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12 Things Not Much Women Know About Sex (But Really Should)!

For a long time, talking about sex has remained like a taboo in most societies.

Even when getting sex education, there are lots of things that no one will be courageous enough to tell you.

This is what leads to many men and women suffering from lack of sexual satisfaction that causing unfaithfulness in relationships and marriages.

Save your relationship by learning things about sex you probably did not know. Below are 12 things no one knows about sex but really should.

12- Female ejaculation

“Female ejaculate is called “amrita” which means “nectar of bliss”.

female ejaculation

At one point in your sex life as a woman, you may find yourself in an uncontrollable state after sex with a stream of colorless slippery fluid coming out of your vagina in a manner that you cannot hold back.

It may leave you feeling numb for a few minutes in a situation where you may be having multiple orgasms.

If this happens to you, your partner should not complain about what they think is pee on the bed sheets for you have just had a massive climax.

There are two types of female ejaculation.

You can either experience a clitoral orgasm or a g-spot orgasm.

Woman ejaculation does not happen to all women at all times but when it happens to you, know that he has just hit the jackpot.

According to doctors, one feels the need to urinate during this stage because the female ejaculate fluid fills up the G- sport which presses the urethra making you feel the need to rush to the nearest loo.

11- Using lubricants

the vagina can look after itself most of the time. It’s self-cleaning, and self-pH-regulating. However, there is one area that it sometimes needs help with: lubrication.

Whether you have reached menopause or just starting to be sexually active, lubes will make your sex life better. Sometimes, your vagina may be too dry due to reasons such as low sex libido or even too much stress. Your physical life can actually affect how your vagina becomes wet. Amazing right?

Who needs vaginal lubricant?

  • Vaginal dryness can affect women of all ages, and can be caused by several factors.
  • Lack of sexual arousal
  • Use of chemicals and products, such as harsh soaps, chemicals in swimming pool or medications such as some cold remedies
  • Following tampon use
  • Hysterectomy, due to reduced oestrogen
  • Chemotherapy, which can damage ovaries, inhibiting the production of oestrogen
  • Menopause; half of post-menopausal women aged 51 to 60 suffer from vaginal dryness, due to reduced oestrogen production

A woman experiences two days of dry spell within their menstrual cycles.  

If you have sex during this period and feel that you are not stimulated enough you can go for a lube.

Doctors say that sex without enough lubrication may tear your vaginal lining. Sex should never feel painful at any time. If you feel pain urinating after sex, it is likely that your vaginal lining got torn during the vigorous penetration. Scary right?

Avoid such occurrences by going for a lubricant that is right for you. Since you do not want a risk of getting a urinary tract infection by using a lubricant, buy one that does not contain glycerin which is highly recommended.

10- Sometimes a penis will not fit on its own

Just as we were all created in different sizes, our genital organs too vary in terms of shapes and sizes.

penis cant fit in vagina what to do

Your man’s penis may be the big type and fitting into your tight vagina might be an issue at first. The both of you should work together to find the right angle for it to penetrate accordingly.

Help your man by guiding him on the right spot without feeling shy.

Men are not always horny as we assume.

For him to be able to fit inside you, you can give him a blow job or a hand job so that his penis can stand firm enough to fit in.

Lots of foreplay will excite both of you so that you can expand enough for your man’s penis to find enough room to penetrate.

Also, remember that sex starts in the mind.

For it to happen, both of you should be certain that this is what you actually want.

If one of you is having doubts, you may struggle while trying to fit it in. The wrong angle of penetration could also cause fitting problems.

Going for a gentle motion back and forth rather than an all in one motion will make him gradually penetrate as you desire.

Your vagina is upwardly inclined towards your back. If they cannot find the right angle of penetration, finger fucking will probably help to spot the right angle.

9- Falling asleep after sex

Most women complain that their men fall asleep after just a few shots.

men and sex

What they fail to understand is that falling asleep is normal and it not common to men alone.

Women too can fall asleep just after sex. This should not disappoint you because sleep is part and parcel of the sexual cycle caused by you reaching a climax.

What makes your partner fall asleep immediately after he ejaculates?

During sex, your partner’s brain releases a chemical that is similar to narcolepsy during ejaculation. This chemical triggers him to fall asleep easily after the release of sperms.

Don’t get mad if he falls asleep when you are trying to whisper sexy words after sex. Just give him some few minutes to enjoy the satisfaction as you rest too.

8- Condoms and contraceptives.

Most people assume that the morning after pill or the regular condom are the only types of contraceptives that they can use to protect themselves from unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

safe sexy funny

A little bit of research will give you tons of options that you can use to make your sex life better.

Condoms are among the safest contraceptives in the market but they too vary.

We have the normal boring types of condoms, studded condoms to give you more pleasure, flavored condoms, spermicidal and non-spermicidal condoms.

You should be aware that even if these rubber stuff give you protection, they do smell like a tire factory. Mixing the natural smells of both your bodies with that smell from a condom is what leaves a room smelling like sex.

Yes! One can easily smell sex just by walking into a room. To avoid such situations, go for flavored condoms that are now advertised everywhere and make this heavenly experience smell more of chocolate or strawberry flavors.

Putting on a condom, however, is not sometimes that easy.  Without enough stimulation, the penis may start getting softer in the process.

To avoid this, don’t just lie there waiting for your man to get into action. Put him in the right mood for an amazing body explosion session by making the process sexy enough for both of you.

Choosing non-spermicidal condoms keeps your woman healthy since they do not contain nonoxynol-9 that affects a woman’s vagina.

If you choose to go for pills, getting the right type that is compatible with your body will let you enjoy your sex life.

Take your contraceptives according to instructions and live without worrying about diseases or unplanned pregnancies.

A coil would be a onetime thing so you don’t have to worry about forgetting to take your pills.

7- Sex and bleeding

Post coital bleeding is not unusual in women.


If you find yourself bleeding after sex once in a while, there is no cause of alarm.

According to Nurse Janet Harrison, the cervical ectopi may enlarge if you have started having sex in your teen years. This may cause some bleeding in 25% to 33.6% cases.

You may also notice some spots on your bed sheets after sex when you are ovulating. If you are on a hormonal birth control, your uterine wall may not be stable enough leading to minimum bleeding.

Excessive bleeding, however, all the time during sex should be urgently attended to by a doctor.

6- Sex positions

Who says that sex has to always be done on your bed, your man on top of you?

Missionary position is so boring and should be left for beginners.

sex positions

Getting creative during sex, exploring all kinds of sex positions will make you long for the next time.

Always engage your partner through sexy talks or eye contact and make it exciting for both of you.

Don’t be too quick to dismiss a style just because you think it is weird.

Exploring on all kinds of sex aspects will make you love sex and enhance openness with your partner.

Changing different sport such as the couch, your carpet or kitchen counter also makes it more interesting.

5- Farting during sex

Most people have experienced farting during sex.

vagina farts

This occurs when air comes out of the vagina. There is definitely nothing to be embarrassed about farting during sex. Do not hide your face away due to this noise but simple laugh about it. In other times when rubbing your chest against your partners, air finds a way to escape causing a fart noise. Though weird, do not let it bother you.

4- Sexual performance is not always the same

The idea that you may have from movies of sex is that sex always blows your mind and takes you to another world.

bad sex and soft man

In as much as sex should make you feel all these things, it is not always amazing.

Sometimes, your partner may be too tired to perform awesomely or sometimes you may be lacking enough lubrication.

Other times sex can be one sided where you enjoy more than your partner does.

That is why communication is key to having a good sex life.

Talk about it without fear, just as you talk about everything else like how your team won tonight.

Be open with your partner and let them know how you feel sexually.

3- Pubic hair

Even if we don’t talk about it much, pubic hair is not the best during sex.

shave hair before sex

There is nothing sexy about sucking balls that have not been shaved for ages.

Vigorous sexual activities will definitely make the both of you sweat.

Sweaty pubes could cause skin irritation on your partner if they have a sensitive skin or even cause rashes afterwards.

Keep pubic hair short especially before sex so that you don’t turn off your partner.

2- Masturbation

This act remains controversial topic that is not often talked about. Some people such as religious leaders even condemn it.

The question remains, is masturbation right and can it boost your sex life?

women masturbation for men

Even though people refuse to talk about it, most people actually masturbate.

You can masturbate to feel more relaxed and reduce stress.

Studies have shown that masturbating in front of your partner will actually take your sex life to another level.

It not only turns them on but also helps them understand what right spots make you more satisfied.

They also comprehend how you like it, whether fast or slow and how much pressure is perfect on you.

Scientific research shows that masturbation releases sexual tension and gives you more confidence to face your partner.

It also helps treat sexual problems as well as strengthens your muscle tone.

The next time your partner is in the mood, kick off the session by masturbating as he watches and see how pleased he will get.

1- Sexual hygiene

Do you know that lack of proper hygiene can put off your partner due to unusual smells?

vagina sexual hygine

If you are keen on listening to lots of guy talks, a question of a stinking vagina will probably be raised.

Some partners may be too shy to let you know that they are disgusted by the smell of your vagina. You should never let it come to this.

Your vagina has a normal sort of aroma that you will notice every time.

However, this smell may be abnormally strong accompanied by a strange discharge on your panties.

According to Jennifer Wider, a women’s health expert, a fishy odor after sex along a colored discharge could be a sign of bacterial vaginosis.

Bacteria affect the normal pH balance of your vagina making it not only smelly but also itchy.

Prevent such conditions by taking a bath every day whether you spent the whole day indoors or not.

Choose cotton underwear as opposed to nylon ones because they easily absorb sweat around your vagina.

The right diet which consists of fruits, vegetables and lots of water will also help your pH to effectively balance.

Lots of pineapples will leave your vagina smelling nice and your man will not hesitate on having a taste of your vagina. Your hygiene should never be a topic of discussion among guys. It all starts with you!

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