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Zytenz vs. Male Extra, Choosing the Affected One!

An all-natural male supplement that helps you overcome your sexual problems. This is only available at the official website and you won’t find it at your near store.

Fortunately, the site offers an insight of the product and how it works.

If you want, you can also find the manufacturer brand and see how long they have been in business.

The site also tells you how this product works and you can find a long FAQ section there.

This product works in the same way that many products sold online do, so what makes it different? Why you need it? Let the following advantages answer that!

  • This formula only consist of natural ingredients
  • There are no harmful side effects of using this product
  • The website and label offers exact details of ingredient, and amount used
  • This product has a money back warranty that goes beyond a month
  • You can easily buy this product without a description

This seems like an effective solution with all respect. But how it holds up against your expectations? Let us find out!

Is Zyntex Sticks To Its Claims?

This product claims to achieve what it promises with its natural and herbal ingredients.

These components offer a wide array of benefits when ingested. They increase your testosterone level and improve your body strength, sexual stamina, etc.

The product also works to boost your libido, this dramatically increases your interest in sex.

Increasing your desire means more trips to the bedroom, and this extends the duration and improves the pleasure of each session. This is enjoyable for both parts.

Zytenz also improves your blood flow as it optimizes the blood flow around your genitals.

This leads to easy to attain and better quality erections.

With the increase in blood flow, your testosterone levels also rise.

This is beneficial in all respects, however the advantages of this product are not limited only to sex, it also improves your daily life.

Many claims suggest the health supplement an increase your overall body strength.

It can help you achieve your daily goal with the provided bodily and mental strength.

Zytenz Compared with Male Extra

Zytenz seems to be a promising product with all the ingredients and claims. It has potential benefits. The brand is confident in their product because of its natural formulation. It consists of the following natural ingredients:

  • Tribulus Terrestris
  • Eurycoma Longifolia
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Resveratrol
  • Arginine Ethyl Ester
  • Maca Root

Tribulus Terrestris is among the most popular ingredients in male enhancement industry that actually works.

This ingredient is known for its Potent qualities. The Eurycoma Longifolia is another favorite ingredient which is known for its ability to increase the testosterone levels and improve your sperm count.

The product seems very promising, but we were disappointed when we decided to try it out.

It concluded that the product is not as useful as it told to be. So what to do?

You don’t change your will to fight back. We appreciate that notion and this is why we help with presenting you a supplement that works and keeps you safe.

Male Extra is the solution which keeps you at your best form and safe. It is been around for years and there are no complaints related to the product.


If you don’t want to invest your money in it now, let the following table conclude your decision.




Male Extra


Mechanism of Action There is no complicated thing to explain here. It takes the typical approach of a sex supplement to improve your overall health and performance in bed. It improves the blood flow to your genitals. It improves the nitric oxide levels which lead to vasodilation.

This expands the penile blood vessels which allows for more blood flow in the penis.

Male Extra also improves the sperm quality and count while increasing the penis size from 0.8-2.4 inches with continuous 6 month use

Side Effects prosNone prosNone
Indications prosIt is made for people to improve their mood with an effective medicine prosIdeal for people who want better erections with intense orgasms enhancing their stamina without any side effects
Contraindications prosNone prosNone
Ingredients prosMaca Root, Tribulus Terrestris, etc prosL-arginine, HCL, and Pomegranate Ellagic Acid
Doctor Endorsements prosYes prosYes, widely
Money back Guaranty prosYes prosYes
All Natural prosYes prosYes
Long Term Use consNo prosYes
Clinical Proven consNo prosYes, with detailed trials
Premature Ejaculation Solution consNo prosYes
Prescription prosNo Need prosNo Need
User Reviews consNegative prosPositive
Price $40 for one bottle $65 for 90 tablets
Where to Buy Official Site

Official Site


Benefits of Male Extra

There are many advantages of using Male Extra. It doesn’t only improves your overall health but also your sexual health. Following, we are going to discuss the animal:

  • It optimizes the blood flow to your penis
  • It increases your libido and interest in sex
  • There is a money back guaranty with each product
  • it’s perfectly safe
  • It improves your mood swings and helps you avoid stress for a long time
  • This product can help you become more fit

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Zytenz may come from a reputable brand, but it doesn’t mean you should trust it right away.

There are some great things about the product which we discussed.

However, a product that doesn’t deliver what it is designed to do is worthless.

This is the case with most supplements out there. Most of them will just scam you for your money. So what should you do, give hope?

Actually, do the reverse, change the product.

You can easily opt for Male Extra considering it’s the real deal.  This is a tested and proven product that delivers what it says in a safe way.

The best part is, you won’t have to spend a fortune for fixing a problem. It takes care of your manhood and makes sure you won’t feel tensed, especially when you are about to perform.

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