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7 Reasons Why It’s Difficult To Be a Bodybuilding Girl

MSc Muscles! This term is not unusual nowadays despite the fact that bodybuilding has been widely popular with men than women.

Actually, this is not because women are weaker for such tough sport, yet this is because of their different body natures and levels of sex hormones.


this adds difficulties and obstacles for a girl to have a muscular bulky built-body.

Consider this;

just caring about a fit body is more flexible than muscular bodybuilding.

In this context,

We will discuss seven of the major difficulties a girl faces during her bodybuilding progress and you will be provided with the absolute solutions to overcome these problems.

We will also introduce to you the Crazy bulk (Bulking stack) and (Cutting stack) that will definitely help you to reach the shape and muscularity you desire and to overcome the obstacles.

Is there is a difference between Male and female bodybuilding?

Actually, there’s no difference between the methods, both undergo the same methods and use the same physiological workouts to build their muscles.

The difference is in the desired physique shape, the intensity of each method and the emphasis on slightly different muscles.

So, let’s get down to business!

Sex hormones

Naturally, men have higher levels of testosterone hormone while women have higher levels of estrogen.

As a matter of fact, testosterone is a muscle builder hormone, as well, a fat burner and put males in the anabolic state more often, while estrogen hormone gives the body excess fat.

This shows that women lack hormonal support to build their bodies. It comes to women with an impression muscle building is much more difficult.

How to overcome this?

Stick to cardio workouts. Cardio should be your best friend. Cardio Keeps your heart rate elevated which will consequently keep the calories burning high enough to burn the fats.

Cardio has its big deal of influence on women not just physically but also on psychological levels.


Due to the difference in hormonal nature as mentioned above, women keep sticking toughly with their diets.

As the higher levels of testosterone for men keep their bodies in a continual anabolic state that they do not worry or panic if they decided to take a short break from dieting.

On the contrary, women metabolism is slower, and estrogen contributes to their body fats increase.

How to overcome this?

Stick to a Low-carb, low-protein diet and a higher level of fat diet.  A girl’s body is able to burn more fat, fewer carbohydrates, and proteins.



Women are less likely to include intensive explosive training in their training routine.

As a girl’s nervous system cannot endure work capacity on training with weights close to her maximum strength.

This adds loads to her training and requires longer recovery time.

How to overcome this?

Never let go of weightlifting. It’s your way to build your bulky strong muscles but includes less explosive and controlled weightlifting training in your reasonably chosen training routine.

Steroid use

Steroids are forms (derivatives) of male sex hormone; testosterone. Bodybuilders tend to use steroids- illegally –to obtain fast results for bulky body muscles.

Sadly, the consequent permanent side effects are not to play with, especially with girls.

They lead to having excessive facial and body hair, deep voice and your fit physique shaped built body turns into that big beast-like man’s body shape.

Is that all of the bad news?

What is worse is steroids abuse may lead to severe chronic infections as liver abnormalities and tumors. Even the cutting down leads to severe psychological changes as long-term depressions.

Any Alternatives?

women_legal steroids

Definitely! If you want to get fast results with supplemental aid and elevate your body strength levels, use can use safe alternatives for steroids.

 The crazy bulk (Bulking stack) products will do wonders with that.

What is the Crazy bulk (Bulking stack)?

It’s a safe, legal, steroid alternative, powerful set of 4 bodybuilding supplements that work on rapid muscle bulking and massive growth. They are:

  • D-Bal (legal Dianabol alternative)
  • Testo-Max (legal Sustanon alternative)
  • DecaDuro (legal Decadurabolin alternative)
  • Trenorol (legal Trenbolone alternative)

Each supplement, separately, is powerful on its own but when they are combined together they maximize the overall powerfulness of each supplement.

Why the Bulking stack?

The main aim of the stack combined is to offer optimal body anabolism to obtain the best body bulking results rapidly and safely. They are formulated to:

  • prosPromote testosterone production for fast muscle formation.
  • prosReduce the body fat
  • prosReduce recovery times to train hard more often.
  • prosImprove nitrogen retention for muscle building.
  • prosElevate your protein metabolism for rapid muscle growth.
  • prosEmpower your body for more weightlifting and workouts.

legal steroids bulking for women without side-effects

Legal steroids alternatives produced by crazy bulks are natural ingredients, which simulate the effect on building muscles that steroids do, improving protein synthesis and increasing testosterone levels.

However, this never goes with the same extent as anabolic steroids, which mean that there is no fear of the side effect of steroids.

Menstrual Cycle

During the menstrual cycle, a lot of changes happen to your body that you should expect and be prepared for with calculations.

The symptoms that start to show up on your body during the PMS are:

  • Water retention
  • Bloating
  • Cravings and appetite change.
  • Alteration in pain tolerance
  • Difference in energy levels.

What is their effect on a girl’s bodybuilding?

Menstrual cycle symptoms affect your bodybuilding on different levels as:

  • Metabolism rate

Your cycle changes up your metabolic rate. The week before your period is of a higher calorie-burning rate than the rest of the month.

During this phase of the cycle and on your period is when you experience cravings and higher hunger levels.

How can we deal with that!

Cycle your calories intake! This is where your bodybuilding diet should be directed…Let your calorie intake be much lower during the 2 weeks immediately after your period, when hunger levels are lower.

The week before and during your period, increase your calorie intake back to a maintenance level. This will help you set your metabolism.

  • Bloating stomach appearance

The excess water retention leads to this bloating appearance as if your Abs had faded away…This is mainly because of the roles female hormones contribution to your cycle.

How to overcome this?

  1. Drink more water than usual.
  2. Avoid salty foods in your diet.
  3. Drink herbal tea.
  • Workout

Put in mind that yon period, your body temperature increases and your body pain tolerance levels fluctuate. Your workout routine should not be the same then.

Yet we will keep in progress!

  • Just do not perform intense workouts that may raise your body temperature and consequently exhaust your body and make you uncomfortable.
  • Place your harder and intense workouts after menstruation.

This will help you maintain your workouts balance and your body will regain higher energy and strength levels, as it has already high persistence at this phase.

Exercise-induced Amenorrhoea

On the other hand, bodybuilding girls may experience amenorrhoea.

It means the absence of women’s menstrual period because of excessive high-intensity exercises and actually the body condition of metabolic stress that releases metabolic stress hormones.

How to overcome this?

  • Your diet routine should keep your body mass and essential fats near normal levels. Avoid fats reduction below normal; this reduces estrogen production and put your hormones in a mess.
  • Calcium supplements and oral contraceptives are a good sort of help in this case. They prevent bone loss and control the symptoms that are likely as menopausal.

Definite body shape

Due to the female hormonal state, the water retention and the bulking process on which you gain some fat with your muscle gains, the definition is not reached yet!

Considering these factors, it’s time for the cutting cycle…Therefore,

The Crazy Bulk (Cutting Stack) is there for you.

What is Crazy Bulk (Cutting stack)?

It’s a safe, legal, intelligently designed set of supplements that work on getting your body super cut and preserving your gains of lean muscle mass.

The stack includes:

  • Anvarol (Anavar natural alternative)
  • Testo-Max (Sustanon natural alternative)
  • Winsol (Winstrol natural alternative)
  • Clenbutrol (Clenbuterol natural alternative)

Why the Cutting Stack?

The 4 top-performing cutting products offer:

  • prosTrimming of all the unwanted body fat.
  • prosShedding all excess retained water in the bulking cycle.
  • prosAn amazingly cut and defined body shape.
  • prosEnergy support for your workouts during the cutting.
  • prosBoosting your testosterone levels to retain your lean muscle.
  • prosSerious body shredding.

Why choose the Crazy bulk products?

They Crazy Bulk supplements are safe and legal…They have no side effects!

The Crazy Bulk offers you a user guide with each stack that provides you with the latest data on each supplement and the stack and leaves no questions unanswered.

They have stayed in business for so long because they are trusted. They carry the best performance enhancing products.


How to get the Crazy Bulk products?

Products of Crazy Bulk Supplement online store are always available. It offers free worldwide delivery.

More to add,

Their prices are below competition with higher qualities compared to other products having the same aim.

They provide saving offers on each stack as a whole instead of buying each individual product separately.

A good thing that you will benefit from for sure on visiting their official website regularly is that they offer different deals and discounts for customers.

Let us assume that building muscles are a long and slow process. No worries!

As long as you are aware of the difficulties that may hinder you from reaching your goal this will be sufficient to avoid failures and to predict any upcoming problems.

Bottom line,

We hope by the end of this article you are now totally aware of these difficulties and how to avoid and deal with them. You Dominate!

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