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Phen375 Vs Adipex (Prescriped) – Adipex User Reviews

In the last decade, Adipex considered one of the leading weight loss pills.

It has proven a great effect on weight loss. However, in the recent years, many Adipex users stumbled upon significant complications to this so-called “Adipex”.

Besides, that it is highly priced in comparison with other diet pills.

This pill leads to addiction and side-effects that will be discussed furthermore in this Adipex review.

Plus comparing it with Phen375 that is considered one of the iconic pills in weight loss & the best alternative fat burner on the market.

Comparison of Phen375 vs Adipex

Product Phen375 Adipex
Clinical SupportClinical_studies_phentermine_37.5
  • Manufactured in a facility that is approved by the FDA,
  • supported by health care teams across the globe.
  • Numerous customers satisfaction.
  • Prescription required.
  • Can’t be used by anyone unless BMI is over 30.
  • Classified as IV narcotic.
  • Noticeable side effects
  • Can’t be purchased online
Addiction prosNo “Natural” Yes “if used over 8 weeks”
Availability Phentermine_Availability prosPurchased online with certified visa security system and arrives at your doorstep in matter of days Can’t be purchased online. Can’t be bought from pharmacies unless with a prescription from your physician.
Side-effectsPhentermine-37.5_side-effects prosProven None dry mouth, nervousness, euphoria, unpleasant taste, blurring of vision, acid reflux, confusion, changes in libido, diarrhea, clumsiness, fatigue, vomiting, skin rash, pupil dilatation, dizziness, convulsions, fainting, lightheadedness, tremors, restlessness, overactive reflexes, stomachache, panic, and psychological and physical dependence
Consumer Experiencetestimonials-on-phentermine 37.5 prosExcellent “See full Reviews here” Very Poor concerning safety but good feedbacks in weight loss
Money Back Guarantee 45 days None
See Full Review Phen375 User Review Adipex Review – down below
Order NowOrder-Phentermine-Now Official Website Prescription Needed

Adipex Mechanism in Weight Loss


It triggers the appetite suppressant effect leading to higher energy that enhances the metabolic rate of the human body.

The presence of amphetamine Phentermine is the secret ingredient to why Adipex works.

The major problem it leads to “Addiction” and for that reason that is why it’s prescribed and cannot be used for longer than 8 weeks.

Adipex should be avoided by people who are suffering from:

  • Shortness of breath
  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Seizures
  • Blurred vision
  • History of medical addiction
  • Depression
  • Liver or kidney disease

Adipex User Feedbacks “Testimonials”

Adipex-TestimonialsAdipex-TestimonialsAdipex-Testimonials-3Adipex-Testimonials-user-review Adipex-Testimonials-bad-review

How much does Adipex cost?

Average prices of Adipex starts at over £100 (165 USD) In comparison with PHen375 with a month supply costing £46 (65 USD).

Bottom line

Adipex Vs phen375 - Adipex User Review

I suggest that phen375 is much safer, efficient and cheaper.

That doesn’t mean I entirely disregard the benefits of Adipex. Yes, Adipex has weight loss benefits but it’s major concerning problem, is its adverse effects on the health condition.

I prioritize safety over weight loss. Phen375 managed to balance this formula by giving excellent weight loss results parallel with the safety of the diet pill in short-term use or long-term use.

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