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Don’t Use Winstrol Before Reading This!

Winstrol can be a hardcore fat burner if appropriately used. If not it can be a disaster to many bodybuilders.

Many give it a nickname “Winny” and is preferred in the cutting cycles.

The reason behind “Winny’s” popularity, is the ease of use and its side-effects are not as nasty as other steroids for cutting.

If you plan to use Winstrol to get a ripped body, ready to show on the beach and a hardcore definition, then this article is for you.

I covered everything from head to toe about Winstrol, collecting over 150 research and thousands of forum discussions in one post.

This makes it simple and straight-forward to ease your decision making.


What Is Winstrol

It’s an Anabolic steroid based on DHT, created in the early 50s by a company named Winthrop Laboratories.

The main reason behind its production was to lower body fat effectively and maintain the anabolic state of the body.

It’s one of the rare roids that are considered safe by the FDA. It didn’t get banned because it doesn’t entirely break down in the digestive tract and liver, and sustain long enough in the body.

Some pharmacies still sell Winstrol up until today, but of course, a prescription is required. However, it’s not as common as the 50s.

Winstrol is an appealing steroid, due to its low anabolic rating & non-estrogenic properties.

Thus, tons of women bodybuilders use Winstrol for their bulking cycle and Men using it for cutting cycle.

  • Anabolic Rating: 320
  • Androgenic Rating: 30

For men, it’s your best steroid of choice for getting chiseled, high vascular & defined body.

What’s The Mechanism Behind Winstrol?

Your body’s androgen receptors bind effectively with Winstrol. Its structure is not as similar to other DHT derived steroids.

It’s classed as Heterocyclic steroid, which means it doesn’t render inactive androgen receptor in the muscle tissue.

Men who fear man boobs from steroids will find it much less risky with Winstrol.

The reason behind its low risk is Winstrol’s low degree of progestogenic activity. So no need to worry much about Gynecomastia.

It elevates “Free Testosterone” levels in the body. This will boost strength and maintain a superb anabolic state during cutting.

But wait a second that’s not all…

It boosts your collagen synthesis and protein synthesis.

So enjoy the extra muscle mass you’ll gain while using it.

This steroid is always advisable for men bodybuilders who are starting in the steroid arena, because it’s incapable of turning to estrogen (the female hormone).

Thus, no need to worry about the terrible man boobs that you can get with other steroids like Dianabol & Tren.

Best Way To Use Winstrol

There are two ways to use Winstrol:

  • First: Taken in pill form (orally).
  • Seconds: Taken IntraMuscular (Injection).


Apparently, the easiest method would be through pill form. But it’s also the most dangerous, why?

Because, it’s a 17aa- structured steroid, which means potentially dangerous on your liver.

The safest method would be (IM) IntraMuscular Injection. It can be injected in the thigh, butt and upper arm.

IM method ensures that it goes directly to your circulation and less processing from the liver.

The pill form recommended dosage:

40 – 80mg on a daily basis. It’s recommended to divide the dose to be twice a day one in the morning and one in the evening.

Its half-life is 9 hours.

The injection form recommended dosage:

50 – 100mg on a daily basis. However, you can just take the whole dose in one shot.

Its half-life is 24 hours.

Recommended Cycle Duration:

I would suggest in range of 6-8 weeks. However, your last 2 weeks should decline in dosage.

For Women:

Women don’t need the same dosage of Stanozolol tablets as guys, in fact, because they are so sensitive the dose needs to be kept a lot its lowest.

Starting out on 5mg per day will be more than enough for any woman.

However, if things go to plan and women feel the need to go higher, it can be pushed to a max of 10mg.

Expected Side-effects Of Winstrol

This is the point where you might get a little disappointed. But truth be told, none of the steroids out there doesn’t have side-effects.

Sadly, science still limited in this area.

Anyway, these are the following side-effects you should be aware of:


Don’t take this slightly with Winstrol, if you have really good hair, then please avoid Winstrol, Perhaps use this Winstrol Alternative Instead.

The thing is…

DHT is the one core reason for bold men out there.

And With massive amounts of DHT in Winstrol, it will cause your hair follicles to shrink and eventually stop growing permanently.


The moment you decide to use Winstrol, you should be accepting the “Acne everywhere” looks.

It’s not appealing and you wearing tank tops will not be a good idea during your workouts. Many will think you have a skin disease.

Shutdown Of Natural Testosterone:

Most anabolic steroids always lead to this issue.

Many overcome this issue with PCT (Post Cycle Therapy). However, there is no guarantee that it will ultimately get your body back to normal.

There is a high chance for testicle shrinkage & infertility.

Bad Cholesterol Increase:

The sad part about Winstrol it raises LDL at high levels.

This can lead to life-threatening conditions like strokes and heart attacks.

Liver Toxicity:

When it comes to liver, it’s a serious matter. Most anabolic steroids lead to tumors in your liver if mishandled or the dose went off limits.

It’s highly advisable to stick to low doses and enjoy small benefits rather than significant benefits with liver tumors.

How Long To See Results?

Well, I have to admit Winstrol is very impressive in its fast results. You can notice the instant effect in the next 24 hrs after consumption.

However, you’ll also notice some of the side-effects mentioned.

Week 1: Your water weight will be reduced, and you’ll feel a less bloated body with a harder figure.

Week 2: You’ll find abdomen, and thigh fat reduction and it will be in significant amounts.

Week 4: The shredded body will be seen, If you had 6 abs covered with fats before, it would be much visible in this week.

Week 6: Your body reached its maximum definition in a concise amount of time.

Disclaimer: This doesn’t have to apply for everyone. All explained here is a collection of results from over hundreds of bodybuildng forums and personal experiences.

I also assume that you do clean eating and workout correctly!

Do I Recommend Winstrol?

Winny is great in getting you shredded, and the results are tempting!

All it takes is 6 weeks, and you see your water weight and fats no longer there. The muscular-self starts to appear and that’s amazing!

But here is the thing you need to consider…

Are you ok with letting your testosterone shutdown? And risk your permanent testicle shrinkage?

Then go for it.

Also if you don’t care much about your hair or bald anyway, Then Winstrol might be for you.

All I’m saying you need to ask yourself if it’s really worth the massive risk you’ll body your body through.

Don’t get me wrong, Winny is effective and it works. But I found other similar alternatives that work naturally and are effective as well.

I have written a full article about the best Winny alternative. If you are looking for one, then this might be perhaps for you.

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