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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite detailed reviews

Phen375 Vs Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite – Real User Reviews

Hydroxycut is becoming one of the best supplements in the fat burner brands.

It gained good amount of positive feedback in the last 2 years. It helped many people to lose weight and some did post some before and after pictures.

It’s sold at GNC stores under the brand-name of “Hyrdoxycut Hardcore Elite“.

There are also Hydroxycut Pro clinical although this product is much less effective than the first. Plus many females on GNC reported its common side effect giving a skin rash.

The main comparison would be between two powerful fat burners on the market, both considered effective, working and most of all safe.

It’s Phen375 versus Hydroxycut hardcore elite. Phen375 made a wild reputation these past 5 years. Not only positive feedback from it’s users but the reorder rates were up to the roof in the last year.

Comparison Between Phen375 vs Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite




Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Clinical StudiesPill_Clinical_Studies
  • Increase metabolic rate based on it’s thermogenisis effect leading to more energy.
  • High weight loss rate from 3-5 lbs per week.
  • Anti-depressant effect to avoid any depression during weight loss journey.
  • Appetite suppression; avoid food cravings
  • Super-thermogentic experience leading to increase metabolic rate.
  • Moderate weight loss from 1-2 lbs per week.
  • Increase in amount of energy for workouts.
Sideeffects/DrawbacksPill_Side_effects 2014None. Rare; mild headache 2014None. Rare; Jitters
Money Back GuaranteeMoneyBackGurantee 2014Yes (30 days) 2014Yes (30 days)
Prescription Required Phen375_No_Prescription_Required Phen375_No_Prescription_Required
Appetite Suppressant 2014Yes Worst-fatburner-reviewsLow effect
Anti-depressant 2014Yes Worst-fatburner-reviewsNo
Weight Loss Effect 20143-5 lbs per week (Practically Proven) Worst-fatburner-reviews1-2 lbs per week (Practically Proven)
User Reviewstestimonials_&_user_reviews

2014Excellent Feedback

Phen375 User Reviews


2014Excellent Feedback (check down this article)

AvailabilityPill_Availability 2014Can be easily purchased from the official website 2014Can be easily purchased from
Reorder Rate 2014High Worst-fatburner-reviewsLow
Price 65.95 USD (Special offer on official website (get one free bottle) 47.95 (no special offers)
Order NowOrder-Pills-Now Official Website On Amazon

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite Reviews “Scientific & User Based“

I don’t like just giving a clear comparison of two competitive products without giving a clear insight into the product itself.

So far Phen375 got reviewed on this following article (Phen375 Reviews) so no need to investigate it here.

My magnifying glass will focus only on Hydroxycut as it’s impressive to see such diet pill with that price doing so good results.

In every article, I ask 2 questions on any weight loss product

Does it work? And it seems Hydroxycut is doing great job in weight loss and fat burn.

What are the side effects? There are no side effects to this product. However, some reported jitters and insomnia at first week of usage.

Hydroxycut passed my 2 basic questions excellently. Taking it to the next level with this  last question.

How much should I expect to lose weight with Hydroxycut Elite?

This is where the story begins. Using Hydroxycut Elite on daily basis helps to increase weight loss rate up to 1 -2 lbs per week. And if you increased the amount of exercise you might get lucky and reach 3 lbs per week. Which is good!

So what is a thermogenic diet pill?

This is the main mechanism of action of Hydroxycut Elite where it increases body temperature to a certain degree therefore the metabolic rate raises and results are more fat burning along with great energy to be used.

Hydroxycut Elite User’s Review on GNC “Click To Enlarge”

Hydroxycut_hardcore_elite_gnc_Reviews Hydroxycut_hardcore_elite_gnc_Testimonials Hydroxycut_hardcore_elite_gnc_user_Testimonials Hydroxycut_hardcore_elite_not_good_review

Main Complains From Hydroxycut (Personal Experience)

  • My problem with Hydroxycut is that you do have to pee a lot than usual due to it’s amount of caffeine in it.
  • Must drink 6-8 cups of water per day to avoid dehydration
  • Lots of sweat during workout due to it’s (thermogenic effect)

Hydroxycut Hardcore Ingredients

  • Lady’s mantle extract
  • Wild olive extract
  • Komijn extract
  • Wild mint extract

Hydroxycut Before and After Picture “after two week of usage”


The main value behind Hydroxycut elite can be summed as following;

1-      Effective and works as an appetite suppressant

2-      More energy during the day no need for coffee

3-      No side-effects and boosts metabolism

4-      Weight loss rate from 1-2 lbs per week

Phen375 Vs Hydroxycut – Bottom Line

Buying Hydroxycut is alright and it’ll make some noticeable differences. However, I recommend to read on Phen375 as it has a great effect on weight loss and much more suitable for women than men (biologically more compatible).

Most importantly the main pro for Phen375 over Hydroxycut, its weight loss rate is 3 times more per week. This can be a clear advantage for the ones interested to fasten the process of fatburning and weight loss rate.

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