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How To Boost hGH Up to 300% For Bodybuilders on A Budget

Bodybuilders, athletes and most sports fans are aware of what is human growth hormone, commonly known as hGH. It’s often heard in the context of a disqualified competitor used it in the Olympics.

On the other hand, hGH is much vital than its use for sports competition. It’s a powerful natural testosterone booster that’s naturally synthesized and secreted by the anterior pituitary gland in the body. It’s the cause behind cell reproduction and growth.

Natural hGH is responsible for injury and disease recovery. It enhances strength, muscle growth, and general performance.

Once hGH declines, negative effects start to kick in, which includes; high risk of any disease, incredible fat gains, and general fatigue depression. Many might not be aware of their hGH status and might deal with these symptoms without knowing the cause.

The way you lead your lifestyle and diet may have a powerful impact on your hGH levels.

In this article, I will discuss how to unlock your human potential naturally with hGH, discussing foods that will boost your growth hormone with these foods, details more about pros & cons of hGH & share with you best workouts to skyrocket your hGH.

Here Are 5 Ways to Kickstart Your hGH Naturally

1- Make Proteins Always in Your Diet

It’s often said you are what you eat. And when it comes to hGH it surely is true. There are certain types of foods that trigger natural hGH in the body. However, proteins take the lead in this.

Recent research found that consuming high-quality proteins have a direct impact on the amounts of hGH in the body.

To be more specific, the amino acids found in beef steaks have a certain substance called Sythesise L-orthinine, this is responsible for quadrupling the amount of hGH secreted in a day.

2- Fasting to increase growth hormone

There has been numerous study on fasting, the interesting one was done by Kerndt in 1982. He studies a patient who fasted for 40 days. The focus of this research was on hGH levels.

Pre-fasting it started at .73 and in 2 days it went up to 9.86. That’s 1,250% boost in growth hormone! Before the fasting research, only hGH drugs can do this actual increase in a few days.

Hartman et al also showed a 5 fold increase in hGH in response to a 2 day fast.

This study alone had an unprecedented impact on bodybuilding. Many athletes incorporated fasting into their monthly diet plan. The 2-day fast had really great results on their hGH. It led to enhanced muscle mass, low recovery time and high stamina.

3- Don’t Eat Carbs At Night

As discussed earlier, hGH is produced from the Pituitary gland. However, this timing the secretion starts in your deep sleep cycle. Consuming carbs at night leads instant glucose rise in blood. Thus, more insulin in the blood.

hGH and insulin don’t go along so well, both have an antagonistic impact on each other. High levels of growth hormone will suppress insulin effectiveness and vice versa.

Thus, you are basically committing a crime against your hGH when you crave for Pasta or Pizza after 6 pm. You will definitely impair your growth hormone production process. Thus, less metabolic rate, more fats stored and you will wake up feeling fatigued.

4- Detox With Sauna

During my research, I found out, that it’s rarely known that Sauna can skyrocket hGH up to 140% after just one session.

There has been an old study done in Finland on 55 individuals before and after a sauna session. The conclusion was their hGH skyrocketed 140% instantly after their sauna session. The session lasted only for an hour.

Thus, don’t forget to make sauna part of your weekly routine and get the benefit of the hGH extra boost and it’s 100% natural.

5. Sleeping

In healthy individuals, the major benefit they get from hGH is at Stage 3 sleep in the night time. This stage is golden and it lasts for 90 mins. During this period, the engine of your hGH secretion starts to work.

You can reach Stage 3 after 1-2 hours of sleep and can happen only in the night time. Without deep sleep, your sleeping will be useless. This stage is responsible for restoring all stages of sleep. Also, it eases all the daily stress and makes you happier.

Catching enough of those ZZZs is important to the mind, body, spirit and your hGH.

What Are The Best Foods To Skyrocket hgH

1- Yogurt

If you are already consuming yogurt, then that’s great keep on going. It is preferred to get the organic unpasteurized version if applicable. The reason behind its hGH boost magic is because of L-glutamine. This amino acid has solid case studies the illustrate its impact on hGH.

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s website, it recommends 3 cups of dairy per day. Each cup of yogurt counts as 1 cup of dairy.

2- Coconut Oil

This oil is mainly promoted as an anti-aging or hair oil. However, it’s under appreciated when it comes to its bodybuilding benefits.

Coconut Oil helps your body to produce more growth hormone. This is based on a recent study on individuals that consumed coconut oil and saw a 20% boost in their hGH levels in just 30 minutes!

You can add Coconut oil instead of other oils in your food and see how it tastes like. If the taste is ok for you, I would highly recommend to use it instead of other oils. Especially if you focus in on enhancing your hGH naturally.

3- Beef

The steak lovers will love this, the immense amount of amino acids in beef is top of the food pyramid.

It’s obvious among advanced bodybuilders that without beef you wouldn’t achieve fast results with hGH levels. Simply because once you consume beef, you’ll see 4x times of your natural growth hormone produced in the body.

The question is how much beef you need to enhance your growth hormone.

Well, the daily protein requirements needed to maintain your body’s GH would be 40 to 70 grams.

However, bodybuilders should be aware of overconsumption of beef, it is very high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Thus, beef can be amazing but too much of it can lead to major risks.

4- Velvet Beans

Velvet beans may enhance the level of L-dopa (L-3, 4-dihydroxyphenylalanine) in the body, thus leading to extra secretion of hGH from the pituiatry gland.

I always advise my fellow bodybuilders if they are on a tight budget. Just go for Velvet beans or broad beans. You’ll surely benefit from its valuable addition to your stamina and muscle growth.

5- Raw Salmon

Salmon is a powerful superfood that contains amino acids & essential oils. It is well known for the high amounts of Vitamin D. This will skyrocket testosterone production in your body and hGH. It will make sure your body will never be Vitamin D deficient!

It can be expensive maintaining such diet. But the fuel it gives your body is worth it. You will be getting 271% of your RDI per 100g serve.


Without a proper diet, workout, and awareness of all of this. You might end up with high fat-muscle ratio, finding it incredibly hard to gain muscles, low sex drive, not losing weight and always tired and depressed.

In fact, most of the ways of enhancing your hGH are easy, cheap and can be done on daily basis without a hassle.

There are many other foods that can enhance your hGH, however, I recommended the best of the best and for all budgets.

If you are into External hGH, I would advise to go natural first and see the first couple of month. If didn’t give the desired results. Then, proceed with hGH oral supplements.

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