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What To Expect From Dianabol: Best Guide From A Pro

If you decide or have some doubts about Dianabol, perhaps this guide is what you are looking for.

Dianabol is considered the #1 steroids chosen when it comes to building crazy body mass & strength.

However, everything comes with its ups and downs.

Deca Durabolin, Trenbolone, and Dianabol were the drug of choice by bodybuilders in the 1950s to 1980s.

Dianabol is still on fire, and many are using it. Thus, here is a full guide that will get you to the right approach with Dianabol.

What Is Dianabol?

Dianabol is the most viral anabolic steroid on the planet. It’s popular because it turns your body into a muscle making machine!

Although it was created in 1950s, it never became old nor forgotten. And up until this moment, it’s very relevant in the bodybuilding arena.

The reason behind its creation was because of the soviet’s athletes were using testosterone.

Doctor John Ziegler was the one to notice that. This led him to create something of a similar effect for US athletes.

Remember this is 1950’s we are talking about here. This stuff was not illegal yet.

Dianabol Aka Dbol was the secret ingredient for US athletes that led them to overtake USSR’s athletes.

It became the first anabolic steroid that can be taken orally and not injected.

Dbol became part of the journey for any professional bodybuilders.

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to get your hands on Dianabol. It has been classed C controlled substance.

And the brand name “Dianabol” was taken off the market officially by Ciba (the producer) in 1983. Of course, the main reason was FDA pressured them to do so.


What Is Dianabol Mechanism of Action?

The main point behind Dianabol’s chemical structure is to trigger protein synthesis.

Thus, it makes your muscles expand and repair fast. The rate of growth skyrockets in a concise period.

The 2nd main mechanism is enhancing nitrogen retention. This makes sure your body is in anabolic state & never goes catabolic.

It utilizes your carb intake correctly; this means less waste and more nutritional benefit.

If I compared Dianabol with other anabolic steroids like Testosterone, Deca or Tren. It has milder androgenic side-effects, which means less chance of baldness and acne.

How To Use Dianabol Effectively?

The main reason why many bodybuilders love to use Dbol is that of its ease of use.

It is taken in a pill form and can pass through the digestion process without being broken down.

The safe dose is in range 30-50mg per day for 4-6 week cycle.

Bodybuilders who exceed the limit don’t really care about their Liver and the fatal implications of Dianabol.

Which I’ll discuss in a minute…

The downside of Dianabol dosing is the short half-life. It’s from 3-5 hrs, which means you need to split the dose throughout 24hrs.

So probably you’ll be having 5 meals a day, and you’ll consume Dianabol with each meal.

Actually, many experts say it’s not safe to consume it solo without meals. It can hurt your GIT & cause stomach related issues.

Side-Effects Of Dianabol

With any anabolic steroid, you’ll be dealing with risks. Some are worth the trouble & others not completely worth it.

However, it comes down to how can your body handle it.

Not everyone with the same body capabilities. And Dianabol can be harsh on beginners who have never done Anabolic steroids before.

Here are the expected adverse effects;


The terrible part about Dbol is that its high grade estrogenic!

This means there is a high chance you’ll have man boobs.

And you’ll have to deal with it for at least 3-5 months before it can go away with PCT, which there might be a slight risk if it sustains to apply for Gyno Surgery.

It appears in the 2nd week of usage; some say 4th week. Depending on your body tolerance levels.

Water Retention:

Everybody has to deal with this one. Your body will hold lots of water during your Dbol intake.

It causes an increase in subcutaneous fats which leads to water under the skin.

Thus, if you had defined muscles before your intake, better to know it’s visibility will be lost.

Thus, Dbol is not a beach body friendly roids. And I’m sure by now you figured this out.

This is for bulking all the way.

Liver Damage:

Dianabol ease of use (which is through pills) makes it terrible on the liver!

Most Oral  AAS will increase Liver Enzymes.

When these are High for an Extended Period, the risk for Liver Damage goes up.

Whenever I run any Oral AAS, I always take Tudca & NAC.

I know they work, cause the 1st time I started taking them.

I was on a Harsh Cycle, and Liver Enzymes were over Double the Upper Parameters on the Blood Test. 28 Days later after starting the Tudca & NAC, both were back in the Middle of the Reference Range.

Hair Growth Everywhere:

Since Dianabol is derived from Testosterone. You’ll be dealing with the extra male hormone in the body.

Dianabol can enhance hair growth all over your body in a visible way.

Men at least can cope with that on some level. On the other hand, it literally grows a beard on females.

Thus, I highly advise against Dianabol for female bodybuilders.

Expectations After A Dianabol Cycle

Well after discussing all of these side-effects, it has to be worth the trouble right?

  • First Week: 3 – 6 LBS.
  • Seconds Week: 7 – 11 LBS.
  • Fourth Week: 14 – 19 LBS.
  • Six Week: 23- 27 LBS.

Thus, if you went for a 6-week cycle, you’ll notice 27 LBS of gains on maximum levels.

Do note 10% of these gains are just water weight.

Also, do expect that you’ll see an instant effect after taking the first dose.

Your strength and intensity will be superb.

After the first week, your friends will notice that you look bigger and you yourself will feel that too.

Dianabol Post Cycle

After the 6-week Dianabol cycle, you’ll gain far more than actual muscles.

You’ll probably be dealing with unwanted fats everywhere, especially in the chest area.

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is designed to do the following things:

  • Get your natural testosterone production to normal, as probably 50% – 60% shutdown.
  • Avoid losing the lean mass you made during the Dianabol cycle.

My Tips: Never ever Skip a PCT. Take it incredibly seriously!

Conclusion on Dianabol: Yes Vs No

First of all, if you are not a professional bodybuilder, Dianabol is not for you.

I’ve met countless of beginners who are looking to get bulked and increase their mass.

This will never be a good option. If you are starting out I would recommend to check out this alternative. Brings great bulky results!

On the other hand, if you are a professional bodybuilder, you really need to be aware of the risks.

Most professional bodybuilders that were bulking for upcoming competitions get greedy with Dianabol, after seeing instant results!

And you know what..

Even if you know what you are doing, there is no way you can avoid Dianabol’s nasty side-effects.

There has been proven less effective ways to get bulked. However, it might get you some mass boost but of course will not be as powerful as Dianabol.

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