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SizeGenetics – Increase Penis Size By 2 Inches in 8 Weeks – User Reviews

SizeGenetics is a non-surgical penis enlargement device that promises you’ll make quick gains and add inches to your penis size. Thanks to SizeGenetics your penis can always be that little bit bigger, and thicker, while at the same time your sexual encounters could always last that little bit longer – at least for her.

Expected Benefits From SizeGenetics Penis Extender

prosIt’s non-surgical and noninvasive

prosYou can use it at home when no one’s around for ultimate privacy.

prosThe company is discreet so you never have to worry about someone learning your secret to success if you’d rather it remains a secret.

prosSizeGenetics is a penis traction device, a proven system for enhancing penis length.

prosUser comfort is something SizeGenetics takes seriously thanks to their 3M comfort plasters and their 58-way system, which is the ultimate in customization, so you can tailor the device to you and your needs.

prosSizeGenetics allows you to set up to 2800 grams of tension so that you can get fast results when time is of the essence.

prosSizeGenetics has been around two decades, which speaks a lot to their success.




How Does SizeGenetics Work And How To Use It

Top Features That Makes Size Genetics Reliable and Delivers Results

pointPenis traction device

While the term “penis traction device” may sound a little intimidating, it’s totally not. In fact, penis traction devices were originally created by doctors to correct penis curvature. What this means is that this is a proven medical technology that has genuine medical origins, and it’s been modified with penis enlargement in mind.


pointMedical Device Certificate

SizeGenetics boasts a Medical Device Certificate, which certifies that their traction device is indeed a genuine medical device with safe, proven results. Not every penis traction device on the market has this distinction, so it’s nice that SizeGenetics does.


point58-way system

Unlike other traction brands, SizeGenetics recognizes that all men are built differently. They want you to be comfortable while you’re getting results, so instead of creating a device that can be customized in a handful of ways, the SizeGenetic penis traction system can be personalized 58 ways so you can be sure to get the most comfortable fit.

58 ways sizegenetics -comfort-animation

point3M comfort plasters

3M is a world-renowned company known for their high-quality products, including things like medical bandages and medical tape. SizeGenetics, in an effort to come up with the most comfortable penis traction device on the market, partnered with 3M to come up with comfort plasters which add an additional layer of comfort and protection so that can use SizeGenetics and feel good while doing it.


point2800 grams of tension

It’s important to see quick results when it comes to penis length and that’s why SizeGenetics has a max tension of 2800 grams so you can make the quickest gains in the fastest time possible. Remember, traction devices work on tension, so tension is a very important factor to consider when shopping for a penis traction device. The higher the tension, the quicker the results will be.

sizegenetics_2800 grams of tension


What Makes SizeGenetics Unique Among Other Penis Traction Devices?

Unlike silly potions and other unproven methods, SizeGenetics is backed by actual science. Penis traction devices have been in use a long time to help penises heal from injury or to correct curvature issues. However, the SizeGenetics realized there’s another good use for penis traction devices: size enhancement. When used properly, penis traction devices are like a workout for your penis. Over time, it gets larger just like your muscles do when you faithfully hit the gym. Furthermore, the increased blood flow makes for better erections and more powerful ejaculation—something your partner will definitely notice as much as she notices your impressive size.


Something to consider:

  • You have to regularly use SizeGenetics to gain penis length. This is why they strive so much for user comfort, because they know that you have to wear it regularly to see results. However, should you follow through with the system and wear it, you’ll be very pleased—as will your partner.

These Users Submitted Their Detailed Review After Using SizeGenetics, And Some Posted Their Before and After

Sizegenetics_before_after Sizegenetics_before_after2

“I’ve tried penis enlargement supplements in the past and was never really impressed by the results. I always felt like I wasted my money. When I learned about SizeGenetics and how it was a real device and system instead of a pill, I felt really good about trying it just because it was different and I was done with supplements. I followed the instructions to the letter, used the device like I was supposed to and I was honestly shocked by the results. My penis grew 1.9 inches. I’m still using it and I have complete faith I will reach my 8.5-inch goal after the amazing results I’ve already had.” – Dustin from Florida

“After a bad and frankly embarrassing sexual experience in college, I developed low self-esteem. To this day, I’ve never even talked about it to anyone, but the legit truth is: the girl I was really into actually laughed at my penis size. I’ve never been more embarrassed. My penis is below average in size, but it’s not that tiny. Still, I took it to heart. It messed with my confidence and at the age of 28, I was still a virgin because I was too scared to get naked in front of a girl ever again. I figured I had nothing to lose when trying SizeGenetics, so I gave it a shot. Now, at the age of 30, I can honestly say I’m experiencing a normal sex life for a guy my age. My penis is actually above average in size now and no one has laughed at me since. SizeGenetics saved both my self-esteem as well as my sex life, period. I’d recommend it to any guy who has ever had low self-esteem about his size.” – Jeremy from Arizona

“I love my boyfriend, but the first few times we were together, he had problems getting an erection. We were the couple who waited to have sex when until we were super serious so he confided in me that he was embarrassed about his size—too embarrassed to feel sexy or aroused or anything. I was shocked, because he always was so confident before we started having sex that I never would’ve guessed he was insecure. I guess that conversation was what sparked him to try SizeGenetics. I told him I loved him no matter his size, but it was important for him to feel like his manhood was large in order to really be happy in bed. He’s now 8 inches and is still using SizeGenetics. We have a wonderful sex life and we’ve reached our two-year anniversary the happiest we’ve ever been, and we both owe Size Genetics a huge thanks for that.” –Danielle from Wyoming

“My story is actually kind of funny: My husband and I had been apart for months, because I had an extended business engagement out of the country, so he was stuck at home on his own for months on end. I come back, and obviously the first thing we do is have sex. Anyway, he pulls down his boxers and I’m greeted with a gigantic penis. I said, “Honey, did you have surgery?” He was never small, but his new size was extraordinary. He had apparently learned about SizeGenetics while I was gone and I came home to a 9-inch penis. I’m the type of girl who likes to be surprised and now that I’m home to stay, we’re going to be putting his penis to use for baby making, which means we get to have lots of sex while enjoying his larger size. I gotta say, it was the best surprise of my life.” – Diane from New York

“I consider myself to have pretty good self-esteem, but I think even confident guys want to look their best naked, you know? I don’t trust putting weird pills made out of who knows what in my body, so the fact that SizeGenetics is drug-free was a big draw to me. I’ve always had a pretty average penis and there’s nothing wrong with that, but I just wanted more, which is why I went with the system. After using it for a while, I got up to 8 inches, which impressed me and it impressed my girlfriend as well. I decided to keep using it just to see how much bigger I could get. I’m now up to 8.8 inches. My girlfriend says she loves it, and that’s cool. I’m glad she’s happy. But honestly, I did this for myself. I’m happier with my overall appearance. I feel like I look like my best self, so I couldn’t be more pleased with SizeGenetics. I think any guy who wants to gain a couple of inches should definitely check it out.” – Chris from North Carolina


Which SizeGenetics package to choose?

The Value Edition package only includes the stretcher (medical type 1 device) and the instructional DVD. The default comfort pad, strap, and elongation bars are comfortable at the beginning, but over time, you would want more comfort options and a stronger stretch. Long term use is the main idea behind SizeGenetics (or any extender). If you are strapped for cash, the Value Edition is a great start as you can always buy the extra parts separately later on. But if you have the money now
, it is highly recommended that you get the Advanced Comfort or Ultimate System, since it will be cheaper in the long run. Here are the most notable extras that you will get:


 What System To Choose


One final word, a warning

There are some shady products out there that try to imitate SizeGenetics; many of these are unsafe and unproven, so stay clear. As for SizeGenetics itself, it’s important to remember to use it regularly so you get the results you want and deserve. SizeGenetics is designed to be comfortable, so if discomfort ever occurs, contact customer service for advice. You know your penis better than anyone, so always listen to how you feel.

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