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Why I Didn’t Buy PhenQ from Amazon

You can say I’m one of the majorities who always buys from If it’s on Amazon with decent reviews. I’d buy it period.

PhenQ one of the new fat burners on the market caught my eyes and I decided to check it’s retailer on Amazon.

However, I couldn’t find a trace for it there. and as usual, Amazon keeps throwing at you relevant stuff as if you’ll change your mind. This is what I got:


So Why PhenQ not on

For me, I use Amazon to get authentic reviews to decide whether this product accepted by others or not. Although recently it became a real struggle to find authentic reviews that are not biased.

However, it’s still a good platform to help in the decision making. Anyway since I already read lots of positive reviews on PhenQ (will share it at the end).

I decided to contact PhenQ customer support to answer this question. Their reasoning can be summed into these following points:

1- PhenQ distribution company is Bauer Nutrition. It has it’s own dedicated channel to have 100% control over customer support and from the time of purchase to shipping and handling. In Amazon Marketplaces there is no dedicated customer support for each specified product. on Amazon, It’s more robotic than the actual authentic interaction between customers and buyers.

As Bauer Nutrition provides continuous advice and follows up along the usage of PhenQ.

2- Amazon has tons of fake products and many third parties buy products from Aliexpress and sell it on Amazon, under the same popular brand. In order for Bauer Nutrition to limit the forge attempts for PhenQ. It simply provided one portal to get the genuine product which is from the official website.

My Recent Experience with Amazon on Reviews

I was disheartened when I discovered that lots of the reviews, for nearly all products, were NOT from verified customers who purchased the product through Amazon.

In fact, I don’t think Amazon should let people review unless they purchased the actual product through Amazon. Otherwise, the reviews get skewed! One big red flag.

I’ve recently got involved with buying supplements from Amazon that sold by Amazon Third-Party Sellers, which were counterfeit. Of course, after a few complaints, I got a refund.

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Why do I think PhenQ is Worth the Buy?

Well let me sum it into few points from the first-hand experience:

1- I snack when I’m bored. So I needed something to just curb my appetite a little so I won’t eat everything in my pantry. You’d have to remind yourself to eat once you start using PhenQ. strict appetite suppressant…NO JOKE!

2- I was driven and ate low carb, but with no added exercise. I lost 13 lbs in 4 weeks.. Went from 165 to 152… I am 5’3 and 28 years old.

3- Super satisfied with how fast I received the shipment.

4- It gives me the energy I’m looking for without the jittery-ness that I try to avoid -this from an energy drink/coffee lover. I’m on my second bottle and I work third shift and these help me to feel energized all the working hours. Even when I go back home I feel that I have so much energy left to do and go swimming.

5- I got the 90-day package, so my friends advised me to join them on their evening jog and suggested this would actually boost the effect of PhenQ. and so far so good 🙂

Some Users Reviews on PhenQ I managed to collect

PhenQ User Reviews - Micheal PhenQ User Reviews - Ashley PhenQ Customer Reviews - Kimberly

Taylah-results-PhenQ-before-after Nicola-Before-After-PhenQ

Where to Buy PhenQ?

You can just buy it from their official website and no matter where you are its free shipping and usually takes from 4-7 days.. however mine just took nearly 48 hours. This is an official website.

they have many offers, however, I recommend to go for the 90-day package or whatever suits you. but I think it’s a good start to boost up the weight loss.

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    I just purchased this as well, I got it today. Already took two pills so hopefully it does work! Thanks for the review

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