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Strongest Pre Workout Supplements In Australia – Top 3 Best Sellers

Pre Workout supplementation is one of the fundamental parts to get the maximum of your workouts.

Most Australian fitness coaches, talk big about Pre-workout powders and it allows you to see incredible results.

I personally never knew this stuff is a real deal until I tried them out.

I was a wild horse in my workouts, going at least 2x the usual sets and reps. My strength was superb, I managed to go 2 hour workout without the usual fatigue feel.

The Pre-workout supps are going viral, and it’s growing day by day.

In this article, I’ll try to clarify a few things about how it works, who is it for and what to expect.

I will also share one of my favorite brand that got be boosted, due to its high-quality ingredients.

Let me start with…

4 Reasons that can ruin your workout!

In weightlifting & compound exercises, there are unpleasant symptoms you may experience which can ruin your whole workout.

1- Fatigue

You become exhausted easily and can’t complete your workout.

2- Delayed recovery time

Your muscle soreness exists for an extended period instead of being relieved after a couple of days.

3- Losing interest

You are no longer motivated to exercise and you wish that you could just eat and sleep.

4- Decreased performance

Being exhausted easily will probably decrease the efficacy of your performance.

Why we experience these symptoms?

We all agree that these symptoms are annoying and could ruin your whole body transformation journey!

People who experience these symptoms may do one of the followings,

  • Over-exercising
  • Not preparing their bodies before a workout


How to prepare your body before exercising?

Well, I would put much emphasis on having enough sleep, well balanced healthy diet, pre-workout stretches and warm up, and of course pre-workout supplements!

What is a pre-workout?

Back in the days, bodybuilders used to eat a banana and drink a cup of coffee before their workout. But now they tend to use pre-workout supplements.

It’s a form of pills or powder-mix to be taken before their workout that could help a lot in enhancing performance and boosting energy during exercising.

How does a pre-workout supplement work?

A pre-workout supplement works by supplying your muscles with energy and support, increasing the intensity of your workout and helps you to gain more benefits from your workout.

You will see that your body can add more reps and sets without a struggle.

This increases your motivation and makes you train harder and harder.

As a result, you will make a significant progress and have incredible results!

Why should you take a pre-workout supplement?

People take pre-workout supplements according to their great benefits as follows;

  •   Increase the metabolic rate. As a result, burn more fat.
  •   Enhance protein synthesis so increase muscle growth.
  •   Decrease muscle soreness and fatigue thus decrease recovery time.
  •   Improve strength and stamina.
  •   Enhance energy.
  •   Improve concentration and focus.
  •   Reduce protein breakdown.
  •   Deliver more oxygen to your muscles.


Who should take pre-workout supplements?

It’s for anyone who wants to raise his/her level in exercising and sick of being a beginner.

Pre-workout main ingredients

There are many pre-workout supplements with plenty of ingredients. So how can you choose the most suitable one for you?

It is by determining your goal first:

  • Enhance their strength and power?
  • Enhance muscle growth by increasing protein synthesis?
  • Cutting and fat burning?

Or even better, how about you achieve all of this?

If you got confused, let me share some examples

Muscle building ingredients

If you want to build and grow your muscles, you have to search for supplements, which contain whey protein, and amino acids like.

BCAAs ( Branched-chain amino acids )

What is BCAAS?

BCAAs are a group of essential amino acids which means that our body cannot produce them on its own and needs to receive them from diet or supplements.

What is great about BCAAs that they are metabolized in muscles instead of in liver, which means that they are broken down quickly, and immediately support muscles with needed energy for their growth.

BCAAs Benefits for muscle growth

  • Increase protein synthesis.
  • Decrease protein breakdown.
  • Increase amino acids level in blood.
  • Easily digested and quickly absorbed.
  • Increase energy production. As a result, decrease muscle soreness and exhaustion which provide more time for muscle growth.

Weight loss ingredients

If you are focusing on losing weight and you want to replace bad fats with the useful one you probably should search for supplements that contain:

CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)

What is CLA?

CLA is a fatty acid that belongs to a group of fats that have significant health effects, it is known as omega 6 fatty acid which is found in vegetable oils, beef, and dairy products. Moreover, it is very popular as a weight loss supplement.

CLA benefits for weight loss

  • Decrease calorie intake.
  • Increase fat burning.
  • Inhibit production of fat.

Capsicum Extract

Have you ever imagined that capsicum, which is found in hot pepper, can help you to burn more calories and lose weight?

It does as it has thermogenic properties that help in:

  • Boosting metabolism.
  • Decreasing calorie amount.
  • Burning body fats.
  • Reducing appetite.

Energy increasing ingredients

If you prefer to increase your energy and focus during the workout you have to look for supplements that contain:


Caffeine is a popular stimulant that is even consumed by everybody not only gymaholics, but it also has great effects on body performance while exercising as it,

  • Improves mood.
  • Sharpens focus.
  • Increases wakefulness.
  • Decreases pain sensation.
  • Increases quality of performance.

The strongest pre-workout products in Australia!

Now it is time to let you know more about the most potent pre-workout supplements in Australia; they are the top 3 best sellers!


Capsiplex is a powerful fat burner and energy enhancer. It combines between the main three mechanisms you need to lose weight as it

  • Increases metabolism rate.
  • Burns more calories.
  • Increases the body’s energy consumption.

It also combines excellent and active ingredients like,

  • Capsicum extract for effective fat burning.
  • Caffeine for enhancing performance and boosting energy.
  • Piperine for increasing absorption of sufficient nutrients.
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) for releasing energy and decreasing fat level in blood.

Just by taking one pill per day you’re going to take your workout routine to the next level!


It is great for muscle growth as it contains branched -chain amino acids (BCAAs).

It also helps in increasing protein synthesis, delaying workout fatigue and improving muscle repair. As a result, it prolongs exercising time to produce more protein and build more muscles!


Conjugated linolenic acid (Omega 6) supports your body with a healthy kind of fat which preserves lean muscles and prevents the growth of fat cells thus supports your whole weight loss process.

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Should I combine between more than one pre-workout?

Definitely yes!

You can combine between more than one pre-workout supplements to gain the maximum effect during your workout

I highly recommend the pre-workout sports bundle pack, which contains Capsiplex, Aminoblast, and CLA together.

This bundle saves your money because it is cheaper than purchasing each product alone.

It also gives you the best results in a shorter time

Imagine that you will be able to burn excess body fats while improving your body shape and preserving your lean muscles, Who needs more than that!

Remember to balance!

Be careful that you should use pre-workout supplements wisely by controlling your daily intake, Don’t overuse them as they may cause harmful side effects concerning your mood and your sleep pattern.

It is almost the end of this article, so I would like to sum up the main points mentioned above,

Bottom line: It’s vital to know without proper exercise, weightlifting and nutrition it will be impossible to achieve your goals.

Consistency is key!

Pre-workout supplements are all over Australian OTC stores. However, be careful to read ingredients and always educate yourself by learning more about how your body works.

Don’t fall for gimmicks & get obsessed with supplements.

Supplements are here to aid your nutrition and workouts not to replace them.

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