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Skinny Girl Guide To Protein Powder For Fast Mass Gains

I can’t help noticing there are massive amount of stores, selling protein supplements in various forms.

Try doing a search on protein powder and you will get hit with so much of information that will keep you reading for weeks.

Based on an expert review, I did my best in separating the truth from non-sense. Commonly, protein shakes, as it promoted as something essential after training or in gaining weight.

My questions goes this way; Is it necessary? What’s the main benefit that protein shakes provides that natural foods lacks? What is the right protein shake and the right timing to drink that shake?

3 Common Misconceptions about Proteins –That Must Be Fixed

1-The more protein you eat, the more muscle you will gain: This is a false claim because our bodies need a certain amount of proteins per day, which is (35% – 50%) of the diet consumed.

2-Protein is bad for the liver: The only possible way this would happen is by consuming a massive amount of proteins same as bodybuilders, and laying around doing nothing, afterward.

This has to be years of laziness, it never happens in a day. Plus, why would anyone do that?

3-Protein shakes helps to lose weight: protein shakes were designed to improve the muscle mass and lean body mass.

That only reason that claim is said, because protein shakes make you fuller and decrease appetite.

This is a superficial conclusion because recent protein shakes do not contain 100% pure proteins.

Each serving has average of (70% to 80%) and the rest is carbohydrates and fats.

Protein shakes promote weight gain, if used as a supplement rather than a meal replacement.

Average calories per serving, are equal to 100 calories. Most add it with milk, which is another 150 calories.

The total would be 250 calories per serving. It’s advised to do protein shakes twice per day (at minimum) this leaves you with extra 500 calories per day.

If there is an increase of 500 extra calories intake per day, how can it help in weight loss?! Unless you decided to take it as a meal replacement which is not the point I’m discussing here.

How Much Proteins Your Body Needs?

The optimum amount proteins (for adults) should be .9 grams in every pound per day. This means if you are 100 pounds you need 90 grams. Minors should be .7 grams.

90 grams is equivalent to Chicken Breast x 2 (60g) and Steak -5 oz- (30g). Consuming this much everyday can be hurting to your budget not to mention your stomach.

On top of that, it is time consuming in cooking that much amount.

Protein shakes were designed not to fully replace meals.

However, it can be a very handy alternative, to reduce the amount consumed from organic expensive foods and still get same healthy results but much cheaper and efficient.

Can you Build Muscles Using Protein Shakes?

According to the University of Missouri, protein shakes won’t make you bulk up like those lady bodybuilders. The body breaks down protein and uses it, stores it in fat cells, or dumps it.

Whey protein shakes are the best out there to promote lean muscle tissue. It contains all of the essential amino acids required in the daily diet.

The main benefit of protein shakes would be rapid digestion and more optimal muscle growth.

However, this cannot be done without workouts. Strength training is essential in building muscle mass. The hype about, how protein shakes are a quick fix in building muscles fast, is nonsense.

Ingesting excess proteins, more than your body needs, will not make the muscle building process faster.

As Rice University points out, building muscle bulk and lean tissue mass is accomplished by doing strength exercise and not by consuming excess protein.

Do Protein Shakes Serve Any Real Purpose For Non-athletes?

Benefits_Of_Protein_ShakesChris Schmidt, a research analyst says; an “extreme” group of athletes working out in gyms were the pioneers for protein shakes’ popularity.

Oyra Koda, a fan of shakes comments; “It’s a good, easy source of protein. Rather than have to cook a meal when you work shifts like me, a shake will charge you up.”

Koda hits the gym 3 times a week and more focused on strength training. She has morning and night shifts, using protein shakes helped her to manage a balanced nutritional diet.

Everybody needs protein in their diet on a daily basis as it is essential to body tissues, is necessary for growth and contributes to muscle mass and bone health. You just have to be smart about consuming proteins and know the right timing.

Are You Low On Proteins Without You Knowing?

3 Common signs of too-low protein intake:

  • Getting unusually fatigued.
  • Feel weak when lifting weights or doing other strenuous activity.
  • Recovering from injuries slowly.

How Can You Use Protein Shakes To Gain Weight?

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, eating an additional 500 calories each day will help you build muscle and gain weight. Most protein shakes provide 100 calories per serving when added with milk it sums up to 250 calories.

Drinking 2 cups one in the morning and one after exercise or before sleep while maintain your diet, will provide 500 extra on your daily consumption.

This adds up, to 3500 calories, if constantly maintained per week. Translated to, a pound a week (one pound = 3500 calories).

Common Types Of Proteins

Type Function
Whey Protein
  • This inexpensive source of complete protein
  • Promote lean muscle growth
Casein Protein
  • This is a by-product of milk
  • Digests over a long period of time, research has found it’s an optimal protein choice before bed.
Egg, Soy, Animal Protein Combination of both characteristics
Hemp Protein
  • Includes all 21 amino acids (making it a complete protein)
  • The vegan-friendly supplement is also extremely hypoallergenic
  • High in fiber (which makes it a weight-loss supplement and not beneficial for hard gainers)

6 Things you need to consider If you are a Protein Shake Newbie:

 pointIt Should Taste Good

As this might sound obvious, it is a serious problem in most protein powders.

It’s like you are licking an elephant’s tail. Some protein powders out-there might even smell like a 2 year old rotten rug.

Emphasizing this point is essential for you to continue a healthy plan. Or else like I did once, as I got the awful taste, and made me stop everything and got depressed.

pointHigh Value

This means it must contain at least 70% pure protein (Whey, casein or whatever form specified) however, whey protein (WPI) is most preferred to be the most dominant, as it is small in molecular size.

The more small the easier the protein is digested. This yields to faster results.

Information like this must be written down in the ingredients partition of the product.


I can’t forget the time when I bought a cheap protein powder. Overcoming it’s awful taste was not the problem. I was basically chewing it instead of drinking it.

Some protein powders must be shaking in a blender, the quality that I bought, even when shook in a blender it sticks in the walls, and does not blend completely with liquid “milk or water”.

It’s highly advised to go for an easy shake protein powder.

That can be blended easily and dissolves instantly without any solid residuals.

pointAmino Acid Profile

Any time you consume protein, your body receives a source of amino acids.

Your body uses combinations of 20 distinct amino acids to make up the protein in your cells.

If a protein powder does not say Cleary that it contains rich amino acid profile, DO NOT BUY IT!

Failure to eat enough of any essential amino acid prevents your body from making the protein it needs to function, leading to tissue breakdown.

pointUser Reviews

Testimonials from previous users can really enlighten your thoughts, on taking the right decision.

The more reviews, the more it is said about the product. I personally trust people’s choice.

Plus it tells you weather this products works or not. Their feedback’s ranks high in my decision making algorithm.


Keep in mind do not look for so cheap products. The more cheaper, the less tastier and all the drawbacks will literally make you throw away the product.

Look for something that consists of all previous guidelines mentioned and compare based on these standards.


Based on hundreds of feedbacks and personal experience, this protein shake is chosen to be the best so far in achieving great results.




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