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Kou Tea Review –The Best Combination of Four Teas

We all love a hot cup of tea in our hands. But, making use of supplements isn’t so good because we usually relate its usage with health conditions. Because of Kou Tea, you’ll have fun while drinking something that will, in fact, make you lose weight. The mixing contained in Kou Tea benefit you by increasing your metabolic process and triggering your body’s capacity to keep unwanted fat away from your daily life.

Generally speaking, tea can certainly be a good way to lose fat naturally and without damaging your body. I usually recommend for organic weight loss. Kou Tea is one of the several fat loss/slimming teas available on the market. It’s not easy determining which one is the better option for your objectives.

Here’s a neutral overview of Kou Tea: what to expect, how you can sip it, and prices of it. Have fun!

What is Kou Tea – Slimming Tea?


Kou Tea is the obvious way to change your body because it has healthy positive aspects and it consists of green tea extract, herbal tea, Pu-erh tea along with white tea. The company stated that the important thing behind the results of Kou Tea is a unique super organic substance that provides good results, since they are fully organic, they’ll take some time to show results, though the effects are progressive. However, the benefits are long term and most important with zero side effect.

How Kou Tea Works?

how does Kou Tea slimming tea worksjpg

Kou tea is effective in helping the body to improve metabolic rate to burn off fat at a higher pace. This mixture of different ingredients of different teas works along to allow 100 % health advantages, which decreases your food interest, so body eats less and burn off a lot of unwanted fat. The particular weight loss benefits associated with Kou Tea are slight; therefore, don’t count on any nightlong wonder to lose weight but it may be a good process.

If you take a single serving of tea every day, you can easily choose when to drink that fits perfect in your day. Morning hours, right before meals, or night time. The true strength powering Kou Tea is the synergistic mixture of White Tea, Herbal Tea, Green Tea Extract and Pu-erh Teas. Their capability is amplified when used at the same time.

  • prosWeight Reduction – with the mixture of four potent teas, Kou Tea will help you get rid of as much as 5 lbs. per week.
  • prosImproves Metabolic rate – constituents in Kou Tea have been proven to boost metabolic rate.
  • prosImproves Vitality – especially Green Tea Extract can increase vitality.
  • prosStops Hunger — can prevent craving to help your body shed pounds.
  • prosRemoves toxins — toxins can give rise to health issues for example cancer malignancy and cardiovascular disease. This tea gets rid of them all.

Price tag

This is a popular and reliable company, so it’s possible to be confident that your payment and information remains safe and secure. One box is equivalent to one month’s supply. If you purchase multiple packages, you get special discounts. Listed here is a breakout of price tag daily cost and per cost.

  • One Package $34.95 split by thirty days means $1.17
  • Two packages $69.28 divided by two months Means $1.16 each day
  • Three packages plus one cost-free $104.80 means $0.87 each day (Cost Effective)


What healthy Effects Can I Expect?

The Kou Tea site has several customer reviews with some people experiencing weight reduction results in just a couple of weeks dropping as much as 5lbs weekly. However, it’s more typical that you will find results for at least two months.

Where Can You Buy Kou Tea?

A good option to buy Kou Tea is straight from the company. Visit the public site to make purchases. In some cases, you might find low priced Kou Tea products on 3rd party selling sites, but this can be risky because you do not really know if you’re getting the genuine product or if it has been tampered with. As this is a product you’ll be using daily, I wouldn’t risk your wellbeing by getting it somewhere other than the original Kou Tea company.

Each package of Kou Fat Loss Tea you get includes a month’s supply. In the event, you want to get the finest package, it’s best to get in large quantities with regard to added cost savings.

At the moment, Kou Tea is offering a package that if you get three boxes, you will get one extra package of Kou Tea totally free! You’ll have to consume the Kou Tea not less than a couple of months to find out final results. Therefore it’s recommended that you stock up in advance.


  • prosNatural and organic and better as compared to taking doubtful pills
  • prosReliable and well-recognized company
  • prosGreat mixture of teas to lose weight
  • prosZero negative effects – this is natural and organic which means you shouldn’t count on any negative effects
  • prosGreat customer care
  • prosSpecial discounts when you purchase in large quantities
  • prosUser-friendly and uncomplicated


  • Be certain that you’re not hypersensitive to any kind of constituents before drinking
  • Make a good effort to live healthier and stronger way of life (this particular product works but isn’t magic)

Kou Tea Ingredients

Kou Tea is a mixture of 4 different herb teas targeted at promoting weight reduction, making a claim as much as five lbs. of fat loss each week. On the other hand, this is primarily based on the person, the living style, and health behavior. Four herbal teas incorporated are the following:

pointWhite Tea

This is actually the tea having the scrumptious flavor of Kou Tea. White tea will help you look more youthful and gets rid of the detrimental body toxins contained in your blood vessels and tissues. White tea also offers high de-oxidizing features. White tea can help recover fluid stability, includes a few organic caffeine, has medicinal attributes, speeds up metabolic rate, decreases sugar consumption & removes toxins and compounds!

  • It reduces fat
  • Prevents assimilation of fat molecules
  • It’s anti-bacterial and antiviral
  • Decreases fat cell function
  • It protects cardiovascular ailments

pointOolong Tea

Oolong tea features many amazing benefits. Oolong tea is quite useful as an aid in fat loss. A few of its benefits consist of improved fat loss, oolong tea helps you to lower cholesterol levels, can improve psychological performance, helps you to improve digestive function, can help your skin to remain balanced & fortifies the disease fighting capability.

  • It improves fat loss process
  • It features reducing blood glucose levels
  • It can help reduce high blood pressure levels

pointGreen Tea

Green tea is preferred to use in many fat loss solutions because it has the capacity to increase the fat loss process in your body. The fat loss and health advantages are published in many research reports and scientific studies. Its content has vitamin antioxidants which will make you look more glowing, and strengthen your body to stay balanced. The herbal antioxidants are also great to fight the free radicals within your body and can improve the metabolic rate.

  • Increase metabolic process
  • Reduce likelihood of developing various forms of cancer malignancy
  • Increase capacity of body to lose fat

pointPu-erh Tea

Pu-erh Tea is an incredibly sought after tea in China herbalism because of its several amazing benefits. Pu-erh Tea aids to cut down bad cholesterol levels, removes toxins in your body, helps in digestion of food, helps with weight reduction, reduces anxiety, can help sleep a lot better & helps you to fight health problems by aiding to improve the disease fighting capability. It doesn’t have any negative effects since it is 100% organic. Pu-erh tea also actively works to aid in increasing the circulation of blood.

  • Cuts down unwanted fat
  • Decreases food crave
  • Cleans blood vessels

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Customer Reviews

The customer reviews shown on Kou Tea official site are completely positive. Most of its buyers have documented helpful changes in their health and fitness, levels of energy and frequency of urges, which means that this product is proven to work and not just in the losing weight but also improves the general health and fitness of people who use it on a regular basis.

Kou Tea slimming tea testimonials

Every person who has consumed this tea 2 times a day has lost weight. The most fortunate ones have dropped up to 5 lbs. each week, as the most of the buyers have dropped 8 lbs. in 6 weeks.

To improve the effectiveness of this tea, you should workout and maintain a healthy diet.

Final Verdict

Without a doubt, if you are living a balanced way of life (eating reasonably nutritious and doing physical exercise) then this tea will do wonders for you. If you eat junk food a lot and lay on the couch all day long then you wouldn’t expect any wonders from this. Most of these ingredients speak for themselves.

The other element that I’m pleased with is that there are some real and constructive reviews that are positive on the official site. On the other hand, I have also seen countless reviews that are positive and recommendations on 3rd party websites.

This is undoubtedly a good option to purchase Oolong Tea, White Tea, Green Tea Extract, and Pu-erh Tea that all are combined in one product. I really like the taste of the mixture and can certainly feel its strength!

Additionally, there are many recommendations you can see on their site. I’d strongly recommend giving Kou tea a try. You can easily get the best offer on this tea when you purchase straight from the official website.


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