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11 Easy Steps To Get Rid Of Fat Neck Or Double Chin

We know how much it is depressing to capture a see a picture of a good memory but your neck look is not good enough to post on social media network!

Indeed, the fat neck or the double chin look is a very annoying problem for all of us because it gives an older look!

However, you do not have to worry at all; you are not the first person on earth who deals with this. Moreover, you don’t have to think about plastic surgery or laser treatments to get rid of double chin. All that you need is to follow simple methods that can help you immediately to get rid of this old look.

In this context, we will provide you a full guide on how to get rid of double chin through three main and easy methods, which are exercising, healthy lifestyle, home remedies, and we will also provide you with most of the double chin causes in order to be familiar with. Therefore, you will just need to keep on scrolling down and continue reading…

What are the causes of double chin problem?

The causes for the fat neck are many, therefore; you should be aware of most of them in order to avoid decrease the risk of having this problem or in order not to worsen the situation. The causes are as follow;

Aging is one of the main reasons!

Aging process usually associated with many consequences such as wrinkles & face lines development, break down of collagen that is said to be the source skin elasticity, in addition to the weakens of facial muscles and many more other problems.
Based on studies, it has been found that the collagen breakage and facial muscles problems are enough to induce a double chin problem and generate a saggy and old look!


It could result from heredity…check your parent’s chin now!

Genetics considered as another cause for the double chin problem especially if you have already parents who suffer from the same problem or from collagen breakage related problems, therefore, making the fat neck problem difficult to be avoided by certain people.

Your posture could be one of the causes too…

Surprisingly, bad posture could affect your muscles by weakening it and increase the fat deposition in this area. As a result, it poses an adverse effect on your chin and leaves it in an undesirable look.

Certainly, being overweight is a cause that no one can deny!

Being overweight could be one a reason for having a lot of problems; as the excess fat deposit in your belly, hips, arms, it can also deposit in your chin causing the double chin problem. Moreover, the sudden weight loss or gain will also cause the same problem due to the skin stretching and relaxation that lead to chin deformity.
That is why we will discuss “healthy lifestyle and diet” topic as one of the methods that can help you get rid of excess fat from your overall body as well as your chin area and enjoy having an excellent look.

Many other factors could also affect your chin and cause you’re this annoying problem, therefore, we will provide you with the best ways in form of steps that can help you to get rid of double chin problem…keep scrolling down…we recommend watching this video

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6 hacks to get rid of double chin

Step number one; Change your diet style

As mentioned before, being overweight is a popular cause for double chin, therefore; your first step towards solving the problem is to reduce the amount of fatty foodstuff, sugary, or even the salty one.

It is recommended to reduce your consumption of all the fatty cuts of pork, beef, and all of its derivatives such as cheese, full cream milk, butter. Moreover, you should avoid all kinds of processed food such as bacon, fries, burger, but you will still able to eat lean meat such as chicken turkey…You should follow the following tips;

• Use Olive oil instead of other oil types
• Eat more of lean proteins such as poultry, eggs, legumes, and seafood
• Choose to eat with whole grain bread instead of white one that increases your sugar
• Increase the consumption of vegetables and fruits as they have very low calorie and very high in fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

Step number two; practice more exercises for your chin area


Keep Smiling

No one can deny the importance of smiling, aside from its role to maintain your psychological status in high levels, it has been found that it can help you get rid of double chin through its ability to stretch the cheek’s muscles.

You can consider smiling as an attitude rather than exercise, and you can practice smiling at home through the following steps:
 Lie on your back and bend your knees
 Remove the pillow if you have one under your head
 Now, you have to open your mouth as wide as possible and close it slowly by the aid of resisting the action
 Hold on your smile, lift your head gradually, and then return to the original position. You can practice this exercise 10 times per day for at least 3 months.

Stick your tongue out

Another good exercise that can help you get rid of the double chin problem and does not take a lot of time to be practiced as follows:
 First, you should open your mouth as wide as possible
 Move your tongue out of your mouth as far as possible
 Then, you have to hold for few seconds and then, return it to your mouth.
Moreover, you should practice this exercise for at least 10 times per day in order to see a valuable result


The best exercise for stretching the muscles found inside the neck and jaw as a result, it could help you get rid of the double chin and fat neck problem as follow:
 First, you should stand straight and stretch your back as well at the same time
 Second, you should take a deep breath and start to move your head until your ear touches your shoulder
 Third, you will have to roll your head down in order to force your chin to touches your chest area. Then, repeat the same steps for the other side.
Generally, you should repeat the exercise three times per day for three months to recognize clear results.

Resistance exercise

Another exercise that totally works on the strengthening of neck muscles as it has the ability to get rid of fats found in the neck as follows:
 You should sit and stretch your back
 Place your hand’s palm on the left side of your head
 Then, slowly force your head to move towards the left while resisting the movement of your head and hold on for 30 seconds
Generally, you should repeat the exercise three times per day for few months.

Practice chin slap

This is the easiest and the funniest exercise as well that has the ability to help you get rid of fats found in the neck as well as strengthening chin’s muscles as follows:
 You should first sit and adjust your posture so that your face forward
 Gently, you have to slap your lower jaw with the back of your hands…
 Remember; there are no extra benefits from slapping your jaws a bit harder
 Do successive slaps for more than 30 seconds, twice times per day for two months

Practice the mouth exercise

Another exercise that could be a little bit harder than the previously mentioned exercises. However, considered as a perfect way to reduce the fat content found within the chin area and increase the muscles in the chin area as a result; it reshaped the whole chin area into a more firm chin stead of saggy one.

The exercise could be performed as follows:

 First adjust your posture so that, your back is stretched, then Open your mouth widely and then move your lower lip upwards so that, it covers your bottom teeth and hold on this position for only 15 seconds.
 Second, you should gently release the pressure and let your lower lip return to its original position.

It is recommended to repeat the exercises every day at least three times whenever possible for 5 minutes to achieve the desired results.

Practice the chin up exercise

The last exercise that is characterized by its ability to help you get rid of double chin immediately as it targets the chin directly and burns the excess fat & build muscles instead. You can practice the exercise as follows:
 Adjust your posture and stretch your back
 Move your head back so that your eyes are directed to look up the ceiling
 Hold on the same position and pull your lips together as if you are kissing the ceiling
 Do not return to your original position before 10 seconds, and repeat the exercise 5 times per day

Step number three; Go for natural…and try the below effective home remedies

The golden remedy; Egg whites

The easiest home remedy that can help you get rid of the double chin through the help of egg whites that composed of proteins that have the ability to tighten the skin, reduce the signs of sagging skin as well as brightening the skin.

  • The preparation of the remedy is easy as follows:

You have to get two egg whites, one-tablespoon honey, one-tablespoon milk, then add one-tablespoon lemon juice, and few drops of peppermint oil. Mix all the ingredients, directly apply the mix on your neck, and chin area. After 30 minutes, you can rinse your chin and neck with water.

You will just have to repeat the usage of remedy at least twice a week to achieve the desired results

The silver remedy; wheat germ oil

The nourishment oil…indeed the wheat germ oil can perfectly help you get rid of double chin problem through tightening the skin because it is mainly composed of vitamin E that can also give you a young and healthy look as well.

The using of the wheat germ oil is easy and can meet your busy schedule as follows:

Always place a small bottle of wheat germ oil beside your bed so that you can use it before sleeping through dropping few drops on your hand’s palm and rub your hands slowly. Then, you should gently massage your neck starting from the bottom and go upward in a circular motion until you reach the tip of your chin.

The massage process should last 15 minutes, and then you should not rinse your skin but leave the oil on your skin overnight so that, you rinse it on the next morning. Moreover, you should repeat the remedy every day for at least one month to see noticeable results.

The platinum remedy; Cocoa butter

The excellent moisturizer, emollient source, and many other properties such as anti-oxidants that has the ability to reduce the aging signs. In addition to the presence of high amounts of fatty acids, that has the ability to hydrates the skin.

The usage of the cocoa butter is easy; you will just have to warm two tablespoons of cocoa butter for 1 minute then, apply the butter gently to your neck and chin directly. Then, gently massage the chin and neck area by the aid of the thumbs in form of a circular motion for few minutes.

Repeat every day for better results.

At the bottom line, I would like to say that the double chin or the fat neck problem is not a big problem to deal with, however; it is not a problem at all!

Due to the presence of many ways that could help you get rid of the problem permanently. All that you need is to just keep on exercising, keep on using remedies, keep on the healthy lifestyle, be patient, and cheers…!

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