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Top 3 Weight Gain Supplements For Women In The UK

Every girl dreams about getting a perfect body shape that gives her more confidence in herself and makes her look pretty and feels comfortable in every outfit she wears.

However, having a perfect body shape is not only about looking hot!

It is important for your health too.

Losing weight is a major concern of almost all people, you find tons of TV programs, awareness campaigns, and articles about how to lose weight, and no one pays attention for those who want to gain weight!

Moreover, They always say that gaining weight is so simple, You just have to eat all food you love.

But it is not as easy as it sounds.

It is a terrible feeling that you have your favorite food in front of you but can’t take another bite cause you get full so quickly!.

In this context,

We will focus on how women can gain weight, health risks of being too slim, how to be fit, and supplements that could be a good partner in your journey.

How to get out of the skinny self?

Being skinny may seem to be a good thing cause you can breathe easily, walk without effort, has low risks of heart diseases and diabetes, can wear whatever you want and you fit into any place you get.

However, here are some of the disadvantages of being skinny as follows;

  • Weakness

You always feel that you are weak even when you hold few kilograms your hands start to shake and you feel so much pain.

  • Older looking

After your fifties, you will look older than you actually are and wrinkles will appear fast on your thin skin.

Are there risks for being too skinny?

You have to be aware that there is a huge difference between being skinny and being fit!

You should know the health risks of being skinny with low fat and muscle mass.

  • Malnutrition

Being too thin can lead you to malnutrition if you do not receive the important nutrients for your body.

  • Hair loss

If you kept on not receiving the necessary vitamins and nutrients for your hair you will experience hair loss!.

  • Weak bones

Due to calcium deficiency, that result from malnutrition.

  • Anemia

Due to iron, deficiency and it would make you look pale and exhausted all the time.

  • Premature labor

In case of pregnancy, if you are skinny, this will increases the risk of premature labor as well as other problems to you and your baby.

Gaining weight is about eating healthy, getting enough sleep, drinking much water along with doing the suitable exercises for you to gain muscles in the right places.

Here are simple steps to gain some weight

Get more calories

You should increase your daily calories intake, it depends on the lean muscle mass you want and how much exercises you need per day

What kind of food types that composed of high calories?

Here are types of food with high calories; Granola, Milk, Fish, Avocados, Sweet potato, Beans, Whole grains, and nuts.

Drink more water

Water will not make you gain weight but it is very important during your workout to stay hydrated especially in hot weather.

Increase your work out

Food with high calories only is not enough, it should be accompanied with some exercises to gain lean muscles and burn unhealthy fats.

Weight gain supplements

Unlike men, it is difficult for women to gain muscles.

You can work out a lot and only gain a few grams.

It is important to use supplements that can help you in building your muscles.

You might be wondering about types of weight gain supplements you should take and that is exactly what I am going to focus on…

Protein Powders

Healthy weight gain is about building more muscles than just gaining fats and as protein is the building block of our muscles so it is very important to receive adequate daily protein intake.

What protein powders should I choose?

Choose protein powders that are easily digested and absorbed and rich in amino acids like whey protein and pea protein.

How to use protein powders?

You can use protein powders to make protein shakes by mixing the adequate amount of powder with milk or water and drink it before or after a workout.


Nutritional deficiencies will hinder you from gaining weight so you should take vitamins supplements after consulting your nutritionist to aid you in your weight gain journey.

Legal Steroids

People fear steroids and when they hear “Steroids”, they think about big men with huge muscles and believe that steroids can never be for women, as it will turn them into men.

women_legal steroids

Let us first know, what are steroids?

Anabolic steroids were first used to treat testosterone deficiency in men, and then they were widely used as performance enhancers and muscle builders.

What are the benefits of anabolic steroids?

  1. Increase the quantity of calcium in bones
  2. Increase production of red blood cells

You might be wondering,

How could anabolic steroids be beneficial for women as they increase male sex hormones levels?

  1. There are alternatives to steroids that women can use safely without fearing any side effects.
  2. They have side effects for sure so women should use them cautiously to gain their benefits without their harm.

Safe steroid alternatives

Women can use safer steroids alternatives like crazy bulks‘ products because they are natural alternatives that mimic the effect of anabolic steroids, you may be interested to know some of them.


It is a natural alternative to Dianabol “known as methandrostenolone”.

What is Dianabol?

It is a powerful anabolic steroid, that helps in increasing lean muscle mass for men bodybuilders but it has serious side effects on women as it could give them some male characteristics.

However, do not worry!

Crazy bulk D-bal is a safe alternative to Dianabol for women

  • It is very safe and has no side effects
  • It helps you gain lean muscles and strength without getting huge and will turn you from skinny to fit.

What are the benefits of D-Bal?

D-Bal contains whey protein with branched-chain amino acids that help you in muscle building as follows

  1. Increase protein synthesis
  2. Increase strength and energy
  3. Offers Dianabol benefits without its side effects
  4. Increases nitrogen retention which helps in reducing exhaustion and increasing energy during a workout.




It is one of the most powerful anabolic steroids and the only safe alternative to oxymetholone.

What are the benefits of Anadrole?

It increases the production of red blood cells that enables them to carry much oxygen to your muscles, which delays muscle exhaustion and gives you more time for exercising and gaining more muscles.



You will not take hormones for sure instead of that; there are supplements that contain certain amino acids, which can stimulate hormones with anabolic properties such as;

Human growth hormone, which is secreted by the pituitary gland, has great anabolic properties, which help in increasing lean muscle mass and stimulating protein synthesis

But unfortunately,

As we grow older, the amount of HGH released by the pituitary gland becomes smaller so here comes the role of


It is a supplement that contains certain amino acids which stimulate the releasing of HGH from the pituitary gland that will increase the anabolic activity of your body.

What are the benefits of HGH-X2?

  1. Increase lean muscle mass
  2. Increase fat burning
  3. Decrease muscle recovery time between workouts


we highly recommend making use of the crazy bulk offer and order now the bulking stack that can provide you mega muscle mass!


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Branched-chain amino acids are a group of essential amino acids that your body cannot produce them and must receive them from your diet…Moreover; you can find them in some protein powders like whey protein.

Benefits of BCAAs

  1. Build muscles
  2. Decrease muscle pain
  3. Increase energy production
  4. Reduce exhaustion during a workout

Essential fatty acids

Fats are important for gaining weight but not those that found in junk food, Healthy fats contain essential fatty acids like olive oil, fish oil, avocados, nuts and fish like salmon, therefore, you should consider adding them to your daily routine.

We have almost reached the end.

Bottom line,

Gaining weight and to be fit is possible by balancing your diet with the necessary nutrients, Working out and choosing the most suitable weight gain supplements for you and it’s important to consult your nutritionist about any supplement you take.

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