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Why PhenQ is Not Selling in GNC Stores?

Mostly when it comes to fat burners, you would find GNC stores popping out in every corner in town. They dominated the weight loss market and still do.

GNC is the leading retailer of vitamins, nutritional supplements and other health food. They have over 5,000 stores in the U.S alone, many others around the world.

Chances are, if you are reading this, then you already heard of GNC. PhenQ is considered a baby compared to GNC everyday sales.

However, this might not be an efficient way to rate new products on the market?

The right questions would be: How many customers actually benefited from the results of the product. What about the success rate? When comparing the price to value offered, which is a better deal?

These are the kind of questions that come to my mind when I’m at the heart of GNC stores. But after realizing that, there are stores that basically sell their products online entirely independent of big sharks.

I decided to take a shift and start dancing with PhenQ.

However, I did drop customer service an email enquiring on not being on pharmacy shelves or GNC stores.

Thank you for contacting us and let us know about your concern.

However, we would like to inform you that, we completely relay on our official PhenQ e-commerce website. This way it reduces the price burden of renting spaces in stores like GNC, Vitainshop..etc, which we reduce from the overall price. Our second yet major reason, is that we distribute worldwide and we would like to be in control of the quality of delivery to our customers and to handle any complaints directly. This way we can improve faster and be more relevant to our customers.

I hope I answered your question and if you need further information do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards

PhenQ from a personal perspective:

During my young adulthood (in my obesity days) I was not really into fat burners.

I thought it was just marketing hype.. which mostly still is! The last weight loss supplement I was satisfied with was OxyElite PRO by USP labs. After the FDA recall (back in 2010 I think?), the newly reformulated product was a disappointment.

When I spot any ingredients, I would be pretty much aware of what happens behind the scenes.

However, I’m not much into discussing deep science here (here link for it). What I’m interested in is writing down the 3 months of PhenQ experience in the following points:

  • pros2Losing fat in places that I want to tight up (abdomen area)
  • pros2More energy and I never felt jittery at all.
  • pros2Helped keep the metabolism up. Awake, with NO JITTERS. Trust me, I was around when “Metabolife” was a thing, and that thing felt like drinking four cups of coffee – but not with this stuff.
  • pros2I’m pleased with the product but I have to admit that I might be even more pleased with the customer service, you’ll know why once you get in direct contact with them and their follow up!

Who am I now:

I eat healthy, weight lift (2 times a week), busy work life. I needed something to help with the last bit of baby weight around my midsection. And to compensate for the days that I’m a lazy fart.

So I usually outsource the rest of the job to PhenQ. I am happy with this fat burner because I’m generally really sensitive to supplements. and so far no side-effects shown.

Some PhenQ reviews posted by users, I found online



Phen Q

رأي المستخدمين عن PhenQ

Is it worth the investment?

It’s worth the value simply because it offers excellent benefits. However, I wouldn’t say it’s the cheapest among all the fat burners. But it certainly the one that works! This is an overall idea of the price tag:


Phen Q Reviews

How long does it take to see results?

I would say there is no fixed answer for much exact weight will you lose in a specified number of days. However, from personal experience, I would say 3 month is enough to see definite results that will satisfy your ego. This is a chart that might give you an initial picture on PhenQ impact.


What are the available countries for PhenQ?

It doesn’t matter, as I said previously it’s an e-commerce business. It ships internationally and recently they provided FREE SHIPPING despite how far you are.

It seems they really want to prove themselves. And you would have to wait from 3-5 business days for the shipment to arrive at your doorstep.

You can check out PhenQ official website for more…

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