Chitosan is much better in lowering Cholesterol than weight!

According to a study found in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Chitosan has a great significance in lowering cholesterol levels. (source)


To Summarise, For Those 4 Reasons many doctors Stopped putting emphasis on Chitosan for weight loss, anymore:

1 It’s clinical significance in weight loss, doesn’t make much difference if used solo.

2They prescribe it, for the ones who deal with high cholesterol levels and want something safe with low side-effects

3Not worth it for the price, if it’s for weight loss, roughly around 30 USD for one bottle that lasts one month.

4Some doctors, prescribe any of the Chitosan (over the counter commercial product), but must be with another fat burner to provide an actual weight loss benefit.

So Should you buy Chitosan pills?

Basically, you can find many Chitosan pills on Amazon to be bought, but now we are very certain on what you should expect from Chitosan in terms of weight loss. Of course, if you can afford to buy Chitosan with a fat burner that would be of great benefit to boost your weight loss journey to the next level. An extra .6 kg to 2.3 kg per month wouldn’t hurt to get with Chitosan.

What Fat burners do we recommend?

Actually, there are tons of fat burners on the market. However, try to avoid as much as possible to not get ripped off. Here is a list you can browse on the top fat burners in Europe this should give you a more clear picture where to look.



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