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Should You Use Sibutramine

Should You Use Sibutramine (Meridia) Or Not? – Full Review

Siburamine_Affects_Brain_Weight_lossSibutramine also named “Meridia” used to be one of the popularly prescribed weight loss pills among obese individuals or whose BMI is over 30.

Once it its a decade ago, it initially worked smoothly by altering the brain chemicals that impact the need for appetite.

While obesity and excess weight are escalating in numbers, more people started using Sibutramine.

However, with that large population demand, the long-term outcomes of this drug started to kick in.

Sibutramine was found in a direct correlation between increased blood pressure and pulse rates due to it’s sympathomimetic effects.

“Sibutramine was prescribed to patients because it was shown to cause a modest amount of weight loss in the early trials,” said Dr. Pieter Cohen, an assistant professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School

For that reason, many doctors in Canada and US, advise against it in case of a history of cardiac problems. And as for Europe, it has been banned and generally advised against it.

What US And Canadian Doctors Have To Say on Sibutramine

How Does Sibutramine Work?

Sibutramine acts on the reuptake of neurotransmitters. Thus, Sibutramine reduces the reuptake of dopamine by 16%, serotonin by 53% and norepinephrine by 54%.(source)

What does that mean?

It simply means, one of the ways to increase appetite suppression, is through; increasing serotonin and norepinephrine levels in the brain. Thus, when this drug came out to the market, it used to act as an anti-depressant. Then later approved as an obesity medication.

If Sibutramine so good, why it’s regulated from the market?


Mainly for 3 reasons;

  1. Guaranteed physical dependency if taken for long periods. And if stopped, it would create disastrous withdrawal symptoms, that would interfere with day to day activity.
  2. The high risk in altering the normal functions of the heart, by inducing tachycardia for long periods, and hypertension. This, in the long run, will lead to permanent cardiac issues.
  3. The long-term negative impact was underestimated, and thus FDA issued standard operation procedure for doctors and patients and how to deal with Sibutramine leftovers if they had any.

FDA Recommendations for Sibutramine Users:

  • Stop taking Meridia and talk to your healthcare professional about alternative weight loss and weight loss management programs.
  • Talk to your healthcare professional if you have any concerns about Meridia.
  • Contact your healthcare professional right away if you experience pain in the chest, heart palpitations, abnormal heart rate or rhythm, or other symptoms including dizziness and lightheadedness.
  • Dispose of unused Meridia in your household trash by following the recommendations outlined in the Federal Drug Disposal Guidelines

FDA Recommendations For Healthcare Professionals who are prescribing Sibutramine:

  • Stop prescribing and dispensing Meridia to patients.
  • Contact patients currently taking Meridia and ask them to stop taking the medication.
  • Inform patients of the risks associated with Meridia.
  • Discuss alternative weight loss strategies other than Meridia with your patients.
  • Be aware of the possible risk of major adverse cardiovascular events with patients taking Meridia and assess patients for these events if they present with any signs or symptoms of cardiovascular disease (source).

What about Sibutramine That is Sold Online, Should I Buy It, Is it the Original?

here is a small example of what’s going on online and thousands of people are buying this Sibutramine fake weight loss pill.


Many illegal websites are opening its doors for all the prescribed drugs on the market, selling them at high price, no prescription and discreetly. The worse part is that 90% are fake. And it’s impossible to distinguish between real and the if you have no expertise in pharmacology.

Any legal Sibutramine Alternatives That Can Be Bought Online?

There is no actual Sibutramine alternative the works with a similar mechanism of action that found to be legal on the market.

However, there are top 5 effective weight loss supplements that have been proven to be effective in the European market. Feel free to browse through and see what can be relevant in your case.

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