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Duromine (Phentermine) – Duromine 40 mg / 30 mg / 15 mg Review

It’s difficult saying “Duromine” without mentioning Phentermine. As it’s a brand name for Phentermine.

Duromine goes under the category of an appetite suppressant only available under doctor’s prescription.

Choosing between PhenQ vs Duromine is based on various facts to be discussed in the following Article.

Although Duromine has been withdrawn out of the market due to its severe side-effects and can be only available in Australia.

PhenQ has been the main alternative solution for people all over the globe.

The ones who are seeking same benefits as Duromine, available and without the side-effects.

You can check out why PhenQ help in losing weight in the following PhenQ review article.

Comparison Between PhenQ Vs. Duromine

Product PhenQ

phenQ pills



Clinical studyClinical_studies_phentermine_37.5
  • Clinically proven as a fat burner and an appetite suppressant.
  • Anti-Depressant effect.
  • Enzyme boosting formulation that stops food craving during the day.
  • nontoxic, non-addictive pharmaceutical-grade chemical nutrients improving the metabolic process.


  • Clinically proven to suppress appetite. (Same phentermine effect).
  • Only legally prescribed to patients meeting strict criteria (severely obese only) BMI over 30.
  • Taking it too long might result in addiction.
Side-effects / DrawbacksPhentermine-37.5_side-effects prosNone, In very rare cases it may cause a mild headache.
  1. highly addictive
  2. Impotence/lack of sexual passion.
  3. Depression
  4. Sleep condition.
  5. Beclouded eyesight.
  6. Dry mouth and eye region.
Benefits of UsePhen375-phentermine benefits pros

Natural and easy weight loss method.

Made up of pure and quality ingredients.

Help you to lose 5 pounds per week.

Speed up body metabolic rate.

Curtail cravings for food.



Alter your brain chemistry and ensure your appetite is suppressed.

Treats severe obesity under certain conditions.

Addiction prosNo consYes
AvailabilityPhentermine_Availability prosWorldwide and can be ordered online and reach your door step in days consOnly found in Australia. Online pharmacies have stopped selling it, & many took advantage of the brandname to scam people.
User Reviewtestimonials-on-phentermine 37.5 Full User Review on PhenQ User Review Down Below (end of this article)
Order NowOrder-Phentermine-Now Official Website “Prescription Needed”

Duromine Review “Scientific & User Based”


Duromine has been aged on the market. For that reason, many are searching for this specific diet pill. Simply because it’s been said that it works!

Yes, it does. Too many of whom are concerned, Duromine users reported not just normal side effects to cope with during weight loss.

It has been considered severe side effects based on the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) this lead to regulating Duromine and can only be brought under doctor’s prescription and to be used on very short-term periods as it belongs to the schedule IV narcotics.

Duromine Mechanism of Action in Weight Loss

A Duromine pill has Phentermine as the active ingredient, this stimulates the central nervous system to restrict appetite as well as boost blood circulation. As a result, the patient does not feel hungry.

Main Thing Duromine Superior at the anorectic effect of PhenQ is weaker than that of Duromine but the PhenQ active ingredients target several obesity risk factors simultaneously.

Duromine User Reviews/ Testimonials




Bottom line


Recent research absolutely shows that the negative risks of Duromine usage by far exceed its benefits.

If you are currently on Duromine it’s recommended to see your physician as soon as possible.

If you are still in the hesitation stage then PhenQ is highly recommended as a great alternative to Duromine.

Based on customer reviews, scientific research and media endorsements PhenQ win the debate.

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