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10 Rules To Use Testosterone Boosters For Long Lasting Libido

Our testosterone levels are responsible for determining your sex drive. When many men reach 30 years, these levels start decreasing as they, in turn, reduce the production of sperms.

This affects your sexual performance which can cause relationship problems with a partner.

Thankfully, testosterone supplements, some call it best libido boosters, flood the market to help you get back your sexual stamina.

Certain supplements work while others negatively affect your body.

We will look at one of the best testosterone boosters for sex drive that have been scientifically proven to perform as expected.

We will also cover the rules to help you improve your sex life while using testosterone boosters and other techniques.

What I will be discussing in the research:

  • What is Testosterone?
  • What causes low testosterone levels?
  • Can testosterone supplements improve your sex drive?
  • What is the difference between libido and testosterone?
  • The effectiveness of testosterone boosters for sexual performance.
  • Testogen testosterone booster
  • Real User Reviews That Used Testogen For 90 Days
  • The Ten rules that will supercharge your T levels

Enjoy the read…

What is Testosterone?

During puberty, a young man starts producing high testosterone levels which are a significant sex hormone. (1)

It is also manifested through the physical changes in adolescent boys such as broad shoulders and growth of facial hair. The sexual excitement that you felt in your teens was thanks to this hormone.

testosterone-what is-Mevolv

Doctors say that in the morning, you are likely to produce high testosterone causing you to erect without necessarily being aroused. (2)

The levels keep on changing with age and may decrease with time. It makes many men develop fewer erections and soft muscles.

This is what makes most men want to boost their levels by using supplements to regain their sex drive.

Women also produce a low amount of testosterone that increases energy and productivity. It also has a connection to high sex drive in women. Lack of enough testosterone in both sexes affects the quality of your sleep, weight gain as well as depression levels. (3)

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What causes low testosterone levels?


Factors such as ailments can also affect the production of the sex hormone.

1- People with pituitary disorders and testicular tumors are likely to experience less sperm production.

2- Those undergoing cancer chemotherapy and tuberculosis patients also have low testosterone levels.

3- High anxiety and stress levels also affect your sex drive.

4- Excess weight and taking medications like beta blockers could lead to low libido.

Can testosterone supplements improve your sex drive?

The ingredients of your product determine the effectiveness of testosterone supplements. While some supplements work on increasing your testosterone levels, others focus on your libido.

Failure to understand the difference between these two makes some people judge products too fast.

Doctors reveal that the supplements work in cases of deficient testosterone levels and during hypogonadism. People who have injured testicles or are undergoing chemotherapy can benefit from testosterone supplements. (4)


Dietary supplements have been tested to have fewer side effects to boost your testosterone levels. Such supplements include; zinc, potassium and vitamin D. (5)

Researchers discovered that using testosterone supplements could improve your sex drive but cause adverse effects.

These medicines are connected to heart conditions. People who use supplements without the proper prescription from a doctor are at high risks of suffering from heart attacks. 

What is the difference between libido and testosterone?

Products that work on your libido include ingredients like fenugreek and Tribulus. (6)

They increase your urge for sex without necessarily affecting your testosterone levels. Sexual arousal is possible from testosterone boosters that contain these two substances.


Ingredients such as D-Aspartic acid are responsible for changing cholesterol to testosterone around your testicles. (7)

When these elements combine with the natural hormone in your body, they thus, increase your sex hormones. 

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The effectiveness of testosterone boosters for sexual performance.

Everybody has specific needs for sexual performance. You may choose boosters to increase your drive while another person uses the same booster to last longer in bed.

We will look at each case to determine how effective the booster can be with your condition.

1- Erectile dysfunction

Cases, where you are unable to erect, have little connection with your testosterone. Boosters may not be sufficient for this condition; instead, PDE5 inhibitor medicines are what you need. These medicines may range from Viagra to Levitra.

2- Sexual arousal

In a situation where you cannot maintain hardness during sexual arousal, testosterone boosters could help you. Find the best testosterone booster for sex to gain back your libido.

3- Premature ejaculation

Don’t use testosterone boosters to reduce premature ejaculation. This condition is not related to your testosterone. Alternative medicines such as emla and priligy can help you reduce ejaculating before time.

4- Fatigue during sex

People who often get extremely exhausted the first rounds can use testosterone boosters to boost their energy levels.

Testogen testosterone booster

Best Testosterone Booster - TESTOGEN honest reviews

This booster is the best testosterone booster for sex, considered the best libido booster

The booster gives you a safe method of increasing your sex hormone without affecting your body organs.

The natural ingredients found in this booster provide you with the strength and sexual stamina with minimal side effects.

Benefits of Testogen

Helps fight body fatigue

If you wake up feeling tired every day, this could be a sign of low testosterone.

Use this booster that rejuvenates your cells to keep you refreshed in the morning.

Boosts the size of muscles

The booster also works on your muscles to help you fight weight gain and develop lean muscles.

It gets rid of stubborn fat on the sensitive areas of your body and reduces the cholesterol levels.

Your metabolism is also improved through Testogen booster.

Improves your concentration

Sharpen your mind by using a booster that keeps you focused on work and prevents irritability.

This is a useful product for people talented in sports to maintain high performance at their game.

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Real User Reviews That Used Testogen For 90 Days

Testogen_customer_reviews-min testogen_user_reviews-min

What are the ingredients in Testogen?

D-Aspartic Acid

aspartic acid for testogen

Specialists reveal that this component helps you gain high testosterone levels by 45% within two weeks. Manufacturers incorporate this ingredient in Testogen to trigger the sex hormone.

It also regulates it to avoid fluctuations with age and enhances the growth of muscles.

Tribulus Terrestris


This is what helps you gain a high libido. It is a herb that helps your body form muscle and reproductive tissues.

Panax Genseng


Improve both your physical and mental state by using a testosterone booster that contains panax genseng. (8)

It enables you to have strong erections for longer without experiencing body fatigue.

You get extra energy to improve sexual performance through endurance and stamina. It also sharpens your mind to give you focus.



Enhance both your libido and testosterone levels through testogen. This natural herb is famous for its anti-oxidants. (9)

It helps you get rid of free radicals to prevent inflammation so that you can fight weight gain.

Your orgasms are also intensified thanks to this herb that boosts your vitality and libido. It helps you raise your energy to satisfy your partner sexually.


zinc extract to testogen

Just as other active testosterone boosters, this does not leave out zinc.

It gives you healthy sperms to make more swimmers for you to easily fertilize an egg. (10)


Selenium for testogen

Minerals such as selenium are crucial for your body’s purification and detoxification.

It increases your metabolism and fights conditions such as high blood pressure.



Different from other ingredients, these elements help your body correctly use the testosterone you are producing.

It works by attaching itself to globulin to enable your muscles to develop.

Vitamin D

testogen and vitamin d

Once your body has increased testosterone, vitamin D helps it retain it so that it is not converted to estrogen.

This effect makes it work effectively with other components such as Zinc.

Why should you boost your libido with Testogen?

This libido booster has undergone thorough clinical tests and has been approved as a natural, safe booster that does not have side effects.

It will not only work on your sexual performance but also enhance your body’s metabolism improving your general physical and mental health.

It also prevents you from depression and mood swings.

Unlike boosters that don’t work, the suppliers here offer you money back guarantee to show that they are confident in their product. You will not feel a waste of your funds from purchasing the product but instead, gaining from it.


Depending on what you intend to achieve, set goals and a time period for how long you want to use testogen. Four capsules of daily use will help you achieve your goals with time. You can take one tablet before every meal and the last prior to sleep.

Any disadvantages?

Some people often forget the dosage. Stay disciplined and set a reminder to avoid skipping testogen pills for you to see results.



Putting Those 10 Rules in combination with boosters, Will SuperCharge Your T Levels!

Apart from using supplements, you can also use natural ways to increase the levels of your sex hormone. These include:

1- Exercise

Your method of training affects your testosterone levels. Get appropriate tools to work out to avoid injuries and stimulate muscles.

Lifting weights through resistance training helps men raise the levels in their body.

You need more energy to lift the weights thus, end up reducing muscle tension and increasing the sex hormone.

Exercises such as squats, deadlifts, and bench presses are crucial to help you achieve your goal. Partials and drop sets are also recommended to help you build body mass.

How long do you train? Long hours of practice can raise cortisol levels reducing testosterone. Do not train for more than 1 hour as you rest for short periods.

2- Nutrition

Combining testosterone boosters with a healthy diet can help raise these levels.

Red meat has been found to increase your sex hormone.

Zinc sources such as raw oysters are also crucial for your sexual stamina as they contain zinc.

3- Healthy Fats

Saturated fats from vegetables like coconut oil are essential in regulating testosterone.

You can also get them in dairy products such as butter and organic milk and cheese.

4- Take fewer sugars

Limiting your sugar content helps you reduce insulin levels thus increasing testosterone.

Turbo Tapping is a useful technique to help you deal with sugar cravings.

5- Increase your vitamin D

Maintain high-quality semen through boosting vitamin D. You can do this by exposing yourself regularly to the sun.

This increases your sex hormones and improves your libido.

6- Minimize stress

Excess stress increases cortisol levels which in turn, block testosterone.

Practicing yoga and laughter techniques can help you get rid of stress to recover high levels of the sex hormone.

7- Enjoy long hours of rest

According to a survey, people who sleep for less than 6 hours have a 15% reduced testosterone hormone.

The more you relax, the higher your chances of increasing these numbers.

Good sleep also helps you take care of your stress levels and enhances your sexual performance.

8- Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Avoid exposing yourself to harsh chemicals that may affect your body organs.

If your body creams contain substances such as parabens and hydroquinone, replace them with natural products that don’t change your normal metabolism.

Low- quality plastics also contain chemicals like estrogen that have harsh effects on your body.

Consumptions of drugs and alcohol are harmful to your health. Replace such habits by taking water instead of beer to improve hydration.

10- Stay away from hot baths

As a man, taking cold showers instead of hot baths stimulates the production of testosterone.

It also boosts your metabolism and improves the functioning of your brain.

If you are not used to it, you can start bathing with warm water then make it cold as you pump your muscles during contraction.

This technique helps you improve your heat and enables your body to produce more testosterone.

Final thoughts

Keeping your testosterone levels high can help you save a broken relationship as you improve your physical health.

Testogen is the best libido booster to raise your self-esteem during sex. Combine this booster with the natural methods we have discussed and make a difference in your health.

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