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Canada Top 10 Weight loss pills

7 Highly Demanded Weight Loss Pills in Canada For 2021

Canadian obesity rates have tripled in less than thirty years! More than half of Canadian adults and one-third of the children are overweight or obese. One in ten children and a full quarter of the adults are clinically obese. ( Click Here To Go Straight away to Top 10 List )

People who have excess fat on their body are considered obese. That kind of fat can negatively affect their health. Other than being a physical issue, obese also results to psychological implication among the Canadians.

Weight bias and stigma is as a result of the belief that we can encourage people to lose weight by shaming and stigmatizing them.

That’s why most people tend to blame obesity on peoples’ lack of willpower and self-discipline. By blaming the victim rather than addressing the issues that result in obesity, we are not helping the issue.

Weight bias and stigma cause lower peer acceptance, social rejection, poorer relationship quality, depression, employment inequalities, anxiety, bullying, low self-esteem, thoughts of suicide, and poor body image. There is a safer solution besides stigma and weight bias, fat burners!

Over the Counter Weight Loss Pills

Diet pills made up of ingredients that increase metabolism, provide energy, and improve your ability to burn fat. For people trying to cut weight, fat burners are a powerful tool.

However, fat burners will only achieve the best results if combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Fat burners provide extra help for people who have tried out clean diets and regular exercise, yet have achieved no weight loss results.

These diet pills will help you reach your goals and boost your metabolic rate. We highlight some of the best fat burners that will allow Canadians to cut weight without any weight bias or stigmatization:


7. Meratol


Meratol allows safe and efficient weight loss because it is a 100% natural fat burner. The pill is made up of natural ingredients that boost metabolism that helps you burn calories throughout the day. The components help your body to burn off the excess deposits of fat.

The supplement makes sure you consume lesser calories by lowering your appetite. The pill also blocks the absorption of carbohydrates you consume every day. By absorbing the carbs, it helps you eliminate the carbs instead of allowing them to be absorbed into your body.

The pill allows you to stay active all day by making you more energetic. It increases your attentiveness and alertness while making your body less vulnerable to exhaustion and fatigue.


  • prosHelps you enjoy life even more by reducing fatigue
  • prosAllows you to experience new things by increasing your energy
  • prosGives you the confidence you need by increasing your metabolism
  • prosenables you to gain control over food by reducing your food cravings


  • consFor results, it should be taken on a daily basis


  • Capsicum Extract – burns fat efficiently and speeds up metabolism
  • Brown Seaweed – help boost metabolism by blocking carbohydrate intake. It contains minerals that can be useful for your body and that also allow you to watch your weight
  • Prickly Pear – this ingredient burns fat into energy and boosts your metabolism. It also eliminates terrible cholesterol and sugar
  • Cactus – this component decreases blood sugar levels and controls hunger. It makes you fuller, hence replacing junk foods making you eat less food.

User Testimonials

Jess is a meratol user and was satisfied by her experience with Meratol. She says it helped her cut unwanted weight and burn unwanted calories. And experienced no hunger pangs.


Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

You can get the fat burner online. They have a money-back policy in case you do not receive your order in 30 days. The company has no hidden charges and delivery is guaranteed wherever you are. The cost of the burner is fair.

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6. Garcinia Extra


This weight supplement is designed to work in conjunction with regular exercise, an adequate diet, and other healthy lifestyle changes. It burns fat that’s already in your body. It suppresses your appetite, boosts your metabolism and averts the formation of new fat cells.

This fat burner works differently because it is not a carb blocker, a calorie burner, or a fat binder. However, like most supplements, it stabilizes sugar levels. They interact with other prescription meds which makes them safe to use. Pregnant women, however, should avoid taking it.


  • prosIf combined with healthy life choices, it helps you lose weight
  • prosLowers bad carb levels
  • prosSuppresses appetite
  • prosStabilizes sugar levels in your body


  • consTakes time to find the right dosage that will work for you
  • consShould not be used as a substitute for prescription for medication


  • Hydroxycitric Acid(HCA)

This supplement is a derivative of citric acid like lemon juice and vinegar. It blocks to the formation of fat cells because it prevents adenosine triphosphatase-citrate-lyase enzyme. It helps suppress appetite and improve mood by increasing the production of serotonin levels which are pleasurable neurotransmitters. It helps reduce various types of cholesterol and lowers triglycerides which increase the production HDL cholesterol which is the suitable type.

  • Raspberry Ketone

Works by increasing the production of adiponectin hormone which helps regulate sugar levels and metabolism. This ingredient makes fat cells sensitive to norepinephrine which breaks down fat. The norepinephrine hormone exhausts fat energy reserved through the metabolic process. The element also gives the fat burner its aroma.

User Testimonials

One lady said in 12 weeks she lost 28 kilos while she was on the diet pill. She had lost 9 kilos in just a month. One user said the pill caused digestive issues like diarrhea, severe nausea, and trouble eating. You can find a detailed review here.

Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

This supplement can’t be bought on Amazon, eBay, or at your local nutrition store. You need to buy it directly from their official website. They offer guarantees and shipping as well.

Click Here To Visit Garcinia Extra Website


5. Phen24

This fat burner comes in two bottles specified for day and night. It helps you achieve an equivalent fat loss.


  • prosMakes you feel focused and relaxed
  • prosHelps you achieve weight loss results you desire
  • prosGives you great hair and skin


  • consShould only be taken on a prescribed dosage
  • consNot the best for people who tend to be sensitive to caffeine


Phen24 Day

Guarana Extract – its caffeine concentration helps boost your energy levels

Caffeine – enables you to choose nutritious meal alternatives by lowering junk food cravings and also raises your body’s temperature

Phenylalanine – prevents overeating because it contains an essential amino acid that reduces your desire for food.  It achieves that by stimulating the release of an intestinal hormone that sends a signal that you’re full to the brain

Cayenne– acts a catalyst that spikes your metabolic rate and spikes your body temperature. It also allows healthy digestion by regulating healthy blood pressure

Manganese– helps keep food cravings away by stabilizing blood sugars. It also controls your body’s ability to break down carbs and fats.

Iodine – release hormones meant to regulate your metabolism

Copper Sulphate – makes the conversion of fat to energy more comfortable allowing you to achieve convenient weight loss

Zinc Citrate – produces pancreatic enzyme which aids in food digestion when paired with vitamin B6

Phen24 Night

Chromium Picolinate – helps transport glucose from the bloodstreams to the cells that then changes proteins, carbs, and fats into energy

Glucomannan – because hunger cravings are rather intense at night, this ingredient minimizes evening binges by reducing needs

Biotin – breaks down fats and carbs, and also blocks fat storage in case you eat more calories than you should.

Molybdenum – creates energy that promotes digestion and healthy muscle function

Choline Bitartrate – fights tiredness during exercise and also regulates fat storage and cholesterol

Thiamine – responsible for the breakdown of proteins and fats which help the body stay healthy by getting them the nutrients necessary

Pantothenic Acid – supports toxins metabolism in the liver and converts food into energy

Ascorbic Acid – enables you to recover from a workout by aiding in protein metabolism

Green Tea Extract – moves broken fat into the bloodstream

Hops Extract – helps you sleep faster

Griffonia Extract – sleep deprivation can negatively affect fat loss, this ingredient changes the hunger-regulating hormones that lead to that

User Testimonials

Users say that a pill a day and two pills at night helped them achieve the weight loss goals they desired.

Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

If you buy from the official website, they give you a discount of $10. The price varies on other online platforms. They offer free shipping.


  1. Clenbutrol


This supplement aids in weight loss by burning fat. Decreases the body’s BMI while increasing the rate of fat metabolism. It is an energy enhancer that acts as a fat blocker and fat burner.

As a fat burner, it speeds up triglycerides that form fatty acids by directly stimulating fat cells, which permits your body to burn fat efficiently.

It eliminates stored fat in the body without depleting muscles. The muscles get the oxygen needed when you’re working out because the pill advances the body’s ability to get the oxygen into the right body cells. So the tablet allows you to retain your muscles while losing weight.


  • prosVery effective and safe
  • prosEasy to purchase and its legal
  • prosBacked up by science and studies
  • prosMost natural means to cut weight because it burns fat and keeps the energy up


  • consOnly works best in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle
  • consMakes you feel jumpy after taking it
  • consSome users have claimed it causes indigestion


  • Bitter Orange Extract – contains synephrine that fasten fat burning and boosts metabolism
  • Guarana – has metabolism and energy boosting properties that help your body fight exhaustion, suppress appetite, and promote cardiovascular health
  • Nicotinamide – reduces oxidation in the body cells. Provides energy that helps you feel great about weight loss while lowering anxiety
  • Hydroxy Citric Acid– prevents your body from storing food you eat as weight by blocking an enzyme that helps turn carbs and sugars into fat. Enables you to eat less by working as a hunger suppressant

User Testimonials

One user lost 3.4% body after using clenbuterol for a month. One user claimed it gave her stomach upsets. Check more reviews here.

Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

Buy the bottle on their official website to avoid fake drugs. They offer decent money back guarantees and ship the product to wherever you are.

  1. Zotrim


This supplement is backed up by scientific proof, and it helps you achieve long-lasting weight loss. It makes you snack less in between meals and eats less during meals. It has an extract that enables you to achieve sufficient weight results.

This pill makes you cut weight without losing lean muscle because it helps you lose weight slowly. It also has no significant changes in your lifestyle.


  • prosHerbal friendly and 100% natural
  • prosIncreases metabolism
  • prosPerfect appetite suppressant


  • consNot preferable for people with liver problems, anxiety or insomnia
  • consShould be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women


  • Guarana Seed – gives you five hours of refreshing vitality because it’s released slowly
  • Damiana Leaf Extract – has relaxing effects and encourages loose stool by promoting internal cleansing. Also, produces thermogenic activity
  • Yerba Mate – increases energy and metabolism

User Testimonials

Some say zotrim helped them gradually lose weight on a long-term and maintained it. Others said the pill had no adverse side effects. See all zotrim reviews here.


Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

One bottle goes for 38 USD and lasts for 30 days. No money back guarantee and offers shipping services worldwide. Check their official website.



  1. Phen375


This pill is an incredible fat burner, appetite suppressant, and a metabolism booster. You can purchase the supplement without a prescription. It gives your body a kick start to burn more calories and increase your metabolic rate by regulating and limiting your appetite.

Whenever you miss a meal, your body stores fat as a defense mechanism. Which is why regular meals are advised. Skipping meals only reduce the fat burning process, slows down your metabolism, and allows the toxins in your body to add up.

The supplement allows you to control what you eat and control your hunger cravings by suppressing your appetite. It also raises your metabolism which is very significant when it comes to losing weight. If you want to cut weight even faster, take the pill while on a calorie controlled diet.


  • prosStops fat from building up in the body
  • prosBurns any existing fat as energy
  • prosEven when burning fat, it retains muscle cells
  • prosA natural weight loss solution


  • consBest results can only be achieved if you are a healthy diet and exercise

*However, a full guide provided with Phen375 to make sure you actually lose weight and doesn’t leave you relaying only on the pill.


  • A unique blend of ingredient has been used to formulate the Phen375 supplement.
    1. Calcium Carbonate – Encourages your body to use stored fat cells.
    2. Chromium Picolinate – Helps your body avoid craving sugary treats.
    3. L- Carnitine – Helps your body to remove fats build-ups.
    4. Artichoke Leaf Extract – Controls appetite & stops food cravings.
    5. Cayenne Pepper – Helps your body burn fat through the internal temp.
    6. Citrus Aurantium Extract – Speed up your metabolism for quicker weight loss.
    7. Caffeine – Helps with focus, energy, and alertness.
    8. Coleus Forskohlii – Another ingredient that encourages fat loss.

User Testimonials

Most users claimed that Phen375 helped them lose weight healthily. Some said when they overdosed, they had a mild headache, cramps, stomach pains, or more sleeping episodes. So it would be best if you don’t overdose on the pills.

Official Website –

Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

The price is dependent on how many tablets you want to buy. We advise buying the pill from their official website because of they a safe checkout method, and your personal information is secure with them. They have a money back guarantee after 60 days, and they also provide shipping services worldwide.

  1. PhenQ

phenQ pills

This fat burner curbs your appetite burns fat and tries to make you lose weight fast. Seeing that unhealthy eating is what makes Canadians add weight in the first place, this pill helps you eat sensibly. The capsule is more useful if you use it while on a healthy diet and exercise plan.

You should take a pill in the morning and after lunch. Taking it in the morning allows energy boost without the nervous feeling and makes you stay motivated at the beginning of your day. Once you take it after lunch, it suppresses your appetite.


  • prosEfficiently helps you lose weight by burning off stored fat
  • prosBlocks new fat production
  • prosAccelerates your metabolic rate
  • prosReduces fatigue and boosts your metabolic rate


  • consOnly works best if combined with a healthy lifestyle


Lcysteine Acid – an antioxidant that helps balance hormonal disorders and prevents effects of aging in women. Also, improves moods for women suffering from menopause

Alphalipoic Acid– enhances body fat reduction that promotes weight loss by improving aerobic metabolism. Also, improves recovery after a workout and reduces fatigue

Magnesium – increase the metabolic rate and has proven to be useful for type 2 diabetes patients

Other ingredients are L-carnitine Fumarate, chromium picolinate, calcium carbonate, nopal and caffeine

User Testimonials

Many users lost 3.44% body weight, others lost 7.24% body fat, and others had 3.80% increase in muscle. See more reviews that prove its effectiveness.


Cost, Guarantee, and Shipping

The bottle goes for 69.95$ on their official website. One bottle has 60 pills. They have a money back guarantee after 60 days and free worldwide shipping.

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All the above fat burners will help Canadians attain the best results if combined with regular exercise and a healthy diet. It will also minimize stigmatization and weight biases. The pill will solve issues like lack of energy, hunger pangs, and poor moods.

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