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Phentramin-d *Updated 2021* Full Review














  • Minor appetite suppression.
  • Increase energy levels.
  • Some users lost weight with it.


  • Major side-effects.
  • Fake claims in their advertising.
  • Many negative feedback from the users.
  • Manufacturer not transparent on the amount of ingredients.

After Phentermine 375 got banned from the market worldwide. New products began to float trying to replace this drug.

Phentramin-d was marketed as a Phentermine replacement claiming that it provides the same mechanism of action but no prescription required.

No side-effects and can be easily purchased online. The question; are these claims relevant to real experience by users?

On the other hand, PhenQ plays are a large competition in the fat burning category. And many users turn to it because it simply works!

Although, many of you are looking for something that gives serious fat loss results. You’ll stumble on lots of over exaggeration from each company and tons of B.S.

The good thing is we made a list of the top voted weight loss pills that actually provided results to our users. And here they are.

Many compare PhenQ with Phentramin-d hoping to find an answer to see which is better? Which product sticks to their claims? How users react to both products?

You can easily read the following comparison plus there is a detailed Phentramin-d review.



phenQ pills


Clinical Studies


  • Plays a major rule in appetite suppressant
  • Increase metabolic rate more energy per day
  • Weight loss rate 3-5 lbs per day
  • Anti-depressant effect


  • Plays a major rule in appetite suppressant
  • Increase metabolic rate more energy per day
  • Weight loss rate 3-5 lbs per day



2014None or  Mild Headache on rare basis Worst-fatburner-reviewsfast heart rate, inability sleep properly, mood swings, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, and dry mouth.

Money Back Guarantee


2014Yes (30 days) Worst-fatburner-reviewsNo

Prescription Required

 Phen375_No_Prescription_Required  Phen375_No_Prescription_Required


2014Yes Worst-fatburner-reviewsNo

Appetite Suppressant

2014Yes 2014Yes

User Reviews

2014Excellent Feedabacks Worst-fatburner-reviewsPoor Feedbacks”Checkout The End of this Article”


2014Can be purchased online easily from the official website 2014Can be purchased online easily from the official website

Reorder Rate

2014High Worst-fatburner-reviewsLow


69.95 USD (With Buy 2 get 1 free offer) 67.95 USD

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Official Website Official Website

 Phentramin-d Reviews “Scientific & User Based”

Phentramin-D_Bought_ItThis is a weight loss aid developed by Lazarus designed for man and women to help increase the weight loss rate and suppress appetite.

This product claims itself as one of the effective alternatives for phentermine and it provides the same experience with phentermine but without the side effect.

Are These claims true?

Scientifically taken, the developers don’t mention the exact amount of ingredients that are found in Phentramin-d.

These raised red flags during my investigation. They are basically relying on 1,3,7-Trimethylxanthine which is called “pure caffeine” to help in boosting the metabolism and suppress appetite.

As you can see in the picture on the following picture nothing is said about anything related to the ingredients.

However, on their official site, they claim that they have 2 main ingredients that make their appetite suppressant effect powerful. Dimethyl-pentylamine-hydrochloride. & Sympathomimetic Amine.


Phentramin-d Side effects

Some side effects can be adapted with but the 2 previously mentioned ingredients that cause appetite suppressant also cause fast heart rate, inability sleep properly, mood swings, irritability, nervousness, anxiety, and dry mouth note that these side effects are no temporarily they last with as long as you use Phentramin-d.

Rumors on Phentramin-d that are not True!

  1. FDA approved (Not True)
  2. Same as Prescribed Phentermine (Not True)
  3. Lose average 12 – 20 lbs. per month (Not True)
  4. Works on Long term usage (Not true)

Pros on Phentramin-D

  • It helps in appetite suppressant
  • It stimulates metabolism
  • It helps to lose average 2-3 lbs per month *fact based on Users feedback*
  • It provides a noticeable amount of energy due to caffeine

Is Phentramin-d Recommended by Consumers? “click to enlarge”

Based on one of the official review site “Viewpoints” we got the following feedback from consumers on Phentramin-d


Unpacking Phentramin-d – “Video”

PhenQ Vs Phentramin-d – Bottom Line

Phentramin-d did a great job on marketing its a product across the globe. But not everything is marketed is worth its price. 67 USD is considered expensive for a diet pill that doesn’t work as promised.

Usually people go for expensive products hoping it could work but unfortunately Phentramin-d doesn’t work as promised on their official website.

On the other hand, I have to say PhenQ still proves it’s the most expensive and powerful diet pill on the market.

It’s not prescribed but it’s chosen ingredients are expensive making the product equal to 69 USD per bottle. Is it worth the buy? Short answer, yes.

It helps to literally lose from 12 – 20 lbs per month and people posted their results. Check PhenQ user reviews.

In this comparison, we can say Phentramin-d lost many points along the way dropping out of this weight loss game.

Notice is this unbiased review. As all of this information based on real user experience along with extensive research to bring the most honest Phentramin-d review.

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