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Jes Extender Penis Extender Detailed Review + How To Video

Jes-Extender bills itself as “The Original Penis Extender” and it’s no wonder—they’ve been around a long time and the extender itself has produced quantifiable, validated results.

Benefits That Made Jes-Extender Highly Demanded Among Men:

prosOver 500,000 guys use Jes-Extender worldwide. With a user base that large, it gives you more confidence in the brand.

prosCan be used by both circumcised and uncircumcised men

prosPenis traction devices have been promoted as a best practice method for increasing penis sizes by many doctors and real scientific journals.

prosThe company gives you a double money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the Jes-Extender.

prosComes in several different style and practical options so you can find the right set for you not only in terms of practicality, but also aesthetics.

This is How Jes-Extender Enlarges Penis

Expected Results After 3 Month

Expected results-from-Jes-Extender-review


Jes Extender Top Features

pointUses cytokinesis to produce cellular growth

Penis traction devices like Jes-Extender are actually real medical devices used by doctors to correct penis disorders and abnormalities, but one of their most popular and successful uses is actually size enhancement.

When traction is applied to the penis, it causes cytokinesis—the process by which cells multiply and divide—to occur. This means that your penis is actually growing at the cellular level.

So, unlike pills that focus on trying to pump up your penis with blood flow you may need elsewhere in your body, penis traction devices produce natural, measurable growth that sets them apart from other penis enhancement methods both in terms of safety and results.


pointNot just for size enlargement, also corrects curvature

Unlike some other traction devices, the Jes-Extender not only enlarges your penis, it can actually correct curvature issues.

Remember, penis traction devices were originally designed to do just that. So, think of it like this: you can extend and treat curvature at the same time with the Jes-Extender. How many other devices can say that?

pointLasting results

The Jes-Extender penis traction system creates long-lasting results for one very unique and specific reason: It actually grows your penis on the cellular level.

Unlike penis enlargement techniques that allow you to get a large erection due to increased blood flow only, the Jes-Extender grows your cells due to the naturally occurring cytokinesis that happens while you train. New cells can’t be un-grown. Once they’re grown, you have them for life. Because of this, you can expect lasting results with Jes-Extender.

pointYou can wear it out in public

As long as your pants are loose enough to conceal the extender, which is actually very discrete, you can wear the traction device all day—even out in public—for the ultimate training sessions, meaning faster results for you.

pointWorks no matter what your starting penis size is

The people at Jes-Extender know that each man is different. Therefore, the device fits penises starting at 1 inch and goes upward from there so you will never have to worry about not being able to fit the Jes-Extender. Anyone can increase their size with the Jes-Extender.



Does Jes Extender Really Work?

Yes, the Jes-Extender really works and the reason why is really quite simple: cell growth.

The Jes-Extender is a scientifically recognized penis traction device. Because penis traction devices use traction to tug and stretch your penis (it’s gentler than it sounds), it encourages the tissues in your penis to grow new cells.

This is cytokinesis, a permanent process. That means the cells you create using Jes-Extender are going to be there forever, which makes Jes-Extender a true standout in the world of natural and safe penis enlargement.

Some things to consider:

  • You probably won’t be able to sleep in it, so make sure you fit your training sessions into your day schedule for best results.

Users Who Submitted Their Full Experience With Jes-Extender With Before and After Photos (After 2-3 Month Usage)

Jes-Extender Before and After

“I have never felt confident about my penis size. Not only do I shy away from getting naked in front of girls, I don’t want my own doctor to see it, which I know is irrational because he’s a professional, but that just tells you how severe my anxiety about my penis size has been. I opted to try Jes-Extender because I read about the science behind it. I’m kind of a nerd, and I was pleased to see a system that actually had scientific evidence to back it up. So, I went for it and I found myself an inch bigger in a short amount of time. I’m now up two inches. I was quite small starting out, so I want to see if I can get even bigger, but whether or not I can doesn’t matter—I’m no longer a virgin and I’m now proud of my penis. I never thought I would be in the happy place I am today and it’s thanks to Jes-Extender.” – Greg from Massachusetts

“There’s this prevalent myth that all Asian guys have small penises. That’s just a stereotype. My older brother was that guy in college who would strip down naked and jump off the diving board to impress the ladies, and I can assure you, he was well above average in size. Me, not so much. So, I knew at an early age I wasn’t small because I was Asian with a brother like mine…I was just small because I was small. And that always bugged me. Why did I get the short end of the stick? (No pun intended, because it’s really not funny.) Instead of being bitter and jealous, I decided to do something about it: I tried Jes-Extender. My penis is now 7.8 inches and still growing. I’m no longer the bitter, antisocial guy in the corner. I now have the confidence to talk to girls without worrying about whether or not they’ll be disappointed if we hook up. Jes-Extender saved my social life in a big way.” Jun-Ho from California

“My boyfriend and I had been together for over three months and things were going great. He never put pressure on me to hop into bed early and I really liked that about him. But by the three-month mark, I was ready to take things to the next level. We’re both in our thirties, so neither of us are spring chickens. We both agreed we’re committed to the relationship so obviously having sex was the next step, right? Well, apparently, I was wrong. I felt ugly when he turned me down. I was inconsolable until his sister told me that my boyfriend told her husband, his brother-in-law, what was really going on. It was kind of an awkward conversation, but at least I knew he still wanted me—and I still wanted him. So, I researched options, because I wanted him to feel good about himself so we could be happy together. He’s been using Jes-Extender ever sense and now we’re engaged. I’m so glad we cleared the air and found a real solution that works!” – Candace from Illinois

“I have Peyronie’s disease and it’s bothered me forever. My penis is curved and sex can be an embarrassing experience for me. I’ve never had a partner that stuck by me for any extended period of time. Since there were never any dramatic breakups, I’ve always felt like they were put off by the appearance of my penis and were just too nice to say so up-front. Enough was enough. I had to do something. I have an extreme fear of surgery, so that was out of the question. For me, the ultimate answer was Jes-Extender. I like that it’s nonsurgical—in fact, I was sold as soon as I read that, because aside of the fear factor of surgery, who really wants their penis cut into unless it’s like a life or death thing, right? So, I’ve been using Jes-Extender and my penis has really started to straighten out. I’ve also had the advantage of seeing some growth as well, which to me was a secondary thing because I was already average in size. But I’d be dumb to complain over such a welcome benefit, right? Since using the Jes-Extender, I’ve had a normal sex life and I’ve met someone; she and I are starting to get serious. I feel like she doesn’t judge the look of my penis—and there’s nothing to bat an eye at. It looks like a—dare I say—nicer than normal penis now. And it wouldn’t have been possible without Jes-Extender, which I am eternally grateful for.” – Milo from Oregon

Where To Buy Jes-Extender And How Would Shipment Look Like?


International shipping: They are able to deliver to over 200 countries, including Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, India, UK, Canada And Germany, So getting delivered to you should not be a problem.

The company offers a double money-back guarantee, which means if there is no increase in penis size after completing the program, your money will be sent back double the price you purchased on.

Jes Extender Price

Click Here To Buy Jes-Extender From Official Website

One final word, a warning

When using Jes-Extender, make sure you follow the directions. Some men find they like to sleep in it, while others feel it’s uncomfortable.

Never push yourself past your comfort zone, and if you have any questions, you can always contact Jes-Extender’s customer service or a doctor who is knowledgeable about penis traction devices. (Most penis experts, like urologists and plastic surgeons, are familiar with penis traction devices and can offer assistance or answer questions about the medical side of things.)

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