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Glucomannan Morning and nights

How Glucomannan Will Make You Lose Weight?

Whether you are trying to lose a lot of weight, or you are just looking to shed a few kilos, the whole process of losing weight can wear you down.

It even sometimes feels like an uphill struggle. In most cases, it boils down to our lifestyle habits.

There have been many ‘miracle’ weight loss pills launched in the market, but very few deliver credible results.

Glucomannan is a weight-loss supplement that has been in the market for some time. Where does it fall on the spectrum? It has been described as “best appetite suppressant” but does it live up to the hype?

What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is a sugar that is made from the root of a konjac plant which has been in use for centuries in traditional Japanese dishes as a thickener or gelling agent. (1)

Actually, in Japan, it has a nickname “the broom of the intestines” which gives you a good description of how it works. (2)

That is, glucomannan creates some sense of fullness by absorbing water and enlarging to create a heavy fiber in your stomach. (3)

What does glucomannan do for the body in terms of weight loss?


When it is consumed, the glucomannan supplement “soaks” up water in the digestive tract, which leads to the reduction of absorption of carbs and cholesterol in the body.

This is what then supports the weight loss process. This supplement also makes you feel full without leaving you bloated or gassy.

The “heavy fiber” is then ejected from your body via the natural process. It is this cleansing process that is said to help with the weight loss by reducing cholesterol levels, helping control blood sugar and constipation. (4)

Since there are no harsh chemicals or additives used in the glucomannan weight loss supplement, it is considered to be fairly safe as an appetite suppressant.

Since it is basically tasteless, it is highly recommended you mix it with your smoothie or other foods. The bonus to this is that: it adds a nice thick consistency to your food.

Phen24 weight loss supplement


Unlike other diet pills which focus on providing only daytime weight loss services, the Phen24 diet pill supplement works in a different way.

It is formulated to work both day and night for your slimming needs.

Most people underestimate the process of weight loss at night, forgetting that quality sleep is equally important to your overall weight loss goals and efforts.

For instance, sleep deprivation can affect your body’s metabolism, and its ability to digest carbohydrates, which can lead to an increase in insulin production. (5)

When this happens, your body tends to store more fat which will then cause your ‘ghrelin’ (hunger hormone) and ‘cortisol’ (stress hormone) levels to increase fast.

Phen24 comes in two formulas, the Phen24 Day and Phen24 Night which have different ingredient profiles. To better understand how they both work, it is important to note what each is composed off.

The Phen24 Day comprises of phenylalanine, guarana extract, caffeine, cayenne, iodine, manganese, zinc, and copper sulfate.

While the Phen24 Night is composed of glucomannan, chromium picolinate, hops extract, Griffonia extract, ascorbic acid, green tea extract, pyridoxine HCI, thiamine, pantothenic acid, molybdenum, choline bitartrate and biotin.

The components contained in the Day formula are clinically proven to help boost your metabolic rate resulting in better digestion, increased energy levels and improved regulation of your thyroid functions. If combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise, you will notice maximized slimming results.


Benefits of Phen24

  1. Increases your energy levels

This supplement provides you with energy to conduct your regular exercise, which then increases your metabolic rate. It boosts your energy levels which power even your toughest workout sessions.

The caffeine component of this supplement increases alertness and focus, which works on the same principle as coffee. It works efficiently due to its stimulating effects.

Caffeine usually influences your central nervous system which enhances your mental functions. This, in turn, enhances your energy levels, metabolism, and physical performance.

Even better than coffee, there is the guarana extract which is a popular supplement found in the day pill. This herb extract popularly known as an energy booster is a common ingredient in popular energy drinks. Studies have been done on the effectiveness of this extract in improving exercise-related fat loss benefits.

  1. Burns out fats and calories

The caffeine component in the Phen24 is also responsible for burning fats and has been proven to assist in weight loss.

Another component, the biotin, is associated with glucose production and breaking down of amino acids, therefore, enhancing the calorie burning process. This one is found in the night pill.

Both components work together to assist you to prevent additional weight gain and storing fats by burning excess calories in your system.

The cayenne powder, found in the day pill, increases your body temperature, forcing your body to expel energy (calories) in order to cool down. Manganese helps to control your body’s capacity to metabolize fats and carbohydrates.

  1. Enhances your nighttime metabolism

The chromium picolinate component in the night time Phen24 is identified to be useful in building muscle, burning fat and metabolizing carbohydrates.

You do not have to worry about your bodily functions as you sleep, because the molybdenum (sodium molybdate)supplement found in the night pill helps to digest your food, regulate your heartbeat, promote healthy muscle functioning and creates new, healthy cells. All these happen as you sleep.

Meanwhile, vitamin B5 and B1 also help your body convert food into energy while metabolizing fats and protein, ensuring you get all the nutrients you need from your food.

In summary, the ingredients break down fats, proteins, and carbohydrates even while you sleep.

  1. Promotes better sleep

The Phen24 night pill is stimulant free and includes the Griffonia extract which has a calming effect. This is what makes it easy for you to get the maximum amount of sleep and rest as your body needs.

The Hops extract also assists you to fall asleep faster and sleep more soundly. Restful sleep supports the weight loss process.

  1. Reduces your evening cravings

If you are blessed with a very high appetite, it can be both a good thing and a burden, especially if you are struggling with weight loss.

Both the Phen24 day and night pills contain supplements that work as appetite suppressants, which will sound like good news to your ears.

For instance, Glucomannan acts by making you feel full for longer periods. Being a dietary fiber, it absorbs water and maintains that constant feeling of satisfaction, effectively reducing cravings. In turn, you will end up eating less, or reduced food portions.

Other supplements in both pills that act as appetite suppressants include; caffeine, and phenylalanine (which sends a signal to your brain to feel satisfied faster when eating).

  1. Boosts your metabolic rate resulting in better digestion

The manganese ingredient ensures that your body maintains a healthy metabolism because it also assists your body to absorb calcium which increases your bone metabolism and ensures you have a healthy bone structure as well.

Zinc Citrate also works together with vitamins A, E and B6 to aid in the production of pancreatic enzymes which enable your body to digest food. When you have proper digestion, your body breaks food down more effectively, which prevents it from the likelihood of it being stored as fat.

  1. Improved regulation of your thyroid functions

Do you know that there is a complex relationship between your weight, thyroid, and metabolism? This is because all the hormones secreted by the thyroid gland directly balance your metabolism.

The iodine component in Phen24 improves the thyroid function which in turn boosts your metabolism helping you lose weight.

  1. Enhances your mental functions and physical performance

The Caffeine and Guarana extract in Phen24 day pill enhances mental alertness and physical performance.

The Griffonia Extract which is derived from the seeds of an African plant, produces a calm, relaxed state of mind that is thought to improve sleep. When you have good sleep patterns, your mind stays alert during the day and your physical performance is not compromised.

This extract due to its calming effects, improves your sleep, preventing the hormone changes that can negatively impact your fat loss process.


Why is Phen24 the best glucomannan supplement?

Phen24 is different from other diet pills because it combines both day and night pills for your slimming needs. This means that it will take you almost half the effort you would need with regular diet pills.

The Day formula consists of clinically proven components, which boost your metabolic rate that results to improved digestion boosted energy levels and enhanced regulation of your thyroid functions.

This means that Phen24 is designed to help initiate and sustain fat burning and energy throughout the day. This ensures you have maximized slimming results especially if combined with healthy dieting and regular exercise.

The glucomannan supplement included in Phen24 is one of the main ingredients, which works efficiently as an appetite suppressant and helps treat constipation. This herb is also significant in reducing type 2 diabetes, controlling sugar and treating high cholesterol.

Phen24 night pills are primarily designed to provide your body the ability to burn fats without affecting your sleeping patterns. This is the main reason why this formulation has no stimulants, but instead, it is composed of natural herbs that promote relaxation. It is this aspect that is crucial for your weight loss process.

If you are a vegetarian/vegan, Phen24 caters for you too, as it is 100% vegetarian and vegan friendly. So, no matter your food preferences, you will be well taken care of by Phen24.

The day pills in Phen24 should be able to operate in these ways:

prosAssist you burn exceeding the normal calories by boosting your day to day metabolism rate.

prosIncrease your stamina level to inspire you to engage in physical activities beyond the normal which leads to burning more fats.

The night pills should be able to operate during the whole night, in the following ways:

prosBoost the night time metabolism which assists in weight loss.

prosReduce food cravings in the evening hours which lead to controlled food intake.

prosAssist you to have better sleep which is an essential component of managing your weight. When you have good sleep, this regulates the creation of cortisol and ghrelin hormones. These are the hormones that lead to weight gain by triggering your hunger senses.

What stands out about Phen24?

  • prosEnables you to sleep better
  • prosBoosts your metabolism as well as keep you active
  • prosProvides you energy for your work out sessions
  • prosIt reduces your body fats and cholesterol levels
  • prosThe supplements contain natural ingredients
  • prosIt is flexible, that is, it can be adjusted easily to fit your daily routines
  • prosIt is effective for all age groups
  • prosIt works effectively for both men and women
  • prosIt works both day and night
  • prosIt has long-lasting results in weight loss
  • prosIt is free of artificial chemicals
  • prosIt has been scientifically proven to be safe and effective for preventing weight gain

Are there any limitations for Phen24?

All ingredients of the Phen24 are natural, which includes nutrients and vitamins which are essential to our bodies.

So, unless you have a specific allergy reaction to any of them, it will hardly affect your body. However, it has been noted that some ingredients in the night version may cause some conditions such as diarrhea or headaches in some patients.

If you have an allergy or you counter react with substances such as caffeine, guarana or the plant extracts in the formulas, you should first seek your doctor’s advice before settling for Phen24.

Otherwise, this supplement has been found to be safe for use and it is certified by FDA.

Another limitation is that you have to follow a strict diet and exercise regimen for the formula to give you positive results. Precise numbers for individual ingredients are not listed on the formula.

It may also not work for you if the cause of your obesity is a disease, especially if it is a genetic trait.

Does this idea really work?

The answer is definitely YES. This is because during the day we burn a lot more calories as we carry out various activities, while at night as we sleep, we use fewer calories.

Here is Jen Experience from Phen24 in 4 months:

Usually, our days comprise of physical activities, running errands, targets among others. This is the main reason we dissolve more calories then. Our metabolic rates are at the highest when we are mentally and physically active.

However, when we rest, the metabolism process also takes a break.

Night time metabolism is always lesser than daytime metabolism, that is, we burn fewer calories while asleep. This does not mean that no calories are burned, only less in this case.

This is why doctors advise us to reduce our meal intakes as the day progresses. The heavier we eat in the evening, the higher the chances of the unutilized calories being changed to fats which then leads to weight gain. And Phen24 helps to works with our bodies.

The Phen24 formula comes in the form of 30-day pills and 60-night pills which is a complete 30-day supply. You have different purchasing options. You can check on Phen24 pricing and offer on their official website

If you examine this carefully, you will notice that you make multi-buy savings when you purchase in bulk and with the advantage of an extra box or two for free. The producers also offer free shipping worldwide. There is also a money back guarantee in the event that the product does not meet your needs. However, you will need to read further on the terms and conditions.

As noted above, the Phen24 both day and night pills are easy to use formulas. You can add them to your meal or drink without any harm. Phen24 should ideally be taken each morning with your breakfast for best results. For Phen24 night pills, you will need to take two capsules, which should be consumed at least 15 minutes before your evening meal with one or two glasses of water.


There is no shortcut to weight loss. You have to put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

Phen24 is the sort of product that you can have a love-hate kind or relationship with. This is because, you may not see instant results, but in the long-run, the results will be well visible for all and sundry.

It is going to kick you in the stomach, but all for a good cause. If you stay motivated, you can make Phen24 work for you.

So, unlike other diet pills, Phen24 diet supplements are intended to be used for continuous weight loss process. By combining two formulas in one, you end up with a comprehensive weight loss solution. If used successfully, you will be able to enjoy your long-term weight loss benefits. What more motivation do you need for that dream body you desire? Give it a try!

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