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What To Expect From Trenbolone: Cycle, Side-effects, Results & Price

It’s tempting to know that you can gain a crazy mass of muscle in almost 6 – 8 weeks with using Trenbolone.

Gym rats who are big fans of Trenbolone say that it’s the king of steroids.

But is it?

This is why I’m writing this article to get you involved with everything you need to know about Trenbolone.

In this article I would like to share:

  • What is Trenbolone?
  • It’s mechanism of action.
  • How does it impact your body?
  • Covering all side-effects.
  • And What results to expect from it.

I’ll also cover some independent reviews along the way.

What is Trenbolone?

One of the leading Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS) that is well known for its rapid muscle gain.

It varies among bodybuilders in naming you can hear it in the following names:

Trenoid, Acetren, Tren 75, Trenabol, Trenabolic, Finaplix H or many even just say “Tren”.


Many bodybuilders call Tren, the Gorilla steroid. And there is a good reason for that.

The gain you get from it overnight is some big ass sh*t!

Surprisingly, Tren was designed to inject cattle to enhance their cravings, muscle growth and absorb all essential nutrients from their diet.

So you are saying this stuff was designed for cows & bulls to get bigger?


It seems like the cow bodybuilder community were the leaders in getting jacked with Tren ūüėÄ


Trenbolone started to be used among the bodybuilder community in the 70s. And it was “The King of Muscle Juice”.

Two companies were producing Trenbolone, Hoechst-Roussel and Parabolan.

Bodybuilders were pissed when both companies discounted the production of Tren.

There was even a viral article about how to extract Trenbolone from Finaplex Pellets. These pellets are considered legal and had Trenbolone Acetate.

The idea was to extract Trenbolone from these pellets with homemade extraction kit.

Majority of Tren lovers decided to extract Tren at home.

Heck many made their minilab.

Do note I can’t emphasize enough, Finaplex Trenbolone Extraction Kit is very much ILLEGAL!

And if you got caught, you’ll be thrown in jail.

That’s why UGL or Underground Labs on the dark web claim that they produce Trenbolone and sell it online.

Here is the thing…

There were tons of sad toxic stories about buying Trenbolone from UGLs.

Because you have to put trust in those illegal suppliers. And believe that this is Tren.

Some reports were recently published that they don’t produce genuine Tren and some even add heroin into the vial.


I don’t know about you, but I would never go and willingly buy Trenbolone from a complete stranger on some random site.

And you know what…

The web is filled with these scammers and bullshitters.

So what to do and how to deal with this. Well, there are other ways I’ll get to that in a minute.

How Does Trenbolone Work?

The Tren experts know that there is only one good version of Tren that will get your muscle pumped. It’s called Trenbolone Acetate.

In every steroid, it’s vital to recognize it’s half-life, why?

This identifies how long it takes to pass through your system.

With Trenbolone it’s half-life is 2-3 days.

Thus, it’s vital to inject Tren every 2-3 days to keep it stable in your body.

There is a lot in common between Trenbolone and Testosterone.

However, it is significantly five times powerful than Testosterone. And 10 times powerful than Deca Durabolin.

The scientific reason for this;

It contains an extra double bond on 9th and 11th atom.

The exciting part is Tren is a descendant of Testosterone.

This additional bond was a gamechanger, as it gets Tren to bind to your androgen receptors faster and efficient.

How Does Trenbolone Make Your Body A Muscle Producer?

The only way your muscles can gain rapid growth is through protein synthesis.

And one of the best ways to increase protein synthesis is through nitrogen retention.


And this is basically where Tren acts!

It skyrockets your nitrogen retention and makes you more anabolic like a hulk for 3 days until the next dose.

But wait that’s not it… Tren has more awesome benefits:

Increasing Growth Hormone:

It fires up your IGF-1, which leads to an increase in the GH.

Cortisol Reduction:

High levels of cortisol are never good news for muscles. The main problem with this hormone is that it puts your body in a state of catabolism.

Tren makes sure to reduce this stress hormone (Cortisol) & puts your body into an anabolic state instead of catabolic.

Enhance Red Blood Cells Count:

Two things come to my mind when I hear red blood cells:

Endurance and recovery.

The more red blood cell you have in your body, the faster the recovery.

And once Tren is in your system, it carries more oxygen in the blood, which equals to more red blood cells.

Increase Nutritional Absorption:

Tren was initially made for feedlot cattle.

It was used mainly to increase the efficiency of feed for cattle.

Well, it happens to have the same effect on humans.

You get to the best of what you eat and less waste.

Burns Fats:

I wouldn’t say it’s an excellent fat burner. As it is not!

However, what’s unique about Tren is its ability to enhance your lipolysis (fat break down) and turn it into energy.

Do be careful, if you are going for an athletic performance and you are facing drug test, Tren can be detectable up to 5 months!

Trenbolone For Bulking

The impressive part about Tren, is that it doesn’t cause water retention like Dianabol.

And makes your body harder to store fat.

This means most of the gain you’ll get is pure lean mass.

I personally got around 13lbs (7kgs) of pure lean mass in an 8-week cycle.

I would say you should expect between 9 to 15lbs of muscles if everything is done correctly.

Trenbolone For Cutting

Although, Tren is heavily recommended in bulking cycle.

There are good reasons to use it in a cutting cycle.

During your cutting cycle, you’ll deal with elevated levels of cortisol in your body. This leads to a massive decrease in your lean mass.

Your body will be in a state of catabolism. And Tren makes sure this never happens!

It preserves your lean mass and burns fat instead of muscle.

How To Use Trenbolone?


Every 2-3 days you need to Inject a specific dose of Tren must be administered Intramuscularly (IM Injection).


Experts Advise to maximum use 300mg/ per week. Exceeding this limit might lead to fatal side-effects (will discuss it in a few).

It’s best to not shock your body with a high dose at first.

Start with 5o mg per injection and then go for 100mg/injection.


It’s advised to maximum use 200mg/per week to get the anabolic benefit from tren. It will make sure you do not lose any muscle mass during your cutting cycle.

Also, start with 50mg/injection and then move to 100mg/injection.

It’s better if you stack it with Winstrol to see great fat burning powers.

Trenbolone for Female bodybuilders

I would never recommend Tren to be used on women, how advanced and trained they are.

It will chance core female characteristics that might be irreversible.

Like deep voice, wider jaw, chest hair and much more.

Side-effects Of Trenbolone

Well, that’s a significant point to cover. Let me put it this way, with great power comes great side-effects.

Trenbolone is one of the most potent steroids on the planet. And many who are seeking gains take the risk of getting involved with these side-effects;

Tren side-effects & results

Here are the common ones:

Hair loss:

The hair loss gene comes from your grandfather of your mom’s side. This means if he is bald, there is 90% chance you’ll lose your hair once you start using Tren.

It will activate your¬†baldness gene, and it’s irreversible.


Although, there is a low chance you might get man boobs. But it might stimulate progestin that increases the likelihood of it.

Thus, many stack Ten with Estrogen blocker to lower the chance of this issue.

Tren Rage (Incredible Mood Swings):

You’ll deal with massive shifts in your mood in a brief period.

One minute you talk nicely, next minute you want to punch someone in the face.

And it can’t be controlled. You need to stay away from stupid people while you are on Tren.

Acne & Oily Skin:

The most noticeable feature about tren is Acne. You can know if a bodybuilder is doing steroids through acne all over his body and face.

And Tren is the king of acne.

Testosterone Production Shutdown:

It’s expected that over 70% of your natural testosterone production will stop. And it might take over 6 months to gain it back.

Thus, Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) is incredibly vital to kick back your natural T production as soon as possible.

Without PCT you’ll be in terrible damage.

Liver Damage:

It takes your liver a tremendous amount of effort & enzymes to process Tren. Giving yourself high doses (More than 300mg/per week) will put your liver in an incredibly high risk of liver failure.


This is a very critical issue for us guys.

Some guys can’t tolerate even 100mg/per week of Tren, and it affects their dick directly!

The symptoms are you will be not able to erect any longer.

It takes this symptom one year to recover (even after stopping Tren)

This condition is called Tren-Dick.

If you fear this risk alone, then definitely Tren will be something you need to stay away from.

I would like to remind you, these side-effects are very realistic assuming that you are using the real Trenbolone. If you are using Tren from UGL (which is basically the only way to acquire it).

You probably will be dealing with other weird side-effects. Because you truly never know what you are injecting, you just have to trust an illegal lab.

Trenbolone Price & Results

The pricing of Trenbolone on the UGL market is between $200 – $400 for an 8-week cycle.

As I mentioned earlier, you should expect to gain between 10 lbs to 15 lbs of lean mass. Assuming you are doing the right diet and workouts.

Do I Recommend The Use Trenbolone?

Look, if you want to entertain yourself with the risks that come with it.

Then go for it.

I personally don’t recommend it.

And every time, I hear someone at the gym babbling about it.

I tell them what I said here, and they reconsider the whole idea of taking Tren.

The thing is, Tren sellers will never tell you the cons…

They might cover the surface of it, but not the realistic part of what to expect.

And you know what..

How much the UGL supplier talks about trusting his quality of Tren.

It’s bullsh*t.

If assuming the supplier is honest, the vial itself will be either underdosed or overdosed in concentration levels.

It’s a mess, and any chemist will tell you that.

If you are seeking mass gains and serious about this matter, I highly urge you to checkout 10lbs of lean mass in 6 weeks guide.

I have found other ways to gain mass, and I’m sure you’ll love to know how to do it without getting a Tren-Dick or Man-boobs.

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