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Test Worx Vs Testogen

5 Things Test Worx Might Be Losing On Testogen

Many men as they approach their thirties, notice a difference in their testosterone levels.

It is normal for your sex hormone to drop with age due to external factors.

This does not have to lower your self-confidence as there are lots of testosterone boosters formulated to help you out.

Finding the right one though has become a debate due to diverse products that work while others do nothing for your libido.

Let us look at Test Worx booster to help you determine if this is what you need.

In this Research I’ll be Discussing;

  • What Is TestWorx
  • Ingredients and Mechanisms of Testworx
  • Who is Behind TestWorx
  • Mechanism of Action (Science Behind it)
  • Compared With Testogen (#1 Best Seller on Market)
  • Dosage and Pricing
  • My Thoughts

What is Test worx?

buy testworx

This is a supplement that promises you lots of benefits such as an increase in libido, improved energy as well as building of body muscles.

It claims to get rid of sex hormone binding Globulin from attaching your testosterone cells to fat cells.

They say that the effect of binding the cells paves the way for your sex hormone to enhance your sexual stamina.

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What are the ingredients and mechanisms used?

TestWorx Fake or best

Unlike other testosterone boosters, test worx claims to take a different approach to help you gain from it through the ingredients.

Let us look at each of the components that are found in this product.


According to superior lab test worx, this ingredient is supposed to fight against Sex Hormone Binding Globulin so that it does not bind your testosterone cells to fat cells.

Tribulus Terrestris

Just as other testosterone enhancers incorporate this product, test worx uses it to help your pituitary gland produce luteinizing hormone.

The hormone is supposed to help your testes produce testosterone.

Doctors, however, report that this component is a mild libido enhancer that is not very effective in raising your sex hormone levels.

Eurycoma Longifolia

This is supposed to stabilize your moods and reduce your stress levels.

It is also expected to enhance your muscle strength though many experts remain skeptical about this root.


This is also common in other boosters to trigger your dopamine for you to gain energy and improve your moods.

This is an efficient component that helps your body recover from intense exercises and help you boost your libido.

Nestle root

There is a possibility of this component reducing inflammation.

However, it should be used as back up and not as the main ingredient in a testosterone booster.


This amino acid dilates your blood vessels and provides rooms for oxygen and nutrients to get into the tissues of your muscles.

From this effect, it is supposed to boost your erections and sexual performance.

Scientists say that the ingredient is not very reliable and a better component that should be used in an effective testosterone booster is citrulline.

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Who is behind test worx?

Superior lab test worx are responsible for the production of this product.

They claim to boost your testosterone levels by 132%.

Though they use a good concept to fight SHBG, there is more to them than meets the eye.

According to most test worx supplement reviews, these manufacturers have been reported to bribe users with an extra bottle of the product for fake reviews. 

According to 70% of reviews are reliable. The hard part is to figure out that 70%

Test Worx Fake Reviews

This should tell you that some of the reviews on test worx website may not be genuine but as long as you are a careful reader. Then you should be ok. 

What is the science behind the product?

As if that is not enough, what should make you doubt this booster, is the lack of names behind their claims.

You will find pages on the website talking about how their supplement has been clinically tested.

We are not refuting this point, but as potential customers, lack of providing us with credible names behind the science makes you question its credibility.


Test worx

buy testworx



Shipping Free shipping within a day after purchase Free shipping
Price and offers 57.95 for one bottle

They offer an extra bottle in exchange for a positive review on their website

$ 59.00 for 120 capsules

Buying in bulk makes you eligible to receive two extra bottles.

Side effects few users reported;

acne, insomnia, irritability

No known side effects due to use of safe natural products
Awards and media coverage No awards mentioned, negative media coverage It is one of the best testosterone boosters in the market
Customer support Available Efficient customer support
Dosage 2 pills every day for five days then rest for two days. four capsules in a day

Where To Buy Both Testosterone Boosters

Test Worx found on & Testogen Found on


Manufacturers recommend that you take two capsules every morning for five days and rest for two days.

Purchasing one bottle should take you for 6 weeks.

Though the instructions are clear and the ingredients stated, the amount of each element is not outlined so there is no telling how much of each component you are actually consuming.


For one bottle, you pay $ 58.00. The dealers encourage users to buy at least three bottles to save from bulk buying.

Though this is reasonable, our concern lies in the value of the product.

Unlike other testosterone boosters which give you at least 3gms of the total nutrients, test worx gives you only 1 gm from the nutrients showing less value compared to others.

What are users saying about the product?

From the test worx reviews, you can mixed reviews from people who liked it and love using the product. While others report that this product gives them nausea to the point of feeling sick.

Others experience jitters and lack of sleep.  Nervousness and increase in blood pressure have also been reported from using test worx.

Some users also complain of back acne developing from these supplements.

Since the concept they use is meant to boost your metabolism, first-time users complain of overeating and developing a sensitive stomach.

It also increases urination and makes some calm people become aggressive.

Apart from the side effects, most users complained that they had to go through all this and still gained nothing from the product. How frustrating is that?


Money back guarantee

The cons

  • It is expensive for its value.
  • Excess negative reviews and false positive ones.
  • Unspecified amounts in each ingredient
  • Not efficient in boosting testosterone levels.
  • No scientific backing

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Does Test Worx work?

From what we have gathered, we can say that this booster does not perform according to our expectations.

Though some few people have reported an increase in their libido, most of test Worx reviews show that is not the best testosterone booster to pick.

Lack of scientific backup and fake reviews have affected the company’s reputation.

All the negative side effects and poor performance should make you rethink about settling for test Worx.

Why we recommend Testogen over Test Worx

Best Testosterone Booster - TESTOGEN honest reviews

Here is why you might testogen as opposed to test worx

pros2Scientific proof

Unlike test worx which remains vague about the science behind its product, testogen gives scientific back up to support their claims.

It shows various clinical studies to guarantee your safety with the product.

Most of the users of testogen testify that that indeed the booster uses 8 ingredients approved to give you strength and sexual stamina.

It will stimulate your libido, help you burn fat and minimize your cholesterol levels.


Though you might find some common components in the two boosters, testogen includes some other powerful components to increase your testosterone levels.

Such components include herbs like panax ginseng and fenugreek that contain rich minerals and vitamins increasing its efficiency.

Some experts term most elements in test worx as mild ones which don’t perform as good as the manufacturers claim.

pros2Side effects

Testogen is a safe product that has no known side effects.

You will not experience any nausea or agitation like in the case of using test worx.

It also does not interfere with your bladder causing excess trips to the bathroom.

Anybody with a sensitive skin does not need to worry about acne while using testogen as opposed to boosters such as test worx.

pros2Specified amounts

Testogen has defined quantities according to how much of the components you are consuming per dose.

This helps you determine how effective each component is according to the specified quantities.

Leaving this information out for the users to guess makes test worx lose on testogen.


Unlike test worx reviews, manufacturers of testogen do not have to give offers for fake reviews.

There is no evidence to show that anyone was bribed to review testogen positively.  

For a long time, the company has maintained a positive reputation without any scandals or false promises. When it comes to test worx, the opposite is true.

Get More Details on Testogen Here

Final thoughts

All the above information should tell you without any doubt that testogen is more effective than test worx.

Though test worx has worked for some people, it promises more than it can deliver to consumers.

We hope you have found a better choice to gain back your confidence and improve your sex life.

For you do not fall victim to fake advertising, test a product first and discontinue use immediately in case of adverse side effects.

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