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3 Effective Ways to Slow Down Metabolism and Gain Weight Fast

After doing a bit of research I found that for anyone who wants to gain weight and serious about it will have a massive trouble to find a relevant page to help them out.

Simply the web is flooded with weight loss article nearly hundreds unprofessional articles are published on weight gain and most are not accurate.

The problem behind being skinny is not just the social status or the way you look although most girls take this as a number one priority to avoid a boyish look or a 13-year-old girl’s appearance.

The side of the story that you might be missing on, is most skinny girls have low immunity status, fragile bones, and inferior muscle mass.

Actually 60% to 70% of skinny girls do not have muscle mass and basically, they are fats covering bones.

This condition has severe problems that arose at the 40s leading to arthritis and diabetic symptoms.

All skinny ones who struggle to gain weight are called “hard gainers”. Defining yourself as a hard gainer means you have difficult time gaining weight and this keyword might help you if you were searching for real plans to gain weight.

A female hard gainer is more fortunate than a male hard gainer in gaining weight. As their metabolic burning rate is much less than males giving you an easy way out of this body system and no need to struggle, as skinny males do.

The whole weight gain process can be clarified in words, as more calories intake less calories burned, leads to a process of weight gain.

However, the ugly part is based on two obstacles. The first one some have the burning rate is very high “up to the roof” no matter what amount of food you intake it burns it fast.

The second one, who can overcome the metabolic rate but have no appetite to food.

How To Slow Metabolic Rate

There are certain types of food starting with refined carbs; this type can be easily absorbed in body.

This makes your metabolic rate slows down as your body starts to convert the carbs to fat.

As you see since this type of food is a fast absorption it spikes your sugar level in your body.

The body automatically starts to lower the burning rate down to prevent it from elevating the sugar level leading to low metabolic rate. This includes pasta, brown rice, and bread.

Saturated Fats Will Make a Vast Difference In Slowing Down Metabolism

Not only has this type of food decline your metabolic rate, leading to great chance of weight gain but it has vast amount of factors to consider.

As we age our bone density declines and females are commonly to get a condition called “osteoporosis” (disease in which bones become fragile) that can happen over 40.

Most that are in skinny unhealthy conditions are more susceptible to it. Common myth: “Saturated fats can be damaging to your body and leads to heart problems”.

Fatty acids in milk and yogurt may be beneficial for heart health.

Butter and coconut oil play a key role in weight gain. This full-fat-dairy will gives you a powerful boost up in weight gain. Truth be told, saturated fats of red meat is what really should be considered and limited.

What if I have Low Appetite?

The key factor is to eat a dense calorie food in low amounts. For example you might eat a sandwich that consists of 1000 calories equals to 4 sandwiches and still it’s healthy.

Smoked Bacon and Cheddar Double burger along with mayonnaise with extra olive oil in white loaf of bread this will definitely give you nearly 950 calories in just a sandwich.

I’m not telling you to try this recipe I’m saying condense your meals into one big fat sandwich and you’ll gain weight in no time.

You do not have to eat all day. Plus frequent eating will not slow down metabolism instead it’ll increase it. So always make infrequent intake of food; meaning, today you eat 3 meals tomorrow 2 meals in different timing. After tomorrow, 5 meals and so on.

It’s all about working smart with your body and be consistent and committed to your plan. Do check my official female gain weight guide in 30 days to establish a new positive outlook on how to gain weight fast and slow down metabolism.

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