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Micronized Creatine: Real Sh*t That Brands Not Telling You!

Creatine is very handy when it comes to enhancing muscle growth and breaking your limits.

However, many brands started to commercialize Creatine to an unnecessary extent. They came up with Micronized Creatine.

The marketing claim is that it gives faster and better absorption because its particles are 20 times smaller than the usual creatine.

Is that true?

Well, the only true part about all of this is that micronized creatine is a very fine creatine particle.

As for scientific evidence, well you guessed it. It’s Bullcrap!

The thing is, there is zero evidence to show that the smaller the creatine particles the faster the absorption. They didn’t even bother to make any study to support their claims.

Does Micronized Creatine Cause Side-effects?

Those side-effects include any form of Creatine. It’s not just exclusive to Micronized Creatine. I have mentioned this few times in my recent research on creatine side-effects but scratched the surface. This article focuses deeply on the negative side-effects of any form of creatine.

1- Water Retention

Micronized creatine retain water in your muscle mass.

Of course, you’ll feel fuller and bigger (but also fluffy). This is why it’s highly advisable to drink at least 3 liters of water when dosing on Creatine.

Your body might deal with dehydration due to most of the water retained in your muscles. This means less water left for other tissues and organs.

You’ll also deal with minor nausea & diarrhea.

Solution: You can easily overcome this side-effect with proper hydration and consuming 3 liters of water or more.

2- Kidney Stress

Your blood might deal with an extra portion of toxins and cellular byproducts. This role is where your kidneys become vital for the filtration process.

There is no harm to your kidneys, you just need to consult with your physician if you had a medical history related to your kidneys.

Solution: If you never had kidney disease or problems. You should not be worried about this.

3- Ceasing Micronized Creatine Suddenly = Energy Loss

One of the main issues most athletes deal with is when they stop creatine. They wake up feeling fatigued and not feeling energized.

This can stay up to one week after ceasing micronized creatine or any form of creatine.

You will also experience fast weight loss due to less water retention in your muscles.

Solution: you can cut down on creatin gradually. For example, if you are consuming 5 grams per day. Cut it down to 2 grams. Then next week 1 gram. After that, stop consumption.

Should You Take Mirconized Creatine Supplement?

As I mentioned earlier, there are zero studies to back up something called Micronized Creatine.

However, there are tons of studies to confirm the massive benefits of Creatine on your muscle growth and breaking your workout limits. 

Here are few studies:

  • International Society of Sports Nutrition position stand: safety and efficacy of creatine supplementation in exercise, sport, and medicine (link).
  • Beyond muscles: The untapped potential of creatine (link).
  • Oral creatine supplementation and skeletal muscle metabolism in physical exercise (link).
  • Evidence-Based Supplements for the Enhancement of Athletic Performance (link).

Takeaway: Creatine is a powerful evidence-based supplement and it’s highly recommended during your workout routine. It’s advisable to stick to Creatine Monohydrate (the most researched form of creatine).

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Creatine?

If you are not familiar with the mechanism of creatine, at least you should know that it fueled up your ATP, which is your energy source of cells.

Creatine only can be felt during intense exercise. If your workout is relaxed Creatine would be useless. You need to push your limits to the Max.

At this point, your muscles will start using Creatine and you’ll see incredible results!

  • Instead of doing 8 reps, you’ll go 10 or even 12.
  • Instead of doing HIIT for 3 mins, you might go for 5 or 6.
  • Instead of going for 15 kgs for biceps, you’ll go for 20 kgs.

And so on…

The results vary from person to another, however, in the first week you’ll notice significant differences in your performance.

However, if your expectation is to turn to a hulk overnight or in few weeks. That’s not true.

Maximize Your Results With Whey Protein + Creatine

It’s recommended to consume creatine pre-workout. This helps to fuel up your muscle cells.

However, post workout you need to recover faster for more workouts. Thus, it’s highly recommended to use Whey Protein Isolate along with Creatine for maximum results.

You can read my full guide here:

How To Turn Yourself Into Beast Mode With Creatine & Whey

Here is the thing:

You need to act smart and work along with your body. And the knowledgeable you are, the faster results are seen!

My Conclusion:

Don’t follow any marketing hype about any supplement. Most brands just want to sell more. That’s all.

Micronized Creatine is something I consider useless and used as a marketing stunt.

If you meet a bro talking too much about Micronized Creatine, SLAP HIM and tell him to get real facts. Perhaps share this guide while slapping him.

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