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Beast Super Test Review (2020): What To Expect? Side-effects?

Beast Super Test













  • It gives you some energy.
  • Some of its ingredients are effective.
  • Contains fenugreek known for increasing your testosterone.


  • Made using proprietary blends. 
  • It is quite expensive, but it depends on where you buy the product.
  • Most of the ingredients are ineffective in increasing your testosterone levels.

Testosterone is a very important hormone in the male body. It’s responsible for helping your body maintain a healthy sex life and also building muscle.

As you grow older, the level of testosterone in your body decreases which means you need something that will increase the levels of this hormone.

Athletes, bodybuilders, gym-goers, and fitness enthusiasts have been using testosterone boosters for many years now to get improved performance in a work out without using harmful products.

Most men know that testosterone boosters help you to gain muscle and reduce fat, but some people think that they’re multivitamins you can take at any time.

There are many testosterone boosting supplements available in the market today that you can use.

However, the difficult task is knowing which one is best for you.

What is Beast Super Test?

Super Test is a testosterone support supplement that is designed to help increase your body’s production of testosterone, promote a healthy sex drive, new muscle growth increased strength, boost your mental growth, and support a healthy liver and kidneys.

Testosterone occurs naturally in your body, but as your years your body continues to lose its ability to produce it naturally.

It’s a supplement made by Beast Sports Nutrition, a company started in 1995 and is well known for producing a wide range of products, from pre workout supplements to testosterone boosters that are used by many people today. 

For a testosterone booster to be considered as effective it needs to;

  • Increase your body’s ability to naturally produce testosterone with the help of different ingredients.
  • Prevent the additional testosterone in your body from being converted into other hormones like estrogen.
  • Allow your body the rest it needs at night to help it repair itself after a workout. 

Beasts Super Test Review: Who should take this product?

Super Test is mostly meant to be taken by men to help increase your testosterone levels.

If your energy levels are down or you don’t have much of a sex drive, it could be because your testosterone levels are low.

You can use this supplement to remedy these problems and also make it easier for you when strength training and bodybuilding to give you better results.

Super Test ingredients and how they work

Beast Super Test is formulated with four different forms of Arginine to effectively increase nitric oxide levels in your body to promote muscle growth and endurance.

This supplement contains so many ingredients, some are very potent while others don’t seem to contribute to the increase of testosterone in your body.

The downside to taking a supplement with so many blends of ingredients is you’re never sure how much of each ingredient you’re taking or if you’re allergic to some of the ingredients. 

Here are some of the main ingredients in this supplement.

1) Ashwagandha 

This is an herb that is good at reducing your stress levels which helps your body to produce less cortisol because it can affect your testosterone levels (1).

It also increases your strength and physique.

The problem is, to see results you need to take a high amount of this herb, meaning this supplement needs to contain more than half of this herb.

Super Test contains 300mg of Ashwagandha extract which is a minimal amount compared to the optimal 500-2000mg that is needed for the herb to be effective.

2) Fenugreek

Fenugreek is one of the most effective ingredients in this supplement. According to studies, it helps increase your testosterone levels, libido, and improve your appetite (2).

Fenugreek contains a compound that helps to regulate the metabolism of glucose in your body which in turn helps to keep your testosterone levels stable. 

So when your blood sugar levels go up, your testosterone levels go down, which is why you need to regulate your blood sugar.

It’s also good at reducing your appetite which is a good thing if you’re trying to reduce some pounds or belly fat.

The only problem is you don’t know how much of this herb you’re consuming as it’s not indicated in the supplement.

It could be that you’re consuming very small amounts that won’t be effective.

3) Puncture sheath

Another name for this ingredient is Tribulus Terrestris.

It’s a plant used in traditional Indian medicine.

Although it hasn’t been proven how effective it is in increasing your testosterone levels, it’s believed to increase your strength, libido, and support testosterone production in your body (3).

4) Rhodiola extract

Also called Rhodiola Rosea, it’s an ingredient that improves your mental well-being which includes memory, concentration, and your reaction time, and gives you more strength for your workouts.

You’re able to concentrate longer, you get more clarity of mind, your energy levels increase which is good to get better performance in the gym.

Just like Ashwagandha, you need to consume high amounts of this ingredient to see any effects (4).

And it’s unlikely the Super Test contains such high amounts, so you can assume it’s an inactive ingredient.

5) L-arginine

L-arginine is an amino acid known for boosting nitric oxide levels in your blood which helps to increase the intensity of your pumps during your workouts.

The thing is, it’s not readily absorbed into your body which reduces its effectiveness and as a testosterone booster its main purpose isn’t muscle pumping

6) Japanese knotweed

This is an herb that is effective in reducing inflammation in your body thanks to resveratrol, it’s an active ingredient mostly found in wine.

It’s also believed to help regulate your estrogen levels although there is not much evidence to these claims.

Although it doesn’t promote testosterone production, it can help increase blood flow which is good for faster transportation of nutrients to your system and easier absorption of the supplement by your body (5). 

7) The stinging nettle root extract

Nettle root is an effective ingredient known to boost your testosterone levels (6).

It’s also good at reducing inflammation which is very beneficial in muscle recovery after an intense workout session. 

8) Diindolylmethane (DIM)

DIM is mostly found in many green veggies like broccoli and it prevents the conversion of small amounts of testosterone into estrogen.

But, when taken in large amounts, it increases the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

Having this ingredient reduces the value of this supplement. 

9) Zinc

This is a mineral that is very good at boosting your testosterone levels.

According to studies, taking a zinc supplement helps to significantly increase your testosterone while taking small amounts of zinc has the opposite effect (7).

10) Boron

This is a mineral that is good at balancing your testosterone and estrogen levels (8).

It helps your body produce more of testosterone and less of estrogen which helps to create a much more masculine hormonal balance in your body.

However, this ingredient is only found in small quantities that might not be very effective. 

11) Milk thistle extract and cranberry extract

These two ingredients are said to help in the detoxification of your liver and kidneys.

Athletes and weight trainers are very particular about the diet and supplements they take which can overload and stress your liver and kidneys.

These ingredients help to remove all the harmful toxins and detoxify your system. 

One of the downsides to having so many ingredients in a supplement that are mixed in blends is that you don’t know the exact dosage of each ingredient and there is no way you can find out.

This makes it hard to know if the side effects are because of a certain ingredient or not.

That is why it’s important that all supplements indicate all the ingredients and dosage on the labels to help customers know what they’re consuming. 

Beast Super Test Review: Dosage

According to the company’s website, there are no specific instructions on how you’re supposed to take this supplement.

However, they recommend that you take 4 capsules twice a day which is a bit low.

To increase your testosterone levels, you need to at least take 3-4 capsules per day spread out throughout the day so that your testosterone levels don’t drop before your next dose. 

If you’re taking any medication or have any medical condition, it’s advisable to first consult your doctor.

According to the instructions indicated on the label, you’re to stop using this product 2 weeks before you go for any surgery and you need to drink at least 8 cups of water every day while taking this supplement. 

Beast Super Test Side Effects

If taken in the right amount, this supplement doesn’t have any harmful side effects.

However, the main concern is that the DIM amounts in this product are unknown.

And taking too much of DIM will cause your body to convert testosterone into estrogen which isn’t something you want to happen. And for that reason it didn’t reach our top list for T-boosters.

Beast Super Test Review: Customer Comments

Like any other product, customer reviews are mixed.

On Amazon, this product gets a 4-star rating, which is on the lower side, but this doesn’t mean that these reviews are very reliable.

For some customers, this product worked very well for them, while for others it was a total waste of their money because it didn’t make any difference in their lives. 

For most of the customers who gave it, a negative review complained of how expensive it is and yet its effects on their libido were minimal and it didn’t change their testosterone levels.

Some customers commented on having a slight increase in their energy but apart from that, they didn’t notice anything else despite taking it for a while.

One customer even bought 2 bottles and after taking them still his testosterone levels hadn’t increased.

He didn’t feel any changes whatsoever. He thought he was taking the wrong dosage. 

Pros and cons of Super test


  • It gives you some energy.
  • Some of its ingredients are effective.
  • Contains fenugreek known for increasing your testosterone.


  • Made using proprietary blends. 
  • It is quite expensive, but it depends on where you buy the product.
  • Most of the ingredients are ineffective in increasing your testosterone levels.
  • The dosage of 2 capsules per day isn’t effective in giving you results.

Where to get Beast Super Test and its Price

One bottle of Super Test is supposed to last you for 45 days before your next refill, which is about a month and a half.

You can also choose to go for the bottle with 180 capsules or the largest bottle with 216 capsules. Each comes with its range of prices depending on where you buy them from.

 You can purchase the supplement from the Beast Sports Nutrition website, Amazon, or other online sellers. 

Some of the prices you will find for this supplement include:

216 capsules bottle – $ 50.95

180 capsules bottle – $ 49.99

45 capsules bottle – $ 45.99

Most of the men think this is one of the most expensive testosterone boosters in the market today.

Will Beast Super Test work for you?

Super Test isn’t a bad testosterone booster.

It’s a supplement that has both positive and negative customer reviews in equal measure.

Some of the users are very happy with the results they’ve gotten from this supplement, while others say it’s an expensive supplement that oversells itself and doesn’t deliver results.

All these mixed reviews can leave you confused on what to believe.

The best thing is not to expect too much from this product. So at best you can expect to see a slight improvement in your testosterone levels or nothing at all.

Final thoughts

Overall, you can’t say that Beast Super Test is among the best testosterone boosters in the market today.

Although it contains very impressive ingredients that are known for their effectiveness, these ingredients are in small quantities and mixed in proprietary blends that reduce their effectiveness.

The few active ingredients take up a very small amount of the product to be effective.

All in all, it’s a good product but not among the best.

You can opt to go for other better testosterone boosters that contain better and more effective ingredients that will increase your testosterone levels. 

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