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Phen375 Vs Fastin (Choclates) – Fastin User Reviews

In 1998, Fastin was pulled of drug retail shelves because of it’s withdrawal symptoms upon directions from US medical officials.

Recently, after modification in the ingredient of Fastin. It became live again in the market. Phenylethylamine is the main active ingredient which is considered natural as it also found in chocolates.

Deciding to compare between Phen375 Vs Fastin is really competitive simply because both are very powerful, both work, but their effectiveness and withdrawal symptoms differ.

You’ll understand more in this following comparison plus I provided a complete Fastin user based review to seek more reliable legitimate data on Fastin.

Comparison Between Phen375 Vs Fastin






Clinical StudiesPill_Clinical_Studies
  • Reduce appetite. (reducing snacks and food cravings).
  • Stimulates energy.
  • Aids in Osteoporosis & improve bone density (calcium ingredient).
  • Anti-depressive aids (regulates hormonal imbalance).
  • Satisfactory results in weight loss (3-5) lbs per week.


  • Satisfactory results in weight loss (3-5) lbs per week.
  • produce extreme energy and promote a sense of well-being.
  • Suppresses your appetite
  • Gives you an overall enhanced mood


Side effects / DrawbacksPill_Side_effects 2014None (Rare; mild headache) Worst-fatburner-reviewsModerate Withdrawal effects(Must Consult Doctor before purchase)Some people are contraindicated for this pill. who suffer from high blood pressure, heart ailments, hardening of the arteries (known as arteriosclerosis in medical terms), a hyper thyroid gland, or glaucoma (an eye condition where the eyes are under pressure when fluids do not get released from the eye.)
Money Back GuaranteeMoneyBackGurantee 2014Yes (30 day) Worst-fatburner-reviewsNo
Prescription Required 2014No – (Because 100% Safe)Phen375_No_Prescription_Required Worst-fatburner-reviewsYes (Any prudent doctor will tell you that taking Fastin without a prescription is very dangerous and should never be attempted.) However you can easily buy it online from Amazon without any prescription. (which is not recommended)
Appetite Suppressant 2014Yes “Very Powerful” 2014Yes “Very Powerful”
Weight Loss Effect 20143-5 lbs per Week 20143-5 lbs per Week
User Reviewstestimonials_&_user_reviews 2014Excellent 2014Excellent – Check user reviews down below in this article
AvailabilityPill_Availability 2014Can only be purchased securely online from official website and arrive in matter of days at your door step 2014Can be purchased online from (with prescription). Or you can get it from any near pharmacy but (prescription is required)
Reorder Rate 2014High 2014High
Price Worst-fatburner-reviews59.99 USD 201448.99 USD
Order NowOrder-Pills-Now Official Website (Direct Link)

 Fastin Reviews “Scientific & User Based”

fastin-PhenylethylamineHi-tech are the producers of this pill and recently it became popular in the weight loss industry not because of media propaganda but because legitimate word of mouth among people who experienced weight loss with this pill.

I would like to provide a new outlook on fastin from users point of view but first let me share it’s clean pharmaceutical ingredients that made it back again in the market.

Fastin Ingredients & Secret Formula

Fastin_phenylethylamine_hclSimply it’s Phenylethylamine. Now put that chemical aside and let me simplify it for you. Do you know Chocolates!

Well, studies show that eating a pure dark chocolate bar without any fillers will improve your mood and suppress your appetite.

Returning back in a scientific form, Phenylethylamine is classified as a catecholamine precursor that improves your mood stimulates metabolism. That’s pretty much how fastin works.

Fastin Main Drawback “Warning”

Fastin-side-effectsIt is also the brain altering ingredient in LSD and morphine. Excessive amounts of phenylethylamine could lead to psychoactive effects, such as hallucinations. In extreme cases, PEA can be lethal.

That is the main reason why I highly recommend making a visit to your physician before taking it. If you don’t have time to see your doctor don’t take it!

If anyone tells you it is okay to take Fastin without a prescription, they are either misinformed or lying to you.

Any prudent doctor will tell you that taking Fastin without a prescription is very dangerous and should never be attempted.

Does Fastin Work?

Of course, yes it has positive reviews all over the internet. Some lost 30lbs in 2 month.

Some lost 50lbs in 3 months. Patients who used it provided some interesting experiences which should be taken into consideration before using it. Although it took my eyes when I saw it got good ratings on Amazon.


Fastin User Reviews “Amazon & CVS Testimonials” – Click To Enlarge






Checkout The Rest of Fastin User Testimonials on Amazon

Phen375 Vs Fastin – Bottom line

Truth be told, I usually recommend Phen375 in most of my comparison due to its great balance between its superior effect on weight loss & 100% Safety.

However, Fastin is also a very unique kind of diet pill that proves itself as powerful weight loss supplement.

I described its main drawback so it’s up to you to consider. You can also read my full detailed review on Phen375.

Then decide and choose wisely and don’t forget to consult your doctor. Hoping for you, a successful weight loss journey.


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