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You Will Never Want To Skip Breakfast After This Yummy Recipe

Are you one of those people who hate breakfast or undermine it?

Not hungry first thing in the morning?

Pushed for time? Trying to lose weight?

Or maybe after a morning workout, you are seeking something to recharge you and also help boost your detoxification process in a natural way.

Skipping meals, especially breakfast, can actually make weight control more difficult. Brazilian Breakfast skippers tend to eat more food than usual at the next meal, or nibble on high-calorie snacks to stave off hunger.

Homer_BreakfastStudies show that eating a healthy breakfast (as opposed to the kind containing doughnuts) can help give you:

  • A more nutritionally complete diet, higher in nutrients, vitamins and minerals
  • Improved concentration and performance in the classroom or the boardroom
  • More strength and endurance to engage in physical activity
  • Lower cholesterol levels

Brazilians love to have mostly antioxidants to be included in their breakfasts

Why is it important for you to eat antioxidants? Because they protect your cells from free radical damage which ages your body and leads to degenerative conditions and other health problems. Plus, antioxidants help with weight loss and to improve your quality of sleep, provide allergy relief, increase energy, and much more.

AcaibenefitsThis concept led many Brazilians over the years to translate this into the most high available forms of antioxidants which is Acai berries.

Each morning they go on preparing a delicious bowl of acai along with many additives that provides intense amount of energy, help in the weight loss process and facilitates the detoxification process of the human body.

Acai bowls look like ice cream, almost taste like ice cream, and make you feel good about your breakfast choice.

To be clear: this is not the quickest and easiest of breakfasts (at first). Also, it is not a cheap breakfast (since it comes all the way from Brazil). But, it is completely worth the effort. Try it and you’ll see. If you are not old fashion and merely after the benefit you can try Acai plus extreme.

A Brief Idea of What Acai is (You can skip it if you already know)

açaí is the best known, thanks to its super-food status. Traditionally eaten by indigenous tribes for energy, the hard purple berry is also used in Amazonian cooking, as a sauce with fish. A clever marketing campaign in the ’80s thrust it into the spotlight as the energy snack of choice for surfers in glamorous Rio de Janeiro. Served as a sweet, gloopy, frozen sorbet, sometimes topped with granola and slices of banana, or whizzed up in juices, it can found in every café, bakery, juice bar and supermarket across the country. You can even buy açaí  vodka, and açaí  beer.

Delicious Brazilian Breakfast Acai Recipes:


Bullets200 grams frozen açaí puree, thawed slightly (about 1/3 cup) (look for “smoothie packs” in the freezer section of health food stores)

Bullets2 bananas

Bullets1 tablespoon sugar

Bullets1/4 cup frozen passionfruit puree (optional), or 1/4 cup orange juice

Bullets1/4 cup granola

Also another common recipes Brazilian do (a Bit over budget)

Bullets250 ml rice milk

Bullets1 scoop acai powder

Bullets1 scoop soaked oatmeal

Bullets2 tbs pomegranate seeds

Bulletsfresh mixed berries

Bulletsdried mulberries

Bulletsdried inca berries

Optional Toppings (depends on your personl preference)
granola, coconut, cacao nibs, banana, blueberries, chia seeds, strawberries, grapes, kiwi, pumpkin seeds, almonds and goji berries

Breakfast Coffee and Brazilians Always Mix


Ofcourse we all know that Brazil is also popular with coffee. In fact, breakfast is referred to as Café da Manhã in Portuguese, which literally translates as “morning coffee”. It is clear that coffee is a very important part of Brazilian culture and history and as we will see further down, it also plays a central role in breakfast.

They have variety of options with morning coffee:

  • café: strong, black coffee
  • café duplo: double espresso
  • café com pingo: coffee with a little milk
  • café glacé: iced coffee

Coffee and tea contain high levels of nontraditional antioxidants such as flavonoids.

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