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How To Choose The Perfect Weight Gainer & Get Results

There are huge lists of weight gainers, that claims weight gain for hard gainers.

The concern here, on what basis should you choose a product over another.

How to avoid getting scammed and wasting money on non-working weight gainer supplements?

This might give you the solution to solve your entire decision making in choosing the right weight gainer.

Most hard gainers face; high metabolism, skipped meals, unhealthy eating habits, illness, poor nutrition, exposure to pollutants ,lack of exercise active and stress.

This all pours into a skinny unhealthy body prone to many common diseases, which might lead to low self-esteem.

To get a curvy, feminine body it needs hard work and does not happen over-night, like false advertisement claim.

Many girls consider a slim body not a standard of beauty in their immediate and social environment, and therefore looking for fast solutions to change all of this with a pill. This I’m against!

A weight gainer supplement is not a magical potent. The before and after photos you see online, if you went and asked them personally, how did they turned from being skinny to having a curvy, feminine body?

Most will replay with persistence and hard work. Whoever tells you other than this is simply, deceiving you.

Gaining weight might be a bit daunting, but I can only guarantee you that I’ll provide high quality solution that will give you real results in 30 days.

Not based on company claims but referenced to all hard-gainers feedback across the web along with nutritional experts.

There Are Two Types of Weight Gainer Supplements

  1. Weight gainer pills
  2. Weight gainer powders

The Innovation of Weight Gainer Pills

The only reason this invention was created for was to fight the lack of body mass development in males and females.

With all the features said it has only one goal which is systematically increasing the body mass. How?

  • By enhancing the appetite, enabling you to take more calories.
  • Bulking muscle mass

How do Weight Gainer Pills work?

Our body contains what is called cannabinoid receptors, which are involved in a vast array of functions in our bodies, mainly in energy metabolism, appetite and the immune system.

What these supplements do is, utilizing the function of cannabinoid receptors by fitting inside the receptors; to slow down metabolism and stimulate appetite.

These receptors are known as “cannabinoid receptor type 1″, the substance that bond inside with the receptors is extracted from the root of a plant called Echinacea Purpurea.

Which is one of the main ingredient in the weight gainer pills?

After several hours of its intake, your stomach starts to send signals to your brain craving for food.

This allows you to eat bigger meals more often, and help counteract a fast metabolism or a weak appetite.

Personal Recommendations

It depends on what state your body is dealing with, meaning, if you are severely skinny or dealing with anorexia.

Then pills like this would be obligatory and will have major impact to fasten the weight gaining process.

If you are like most weight gainers, who just have a slim body and would like to boost it a bit.

Then having weight gainer pills would be considered supplementary (but not obligatory) And in that case I would recommend focussing on a strict healthy diet plan that enables bulking.

#1 Recommended Weight Gainer (Powerful Bulking) + 100% Safe

Use: For rapid muscle gains, increased strength and kick-starting bulking cycles.

Description : Pharmaceutical grade anabolic supplement formulated to mimic methandrostenolone (Dianabol).

Benefits of D-Bal (Massive Bulking Supplement)


-Essential nutrient for muscle growth and repair while enhancing muscle hypertrophy.

-Quickly absorbed in the body leading to faster mechanism of action (more bulking)

-Increasing endurance levels and muscle recovery.

-Enhances performance by supplying energy under stress, preserving lean mass and muscle glycogen

-Visible Results in 30 days


The Natural Gainer with Weight Gain Powder

This is another approach for a weight gainer, it is to be more focused on calories.

Weight gain powders, enhance the body utilization to calorie absorption in dense quantities.

Since the appetite is the same, we fool the body in taking liquid formed supplements that are highly concentrated in calories.

This leads to weight gain if done correctly.

Example, If you consumed 500 calories a day (which is considered the minimum in any supplement per serving).

You will gain one pound every week leading to a total of 4 pounds in a single month. Most weight gainers gain triple this much, during the use of the weight gain powder.

How Weight Gainer Powder Works?

Simply, you take a scoop or two, blend it with water or milk. Drink it and vaula. You can read more details on “How to Gain Weight With Protein Shakes In 30 Days”.



Buy Weight Gainer Protein Powder

Personal Recommendations

I would also have to say girls are making some great Gains with weigh gain powder, with a pretty balanced diet this can lead to great change plus it’s 100% natural.

Overall no matter what type of gainer you take if you want to look sexy, then make sure you eat smart and consume more calories (in a sensible healthy way).

One Drawback for Weight Gain Powder

It’s on the subject of bloating; if you experience any bloating then you are consuming too much scoops in one cup, to put it this way.

If you added over 1000 calories which comparatively is an average fish and chips dinner, now imagine consuming that as a blended liquid, of course, it will bloat you, same reason goes with powder. Use it smart and do not over consume in one load.

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