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KingSize Plus Vs. Male Extra, Which One Dominates the Market?

KingSize Plus is a recently released supplement that aims to improve your sex life.

It helps you to perform better by giving you long-lasting erection, improving the intensity of your orgasms and improving your sexual stamina.

This product promises to achieve all that with a blend of natural ingredients that we will discuss below.

The manufacturer of this product suggests you better take one capsule in morning and one in night. This way, you can enjoy superior sexual performance within days of use.

How it Works?

KingSize Plus improves the nitric oxide levels in your body as this feeds on your tissue.

This improves the blood flow and fills the penile arteries.

This lets you enjoy bigger and better erections.  With continuous use of this product, your body keeps getting essential nutrients that help you sustain long erections.

The Dopamine is produced to absorb maximum nutrition content of anything you consume.

If you want to enjoy the best results of King Size Plus, then you better follow this routine:

  • Take 2 capsules in the entire day, one in the morning and one at night. Take both of these with regular exercise and proper diet
  • This supplement improves your energy as the King Size Plus capsules work to restore your stamina
  • After one week of use, you will notice changes as this supplement makes you feel stronger and improves your sexual performance

There are a ton of activities that can lay your energy to waste.

As you are tired from your day time commitment, don’t feel embarrassed if you fail to perform at night.

Instead of looking embarrassed, you need to find a way to replenish your energy.  Taking King Size Plus is an easy and efficient way to do that.

This product can help you if you have lost your sexual desire and energy.

However, you have to improve your lifestyle while taking these pills to make sure you get the best results.

You need to make this supplement a part of your daily life if you want better focus and ability to perform at night.

King Size Plus Compared with Male Extra

The King Size Plus uses a combination of herbs and botanic ingredients like Tongkat Ali and L-Arginine.

These ingredients don’t improve your testosterone levels. Instead, they widen your blood vessels which makes it easy for blood to flow into your erection.

Each capsule of King Size Plus has 250mg formula, this means there is 500 mg of ingredients serving in two capsules, your daily dose. The product made by King Size is a US based company.

This is perhaps not the best product we have a review so far, so we are going to suggest something better.

Instead of paying a premium charge of $140 per bottle for King Size Plus, you can use a better product that wont even cost you 60 bucks.

Yes, male extra is a male enhancement supplement that is proven to be effective, is perfectly safe and wont cost you a small fortune.

If you are looking forward to making some improvements, you better do it with Male Extra, let the following convince you.

King Size Plus

Male Extra

Male Extra

Mechanism of Action It doesn’t increase testosterone levels, nor penis size. All it does is widen the penile arteries which allows for better blood flow. It improves the nitric oxide levels which lead to vasodilation. This expands the penile blood vessels which allows for more blood flow in the penis.  Male Extra also improves the sperm quality and count while increasing the penis size from 0.8-2.4 inches with continuous 6 month use
Side Effects prosNone prosNone
Indications prosIdeal for people who are looking for a small boost in their sexual performance prosPerfect for people who want better erections with intense orgasms improving their stamina without any side effects
Contraindications prosNone prosNone
Ingredients prosTongkat Ali, L-Arginine, etc prosL-arginine, HCL, and Pomegranate Ellagic Acid
Doctor Endorsements consNo prosYes, widely
Money back Guaranty prosYes prosYes
All Natural prosYes prosYes
Long Term Use prosYes prosYes
Clinical Proven prosYes prosYes, with detailed trials
Premature Ejaculation Solution consNo prosYes
Prescription prosNo need prosNo Need
User Reviews consNeutral prosPositive
Price $140 per Bottle $65 for 90 tablets
Where to Buy Available in Major Stores

Official Site


Benefits of Male Extra

Male Extra achieves the optimal goals by directing more blood flow to your penis. It improves your sexual life with a holistic approach as it offers the flowing benefits:

  • Dramatically Increases Your Penis Size
  • Makes Your Erections Extra Hard
  • Increases your Sexual Appetite and Stamina
  • It Boosts your libido by pumping the testosterone levels
  • Makes your confident in bed

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This is what it boils down to, so if you are going to invest in a male health supplement, which one should you choose, Male Extra or King Size Plus.

Well, we are going to review a few important points before reaching our fair conclusion.

King Size Plus remains one of the best marketed product in the market, but it fails to impress with results.

The product makes some life changing claims, unfortunately, that’s about it. No, we are not saying it is completely ineffective but if you really want something to turn around your sexual life, then it wont be King Size Plus.

However, you can use this product to give your Sex life a small bump every now and then, but you will be expected to pay a premium price for it.

On the other hand, you got the infamous Male Extra.

This is a product that has been reviewed, tested and ridiculed from time to time and yet it has a strong foothold in the market. The main reason for that is it’s effective and it can literally turn around your sexual life, no jokes here.

Moreover, you won’t have to pay a high premium like you do with King Size Plus.

So there you have it, it’s very obvious that Male Extra gets the upper hand, and therefore this is the health supplement that deserves your attention.

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