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Phen375 Vs Apidexin (African Mango) – Apidexin User Reviews

Apidexin is a certain type of diet pill that burns fat, boosts metabolism and acts as an appetite suppressant.

These certain characteristics categorize Apidexin as a fat burner. Phen375 also does the same job. But which really works Phen375 or Apidexin. Which has stronger fast results? What about user reviews & adverse effects of Apidexin.

All of these questions are clarified in this article in a comparison between both phen375 vs Apidexin. Also, I added a legitimate Apidexin review that contains accurate information attached to user reviews and testimonials.

Comparing Between Phen375 VS Apidexin






Clinical StudiesPill_Clinical_Studies
  • Reduce appetite. (reducing snacks and food cravings).
  • Stimulates energy.
  • Aids in Osteoporosis & improve bone density (calcium ingredient).
  • Anti-depressive aids (regulates hormonal imbalance).
  • Satisfactory results in weight loss (3-5) lbs per week.


  • Increase energy levels and decrease appetite.
  • Effective appetite suppresser
  • Have raspberry ketone alters lipid metabolisms, making it an effective treatment for fatty liver and obesity.
  • Help to lose 2-4 lbs a week
Side-effects/DrawbacksPill_Side_effects 2014None; (Rare mild headache) Worst-fatburner-reviewsAccording to the Natural Medicines Comprehensive Database’s evidence-based rating, Apidexin has a score of 4 on a scale of 1 (lowest rating) to 10 (highest rating) for overall safety.Symptoms; include headaches, nausea, vomiting, loose stools, diarrhea, belching, bloating, hiccups, jitters and skin reactions
Money Back GuaranteeMoneyBackGurantee Worst-fatburner-reviewsYes (30 Days) 2014Yes (90 days)
Prescription Required 2014NoPhen375_No_Prescription_Required 2014NoPhen375_No_Prescription_Required
Appetite Suppressant 2014Yes “Very Powerful” 2014Yes “Very Powerful”
Weight Loss Effect 20143-5 lbs per Week Worst-fatburner-reviews1-3 lbs Per Week
User Reviewstestimonials_&_user_reviews 2014Excellent[button url=’’ size=’small’ style=’blue’]Check Phen375 User Reviews[/button] Worst-fatburner-reviewsPoorUser Reviews are at the end of this article.
AvailabilityPill_Availability 2014Can only be purchased sercurely online from official website and arrive in matter of days at our door step 2014Can only be purchased online from official website ( or
Reorder Rate 2014High Worst-fatburner-reviewsLow
Price 65.99 USD 49.99
Order NowOrder-Pills-Now Official Website  From

Apidexin Reviews “Scientific & User Based”

apidexin-IngredientsWhat first caught my attention is that it has around 8 natural ingredients for the first time I find them all combined in one diet pill.

These specific ingredients had very good reputation in weight loss effect. Doctors always recommend these herbal ingredients.

For example, Dr Oz recommended on one of his episodes Raspberry Ketones saying it’s very powerful in fat burning. This happens to be found in Apidexin.

However, could all 8 ingredients provide a synergetic effect to produce desired results? I prefer Users who used Apidexin answer this question. As they always say; whatever the claims is The user is always right.

How Apidexin Works?

irvingia-gabonensisIt has thermogenic properties that can help increase the body’s metabolic rate & enhances liver function as liver promotes the efficient utilization of fat & helps in the removal of cholesterol from the bloodstream.

Plus the appetite suppressant effect usually (Irvinigia GABONENSIS) is responsible for this Action. Along with Razberi-k (Raspeberry Ketones) that supports body fat reduction & removing of any free-floating toxins.

Last but not least, it contains caffeine to help increase your alertness and energy.

Main Side effects “Warning”

Adipexin-side-effects-warningDiCaffeine Malate can cause jitters, insomnia, headaches, increased heart rate, and raised blood pressure.

Does Apidexin Work?

It claims that it works! But the users who used it have quite diverse feedbacks. Few said it worked for them.

The rest said they only find boosted amount of energy during their day and that’s it. Some even reported that they gained weight after 2 weeks of usage and requested a refund.

Now looking at the reviews on Amazon as it can really help in taking the decision. Seeing 2.1 starts out of 5.0 stars Doesn’t look so good.


Now I really looked outside Amazon to find other users feedbacks but I was really concerned to see those reviews on how “she lost 40 lbs in 28 days” (To good to be true) … plus all the before and after pictures were stolen from other diet pill testimonials. It’s quite difficult to find legitimacy & honesty these days.

Apidexin User Reviews “Amazon” – Click to Enlarge






Check Official Amazon (Direct Page) To See More Testimonials

Phen375 Vs Apidexin – Bottom Line

I’m very concerned with the legitimate user feedbacks on that product. Although it has a decent combination of natural ingredients plus it’s 90 days money back guarantee which means the manufacturers are sure that it works.

I highly recommend going for Phen375 one of the best fat burner on the market supported by thousands of users and media publications.

You can check full review on Phen375. I hope you have a successful safe weight loss journey with satisfactory results.

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