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Testogen – Why It’s The Favorite Testosterone Boosting Pill For Bodybuilders?

Our users voted Testogen as our #1 testosterone enhancer for 2017 since it has potent and verified substances, high serving levels, and prices that will knock your socks off!

In case you’re within a strict budget but still need a testosterone enhancer that produces great results, then read this Testogen review, and find out why we rated it really at high level.

Testogen General Rating: 9.5 / 10

BEnefits of testosterone pills testogen

Testogen Benefits

prosSpectacular boost in organic production of androgenic hormone or testosterone.

prosConsiderable enhance in Power & Strength.

prosCapability to make and put on a lot leaner body mass.

prosTotal restoration of erotic sex drive and IMPROVED Performance.

prosMind blowing boost in vitality, staying power, and stamina.

prosIncreased levels of superior psychological concentration and focus.

prosShed pounds and lose obstinate stomach fat.

prosComplete recovery of male organ and self-confidence.

What is Testogen?

Androgenic hormone or testosterone enhancers are very common today because the good ones provide a number of great gains for males to make them feel youthful, better, tougher, more virile, plus more comfortable!

There are lots of firms that want to exploit the market demand for males wanting to grow their libido naturally by using testosterone pills instead of investing gobs of cash and jeopardizing all the severe potential negative effects of full blown androgenic hormone or testosterone replacement therapy.

Because of this demand from customers, most companies see a way to make money, and as a result, they make insane promises, under-dose substances, or use low-quality things that haven’t been tested to increase testosterone but advertise the point that they do.

One good thing is, that this isn’t the matter with Testogen!

Testogen joined the marketplace in November of 2014, and the firm allows its product to speak itself, and yes it did!

Straight away, it was apparent that the company produced quality products exploring the great ingredients formula, the high serving levels, and the most engaging costs in the marketplace for a legitimate testosterone enhancer.

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How Testogen Works?

Testogen-increase level of testosterone mechanism

Over-the-counter androgenic hormone or testosterone pills work in a different way to prescribed solutions or even HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for males. Therefore, it’s vital that you bear that in mind before anything.

Testogen sticks to helping the organic generation of testosterone in the body. Generally, this can be done through the right diet and not doing specific things like masturbating, however, for most males, this product is just a less difficult option.

All that you do is use a day-to-day serving of One to Two pills (less than four), normally with a dinner and this supplement looks after the rest.

Review of Testogen Ingredients

testogen-ingredients testosterone pills

In the end, the expected performance of any testosterone enhancer is based on the constituents.

All the ingredients have to be clinically analyzed and tested to deliver the desired benefit, and the dose levels have to be enough to get real effects.

That’s precisely what you can get with Testogen. Proven constituents and great dose levels to go along with the substances.

Let’s keep an eye on things that are added to Testogen to determine why they are so competent and useful.

prosD-Aspartic Acid solution

There’s a good reason why all best testosterone pills of 2017 consist of the D-Aspartic Acid solution, and that’s because it’s the most effective and verified substances proven to increase androgenic hormone or testosterone considerably.

D-Aspartic Acid solution energizes the generation of luteinizing hormone (LH). Luteinizing hormone energizes the generation of free androgenic hormone or testosterone!

Studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid solution can improve luteinizing hormone and androgenic hormone or testosterone by 46% and 50.5% correspondingly — in just 12 days!

The clinical research and evidence is crystal clear about the testosterone increasing the strength of the D-Aspartic Acid solution, as well as Testogen comes with a 2000mg dosage!

prosTribulus Terrestris

We have witnessed several testosterone pills that include Tribulus Terrestris either being the key substance or solely ingredient.

Quite frankly, there isn’t more than enough healthcare or clinical evidence to signify that Tribulus Terrestris improves testosterone.

On the other hand, here’s what has been clinically tested, and that’s Tribulus Terrestris in one of the most effective sex drive boosters in the world.

It becomes an important substance to provide one of the primary benefits of Testogen which is to boost erotic performance considerably.

prosPanax Ginseng

An incredibly strong ingredient that gives a variety of gains.

Its key benefit is it lights your sex drive on fire and gives much stronger erection quality.

It’s also a key component in increasing vitality, staying power, and stamina by helping to improve nitric oxide supplement generation in your body.


A great multi-purpose agent. On the lovemaking performance side of this formula, it’s a powerful sex drive booster, and it has also been proven to improve the strength of your sexual climaxes.

As males grow older, their androgenic hormone or testosterone levels decrease and their levels of estrogen increase.

Estrogen is referred to as the female endocrine and is the particular antithesis of androgenic hormone or testosterone.

Testosterone Pills increase libido and sex drive fast

An excessive amount of estrogen will screw up a man’s hormonal levels, and that’s when you see the signs and symptoms of low male growth hormone – lack of libido, power, & toughness, mood transformations, feelings of depressive disorders, increased stomach fat, and so forth. Fenugreek BLOCKS the generation of oestrogen.

prosZinc oxide

Here’s one more multi-purpose component that is in the 3 of our best testosterone pills.

First of all, Zinc oxide is well reported and proven to improve male growth hormone levels in males.

Additionally, it prevents the creation of estrogen by preventing the activities of aromatase molecule which is the compound that helps transform testosterone to oestrogen.

It’s recognized how oysters tend to be a good aphrodisiac, and that’s simply because Oysters are packed with zinc oxide!

Last but not least, zinc has been proven to stimulate the creation of dopamine which is a key element to promote muscle growth.

prosVitamin B2, B5, and B6

This band of Vitamin b has been proven to improve the amount of male growth hormone functionality, decrease levels of estrogen, and extremely supercharge your levels of energy by transforming carbs into vitality.


This is actually a mineral that grows seminal fluid motility and helps get bad toxic compounds out of the body by increasing de-oxidizing properties

prosVitamin D3

Another thing that is in the 3 of best testosterone pills this season and even for a good reason.

The particular Publication of Endocrinology documented in 2012 that vitamin D levels were connected to low serum androgenic hormone or testosterone levels in males. The healthcare University of Graz reported in the year 2011 that a 12 month of using supplements with vitamin D3 improved the free male growth hormone level of their 165 individuals by 20%.



  • prosVery effective and tested set of substances that produce real benefits in androgenic hormone or testosterone production
  • prosIngredients are all reported and feature high serving levels
  • prosFantastic pricing deals; best costs among top rated test enhancers
  • pros60-day refund policy
  • prosFree delivery


  • Could be much better if this had BioPerine which would considerably boost the body’s intake rate

Customer Reviews

The reviews we have seen from buyers who had bought and made use of Testogen was completely positive.

gnc testogen reviews on amazon

This is where you know you’ve got a product that’s bona fide. People explain when they think that they have not been scammed or deceived, and they’ll tell you with proud when a supplement serves and does what exactly it says it’ll do!

How Much Does Testogen Cost?

This is actually where this testosterone enhancer stands out!

It’s very unusual that you get a product that has so many highly effective and useful substances just like Testogen has, and also features such great pricing deals.

  • 1-month supply: $55 (As compared to Perfect Male ($69) as well as TestoFuel ($65)
  • Three-month supply: $120 ($40/month) (As compared to Perfect Male ($207) plus TestoFuel ($195)
  • Five-month supply: $179 ($35/month) (As compared to Perfect Male ($414) plus TestoFuel ($390)


You should allow this supplement (or any solution you end up deciding on) a few months to take 100 % effect and produce the androgenic hormone or testosterone boosting energy you need so that you can see the greatest results.

Where Can You Buy Testogen?

Testogen is just for sale on the company official website.

Directions to Use

It is advised to use no more than four pills throughout a day.

Take 1 pill at each mealtime (morning meal, lunch, & evening meal) and then take a pill at nighttime before going to sleep.

Conclusions (Testogen Round Up)

In case you’re feeling fragile, exhausted, annoyed with zero benefits during a workout session not just like a man… I would suggest you should give Testogen a chance. I really like IT! I’m surely going to use it for the next couple of months to find out if I keep seeing benefits and if the health advantages give my THING a hype.

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