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Over the Counter Vs Prescribed weight loss pills

Phen375: A Review (2021 edition), Over the Counter Vs Prescribed Weight Loss Pills

Many people want to shed the pounds, but one issue arises on a constant basis – confusion. This makes many give up on finding a consistent routine that helps them out, and you start looking for magical pills like phentermine over the counter that can eliminate that extra weight.

Part of that involves going to mega stores such as Target, Walmart and GNC, and you will find that they sell all the varieties of weight loss supplements that you can think of. All of these products have the universal claim of working effectively, but do they really? A spot check online for ‘prescription weight loss pills’ reveals a shocking truth, and for ordinary people it gets annoying and confusing because you do not get the results you were looking for.

The difference between non-prescription and prescription supplements

Prescription weight loss supplements work by changing the chemicals in the brain. Since your brain uses various neurotransmitters to communicate to the nerves and cells, prescription drugs will imitate particular neurotransmitters.

The main drawback is that your body does not function at optimum levels, since the brain is under the influence of these pills.

This is why stimulant-type medication is short-term in prescription, lasting up to 12 weeks because of the risk of dependence.

Non-Prescription pills are in three categories: appetite suppressants, fat burners and fat blockers.

They are safe for use particularly in obese patients with a BMI (Body Mass Index) over 30 and have no additional weight-related illnesses. (Source)

Prescribed WEight loss pills vs otc weight loss pills

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Pros of prescription pills

prosIt stimulates the brain neurons to send signals that turn off signs of hunger

prosIf the pills are fat blockers, they can bind the fat in your food and stop them from absorption in your body

prosThey have FDA approval (though this is to different degrees)

prosThey have clinical evidence of weight management, so you do not need to worry if it is a fraud.



consYou can consider them as addictive drugs because of their similarity to amphetamines, so you cannot use them for long periods

consYou need a doctor’s prescription to purchase them

consThey tend to be expensive

consThey are dangerous when you use them for a long time (more than three months)

consThey have noticeable side effects – especially fat blockers


Is Phen375 worth it?

Among the weight loss prescription drugs alternatives, Phen375 managed to lead the industry, though you cannot access it in nearby Pharmacy. 


What is Phen375?

This is a weight loss pill, which is among the pioneers in the market. Eight ingredients comprise it, and all of them work together to help your body reduce harmful fat in a natural way.

The supplement not only burns the body fat, but also aids your body to maintain its physique and mental health. It is a significant provider of the benefits of Phentermine, without side effects making it into a schedule, IV classified substance.

The product manufacturer us a global-renowned supplement company,Shipista ltd. It has certain benefits that include:

  • prosBoosting energy levels and metabolism on a significant level
  • prosReducing appetite
  • prosImproving the ability of the body to breakdown body fat
  • prosImproves athletic performance

Phen375 vs Grenade

Ingredients in the supplement that makes it effective


Calcium carbonateCalcium is important in bone strength, but few people know it also plays an important role in weight management. In fact, some studies show that calcium supplements among obese individuals (especially women) may result in moderate loss of weight.


L-Carnitine – phentermine over the counter has this component, which is helpful for the muscles and burning fat. It acts as a delivery channel, because it moves molecules of fat to the mitochondria to help them burn for energy. In this way, it makes it easy for your body to absorb fat from the blood, and change it into an energy source for the muscles. It is also beneficial for treating conditions like thyroid issues, asthma, diabetes, male infertility issues, kidney problems, depression and other issues.


Chromium Pikolinate – this ingredient is a trace mineral occurring naturally, and people think of it as a good agent to control appetite. This is because it maintains blood sugar levels, therefore reducing sugar cravings. It is also good for metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fat.


Anhydrous caffeine powder – many weight loss pills that you will find will have caffeine (1, 3, 7-Trimethylxanine) as an ingredient. This is because it acts as a thermogenic – it increases the body temperature, therefore increasing metabolism rates. The result is your body using fat as an energy source. This way, you are killing two birds with one stone – shedding pounds and feeling energized while doing so.


Fruit extract (Citrus aurantium) – this is a substance containing many fruits such as bitter orange, seville orange, synephrine, and much more. An extract from an orange peel, its particular weight loss power comes in some stimulant-like substances like synephrine. Bitter orange itself is less powerful than ephedrine, it is safe to use by most individuals.


Artichoke leaf extract – the herbal extract from some artichoke leaves, it assists you to reducing the calories you consume. The result is you get satisfied without eating large quantities of food.


Coleus Forskolii leaf extract – the relation between this ingredient (Forskolin) and weight loss is unclear, though some studies show small amounts of weight loss from consuming the ingredient (mostly due to promoting the thyroid).


Note: Active ingredient in Phentermine – the famous drug amphetamine (speed) has a chemical composition, which is similar to phentermine. Even though the formula is slightly different to decrease the stimulating effects, the side effects are still the same.

Dosage and directions

The bottles have thirty pills that should last two weeks. The dosage is one tablet 20 minutes before your breakfast, and one tablet 20 minutes before your lunch. One should not exceed two tablets daily.


Possible side effects

No serious side effects come with the product, except for the following:

  • Calcium carbonate – this may cause small side effects like gas or belching if you take it in normal doses.
  • Caffeine powder – this is a stimulant, so it may have effects such as increasing heart rates and palpitation, insomnia.
  • Corleus Forskolii – this may lead to low blood pressure, but also is very rare.

The thing to note though is that these effects are not very strong, since the ingredients are natural-based. The side effects are common to diet pills, but the balanced approach with the product pays off well. On the good side, the energy the Phen375 (phentermine over the counter) gives you are very high, and you will not need additional caffeine.

Who should use Phen375?

If you have been searching for a diet pill that works effectively but have struggled to find one, this is for you. The pill is effective for both women and men. Even though it is for burning energy to a large extent as well as weight loss, it can also work as an energy booster. To sum it up, this supplement is for you if:

prosYou feel weak on a constant basis

prosYou want to get rid of stubborn fat

prosYou want to burn calories on a constant basis (even at rest)

prosYou have issues with shedding the extra pounds

prosYou are on a diet and working out, but are not getting the ideal results

prosYou are frustrated with the results of your diet

prosYou want a diet pill that has natural ingredients and is safe

prosYou need energy boosts as you lose weight

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What about who should not use it?

If you are breastfeeding, pregnant or you are a person under 18 years of age, you should avoid the supplement as well. If you are under the prescription of other medicines, ensure that you consult with your doctor.


Phen375 reviews – testimonials and results

Many consumers report that the supplement works very well, regardless of their current body weights. Though some reports have been negative, the reaction to the product is largely positive. Some of them include:

  • Trying and failing with other products, but reaching their weight loss goals from using the product, as well as maintaining the weight they desire.
  • The product failing to assist you achieve your weight loss goals (especially when you do not exercise regularly).
  • One user notes that the product works more effectively when you change your diet, eat healthy and exercise (even if it is moderate such as walking).

Here is a quick look on recent testimonials:

phen375_strongest_fat_burner phen375_strongest_fat_burner_reviews_online_honest

Here are other User Testimonials (That shared before and after pictures with Phen375)

best_fat_burner_uae_dubai_abuduabi_phen375_isabella customer-reviews-and-testimonials-phen375-before-and-after-pictures Phen375-Before-wedding weight loss


The benefits start right away because the supplement acts very quickly – in fact, the alertness begins about fifteen minutes after you ingest the pill.

The appetite also reduces, and even after doing several activities, you still feel satisfied. This is because of certain ingredients within the supplement, which signals to the brain that you are full.

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Drawbacks of the supplement

  • The problem of this supplement is that you cannot access it from other sources, except their official website. This means you cannot purchase it from sites like Amazon.
  • Another issue is the price – the price of the product is a premium price, and these mean the final product is more expensive than other supplements.


Pricing structure (review)

Phen375 price list

30 tablets. This costs about $65.95.

There is an offer of 60 tablets, which is 30 tablets (plus 30 free tablets) – if you purchase two bottles, you get a free bottle. This costs $131.90.

120 tablets – this is free 60 tablets as well as a 14-day fat burning eBook. This is the best deal for serious dieters and costs $263.80.

Overall, this is a fair structure, considering the ingredients are of premium quality. The issue probably would be the discount amounts per bottle, though this is not a major issue. There are discount coupons that come with the product, and you can avail these via the discount codes when you buy it.

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Money-back guarantee

An interesting aspect this product has is a 60-day money back guarantee. This indicates that the manufacturer is confident in their product, and in the case of changing your mind, you can contact the customer support easily. However, to ensure the guarantee stays effective, you must follow these steps:

  • Downloading the diet plan from the official website
  • Note the initial weight
  • Following the diet plan and tracking the progress
  • Note the end weight after 30 days



Even though the product is expensive, the good news is shipping is fast and free to any country worldwide. There are certain exceptions, however. These are mainly the countries that do not allow the product:

Myanmar, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Iraq, North Korea, Libya, Syria, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Rwanda, Palestinian territories and the Balkans.



The reason for the rarity of the product is the manufacturer, WOLFSON BERG LIMITED, does not want to risk the quality of the product. Due to the desire to maintain high maintenance of the product, the company does not allow phentermine over the counter most times. This may change eventually, though this decision is still in progress, so avoid purchasing the product outside of the original website.

You can buy the product using the currency of your choice, and if you do not use English, the site supports other languages.

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