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Andro400 vs. Male Extra, The Big Giants in Male Enhancement

Andro400 is a male enhancement supplement that promises to help men with their sexual issues.

This product is heavily marketed, and they are showing feedback from users.

This raises the levels of hormones which contribute to grow muscles, stamina, and sexuality.

The fact is, these hormones start to decrease at the age of 40. This is called the “Andropause”, its relatable to menopause in females.

When this hormone drops, the subject gains weight around their abdomen while losing muscle mass. They lose their ability to perform well in bed.

Although Andro400 is designed to care for older men, it can be prolific younger ones thanks their athletic benefits.

This product is made with natural ingredients and it offers the following advantages:

  • Improves your overall Strength and Endurance
  • Improves your Metabolic rate which helps to burn more calories
  • Taking this product increases your energy at cellular levels
  • It helps you overcome fatigue and lethargy
  • It boosts your sex drive
  • Improves your sexual performance

How Andro 400 Works?

This supplement is made by Natural Health Solutions. The site offers every detail you need to know about the product.

It also provides a few articles about male hormones and its related problems. Andro400 is a blend of natural materials which improves the condition of your body without any side effects.

The product has only one ingredient it can boost of. This is Eurycoma Longifolia, better known as the Long Jack.

If this is the first time you have ever head of this ingredient, you should be aware it’s a huge and tall shrub tree.

It is found in Southeast Asian countries and known for improve the sex hormones in men.

It is high in demand and the availability is rare. This is the reason it is carefully protected and restricted for the following uses:

  • For the treatment of men’s sexual problems
  • It treats Erectile Dysfunction
  • Eurycoma Longifolia improves the sexual desire in men
  • It is effect against the treatment of Ulcer, malaria, high blood levels, headache and other such health issues
  • This ingredient contains different chemicals which are used for various health purposes. However, its primary use is the treatment of sex problems in men
  • It produces Testosterone in high amounts

Compared with Male Extra

Andro400 sounds too good on paper. However, there are a few things you need to mind before you actually buy the product.

First, you don’t have any endorsement of any physician.

Second, there is no proof or clinical trials which show one thing the product claims to do.

No doubt this is one of the most affordable deals when it comes to improving your sexual stamina, but it doesn’t come with dire proof which is something you should mind.

That testimony shakes your trust in Andro400, but don’t lose your heart, there is a product that can actually help you out.

Male Extra is a male sex supplement that improves your sexual health and overall performance.

Compared to the Andro400 it is the better choice, as you get al clinical proof and endorsement of many doctors. In addition, you can feel free to read the user feedback given on the main online stores about this product.


To give you a better idea about which one is better, we have detailed the following table:


Andro400 Personal Opinion

Male Extra


Mechanism of Action This product takes some time before you can see visible changes. It doesn’t promise instant results. Andro400 improves your sexual performance by helping you sustain hard and long erections. It increases the product of testosterone which increases your sexual stamina and desire It improves the nitric oxide levels which lead to vasodilation.

This expands the penile blood vessels which allows for more blood flow in the penis.

Male Extra also improves the sperm quality and count while increasing the penis size from 0.8-2.4 inches with continuous 6 month use

Side Effects prosNone prosNone
Indications prosIt is designed for men interested in improve their sexual performance alongside their overall health prosIdeal for people who want better erections with intense orgasms enhancing their stamina without any side effects
Contraindications prosNone prosNone
Ingredients Eurycoma Longifolia L-arginine, HCL, and Pomegranate Ellagic Acid
Doctor Endorsements No prosYes, widely
Money back Guaranty prosYes prosYes
All Natural prosYes prosYes
Long Term Use prosYes prosYes
Clinical Proven No prosYes, with detailed trials
Premature Ejaculation Solution prosYes prosYes
Prescription prosNo Need prosNo Need
User Reviews Not so Postive prosPositive (male extra reviews here)
Price $35 – $40 for one month supply $65 for 90 tablets
Where to Buy Medicinal Stores

Official Site

Benefits of Male Extra

Male Extra Reviews Unboxed pictures

Male Extra offers you the following advantages:

  • prosMale Extra has been carefully designed for hard and long erections, this ultimately improves your sexual experience
  • prosIt comes with a money back guaranty, therefore your money is safe
  • prosThe company offers free education material that helps you improve your penis health.
  • prosIt not only increases the size of penis, instead it also improves your sexual performance with better control over ejaculation
  • prosThere are no side effects of using this product, so you can use it without any worries
  • prosThis is one of the few supplements that can actually cure erectile dysfunction
  • prosIt improves your overall health along with your sexual performance

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Andro400 sounds impressive. It’s a safe product that fails to deliver whatever it claims or promise.

This is a waste of your money and you should be on the look for such schemes.

However, this doesn’t mean that the male enhancement industry is all fake and there is nothing that can help you.

That’s not the case and Male Extra proves it.

We understand that it doesn’t make as tempting claims as the Andro400 but at least it delivers whatever it promises you.

Yes, this supplement can literally help you improve yourself and your performance. It achieves the results in a natural way so you should be worried free about any side effects.

Therefore, if you are going to use a male enhancement supplement, Male Extra is the ideal choice.

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